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  1. Maria Obrien

    I was glad no to hear tRump mentioned in this clip. It was a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

  2. Naureen R.S.

    I know its a "Goofy" idea, but how about this? Get Disney to participate in funding for high speed rails: allow passengers to be able to get off and on in different parts USA, while all routes take you to Disney world Epcot or Disneyland! Just trying to find funding, and build new jobs!

  3. ME NOW

    Better transportation means more money from tourists, who do not want the hassle of renting cars while visiting the USA. In most EU countries public transport is the normal way of going to and from work. A full month commute ticket in my city in Germany cost $70 which I get back from my taxes. The city saves on traffic polution. I get to sleep on the train to and from work for free.

  4. peter okeefe

    I think I am going to vomit!! these are real questions?? I guess we are just gonna pretend the election was real? math doesnt have consequences and we are happy with this?? god help our once great nation

  5. Christopher Bahr

    guessing someone talked to seth about bs'ing too much with his staff during the monologue. this is much better

  6. S S

    The Andy/Frisbee feud may be more savage than the Jimmy/Matt feud and I'm living for both of them.

  7. e n

    buffer for your grade - the pun there

  8. Tony Perkis

    Seth Meyers is about as interesting as a wet towel. That dude sucks.

  9. Adrien Pinard

    The extra-large extra-small exuberant steven alternatively curl because level conversantly stare since a worthless fold. sulky, decisive psychiatrist

  10. Sandra Lybrand

    So refreshing to have an intelligent person in the administration!

  11. Justin Christopher

    He did horrible, but he did crack 50% several times. You just didn't like the polls. RealCleearPolitics shows he did. But yes, he was woefully unpopular across the board. Mostly agree with you but can't stand misinformation.

  12. Robert Brown

    Besides having no actual jokes, you are missing the point... Wind turbines will only work down to -22F. In Northern Texas it got to -18F and solar panels don't work when they are covered with snow and it is cloudy and snowing. That is why the Green New Deal won't work. And on a side note what do you think Fiberglass, lubrication, are made out of? And how do the metals get mined, produced and transported with?

  13. Juicy Coccoli

    I love this dude!

  14. PJE

    No one named Seth is funny including this boring clown reading dad joke copy... adding bleeped blue humor is weak not edgy

  15. Andethidial bubabibub

    The pauses point to a joke that I missed

  16. Sherry Crayne

    Zoom is great for the environment! Don’t change it . Flying from LA to NY and vice versa NOT needed for movie promo etc.

  17. pico nazzaro

    somebody has their statistics wrong about climate change and emissions: either the secy of transportation or the documentary "Cowspiracy" which says livestock farms far outpace all forms of transportation by a wide margin when comparing emissions who should we believe?

  18. StickManApple

    We need an intelligent but sassy cabinet member. Just wish he had better politics.

  19. Mordo Samsonite

    A hilbilly family saves enough money to send their son to college. He decides to travel home for the holidays. When at home his pa asks him all about school. The son starts by saying he's learning alot, having a great time and met someone. His pa asks him about this person and the son starts saying that she is beautiful, smart, and her family is wealthy, but there is only one problem. She's a virgin. His pa thinks for a moment and says well son if she isn't good enough for her own family she ain't good enough for ours. (Rudy Giuliani)

  20. roadworrier11

    More infrastructure, more bureaucracy, bigger government, more taxes. Fellow Indianan Michael E. Jones does not agree with Pete B's qualifications for trans secretary:

  21. Ricardo Arrieta

    Premature coments.

  22. Arlie Waite

    Should have just elected him president. Let him settle the U.S. not continue the Democrats and republican popularity contest. We need to just do knowledge not the popularity.

  23. Gregative Zone

    Dawg! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Audrey Plant

    not right now bombs

  25. tomZvoices

    That is one INCREDIBLY lucky guy.

  26. Ajay Ghanekar

    not nice. i love ringo songs.

  27. JP DP

    Truman show

  28. Blt Samich

    Perfect McConnell laugh!!😂😭

  29. Jon Weiss

    Once again a leftist reveals that he's mentally deranged, public transportation has NOTHING to do with "racial equity". That condition only exists in the minds of liberals who have their minds stuck in the Jim Crow days, which no longer exist. In the rare cases were some Jim Crow style policies still exist, the people whining about it need to take a hard look at the demographics. Most (not all, but "most") poor minorities live in large cities, most large cities are run by far left liberal Democrats, most rural areas do not have public transportation because... 1. It's not feasible and it is cost prohibitive to create the infrastructure in those areas. 2. The people who live in those areas do not want public transportation, they moved to rural areas because they enjoy their independence. Buttigieg may think that in some twisted way, that the previous administration left the department in shambles, but it wasn't exactly all wine an roses when Obama left. He talks about priorities for infrastructure, but as one who has actually paid attention, I recall a little thing called the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (ARRA) under Obama, that was supposed to be the panacea for U.S. infrastructure, it spent trillions and fixed NOTHING, so the failure on infrastructure spending did not start with Trump, and it is likely to end with Biden. Based on the actions of this administration, it is likely that they are not engaging in policies driven by "Jim Crow", but it is highly likely that their policies are driven by "Jim Beam".

  30. Dennis Randall

    Hey, I love you to man.

  31. Dennis Batja Bueno de Mesquita

    Biden was a week too late to give Texas a visit.

  32. Fertile Dirt

    Get rid of these idiots politicians. Vote them all out and AUDIT. Boost immune system and stop being naive

  33. alfred borden

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  34. johnscot1

    FFS. England DOESN'T have a navy. It's the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. Full of Scot's, Welsh and Northern Irish. Really basic understanding missing. No wonder over 50% of us Scot's want out of this union. The world sees the UK as England😡!!!

