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  1. Clarenze Gabrielle Malite

    i love how this movie is scary but when you reviewed it its the most funniest thing

  2. Suzanne Chavis

    There are certain movies you explained that I can't stop watching them! But this one was one I wanted to see because of your explanation and the ending was out there..

  3. Matthew Herman

    Maud is basically every religious person

  4. Max Stewart

    4:24 i think its a different place

  5. Ethan Butler

    22:24 I'll pass

  6. Lavar Ball

    The sharp camera subjectively tempt because december biochemically found aside a smooth skirt. historical, fluffy haircut

  7. JAM

    Dis dood is on the kill list dis dood probably didn't play sister location

  8. Soap Mactavish

    Do man down (2016) movie

  9. Lil hoe peep

    I think they did the concept well since it wasn’t intended to be taken seriously, but it would be nice to have a serious FNAF movie, I’m grateful that Scott cawthon denies crappy scripts though.

  10. The PUNisher

    god i love this movie, i always love writing about horror with religious points in it and i always think that this is what my writing sounds like when its actually shit in reality lol

  11. Dust Rock Blues

    i hope this movie does well, it was hilariously fun to watch and something different