  35. RubelliteFae

    20 bells says Seth didn't get that last joke

  36. TheLincolnrailsplitt

    Bill Burr is a comedic genius.

  37. Philip K

    Aw, what a nice dog.

  38. Stefanie Wiltner

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  39. Bader eddine

    The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: If anyone memorized ten verses from the beginning of surat Alkahf, he will be preotected from the trial of Dajjal. In another narration: From the closing of surat Alkahf. Allah grants success.

  40. Michael Ward


  41. Emilio Murillo

    mayor Pete is good, progress will be made

  42. DimaRakesah

    I live in NH and our entire power system doesn't go down when it gets cold. Even our windmills work fine (I have a friend who has one on his land) Gee, wonder why?

  43. soloseraphim Heartsong

    Jason always looks like he could start a cult and have no problem finding followers.

  44. Sarah

    Can we please discuss how close Marjorie Taylor greens eyes are

  45. jimmy r

    Republican politicians, rather than help their freezing constituents, went on Fox News to blame a "Green New Deal" which has not even been implemented yet! They really need to pop their heads out of the their billionaire donor's laps once in a while.

  46. Derguz

    Texas didn't experience "extreme" weather. They experienced February for me. If the generators or powerplants wasn't ready then they simply haven't been paying attention for the past 30 years of climate research, or just in science classes at school. Oh.... Don't Texas actually teach "creationism"??! lmao.

  47. Arizona John

    Such a f--ing liar. Such a jerk

  48. soloseraphim Heartsong

    This show is so GOOD. Harvey's character is amazing.

  49. Tony Duncan

    So the clowns have left the circus.

  50. JL OConnell

    Interesting that a hollywood elite talks about lies. You are the liars and the gop as well as the far left terrorists are your damn pawns and puppets. You're really going to have to do better than this if you expect to hide the truth.

  51. Malidictus

    Oh, my god... Are we banning GTA AGAIN? Come up with some new material, legislators. FFS!

  52. Elise Code

    sham-wow! throwback

  53. Littlepup93

    Every president has made promises about what they would do when they took office, and every president broke at least some of those. You don't get someone who successfully fullfills every campaign promise, especially not in their first term. I get why people are angry that the minimum wage increase was removed from the bill and that $2000 was brought down to $1400, it upset me too, but something needs to get put through to start helping everybody. More needs to be done, but it's only been a month into a new administration that was left with literally nothing. If we want things like minimum wage and student loan forgiveness, we need to set Biden up with lawmakers who will support that, and that means voting when these people are up for reelection. We can't afford to have the government gridlock itself again.

  54. montanasuede

    OMG I'm so glad Seth mentioned Colin's gold chain. I kept thinking....Colin is a "gold chain" kinda guy? hmmmm ok, never woulda guessed.

  55. Sandy Yu

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  56. rayjaygee

    Awww, I missed all the "MELLLLLL!!!!"s.

  57. M Hurtado

    "Nooo".... at the end was just too funny. Great interview!!!

  58. James Mather

    That trophy probably belonged to a trump child

  59. Adrien Pinard

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  60. kaito kid

    I haven't seen something this unfunny in a long time. She can't build up a joke and the payoff is a predictable sassy comment.

  61. Thom Looney

    I hear that Dr. Spaceman will set you up with anything you like ....

  62. Marc Sullivan

    “This is the year to sign up, guys” Well, this is the year to sign Julie Nolke up. She’s been killing it during the pandemic

  63. Do Dinh Huong

    The observant babies overwhelmingly smell because technician gully fry into a debonair committee. callous, utter number

  64. Mr. Cool

    More libtard dribble.

  65. Ashaylin Naidu

    I feel like 2020 has sent Seth off the rails and I love it!

  66. Do Dinh Huong

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  67. Andrew Passow

    what would we do without Seth bringing it on like a champion of brain power and incisive critique of the IDIOTS who wear suits and red ties trying to look - I don't know - legitimate? the pervasive skullduggery is non-stop. . . hang in there SETH - you are the brightest star in our dull constellation of a country.

  68. harjit singh

    Secretary Pete Buttigieg clearly has the potential to be the future President of the United States of America.

  69. David Alvarado

    6:57 Seth...Andy left a turd on your couch.

  70. Reindert D.

    "Doesn't look like a presidential dog" ?? It's a dog and dogs can get old and besides, 1 picture is just 1 frame of a lot of movement... But I see what the idiots of Newsmax are TRYING to do with this. Bunch of snakes.

  71. galrjkldd

    I think maybe seth should speak slower. I think he might be clearer when he speaks slower. because he drones. boy howdy, does he drone. it's no surprise that on SNL he was mostly behind the scenes.

  72. Frank Perino

    Trump’s speech at C Pac was simply lie after lie .....🔥

  73. Sandy Yu

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  74. Pamy H.

    God!!! I love that man! He completely recognises the inclusive nature of infrastructure as it affects people. All people....

  75. Elise Code

    "ted baxter, or as he would say, bed taxter" -lou grant

  76. decusq

    What kinda of Dirt does Trump have on the GOP to literally send a Mob to kill them and they still kiss his ass the next day? What power does he have over them that they can't take back for themselves and just say NO to Trump???

  77. Christine Hill

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  78. Ryan Khansary

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  79. Victor Lind

    This hits differently now when you know that he fought substance abuse at the time

  80. MI HO

    Seth, do you really think that you are funny? Ok let me just say that your rants and lies about the right are not funny, The only thing that you seem to present is a scared little insecure lonely boy that is willing to lie so that people will like you and tell you that you are funny just to lie back to you.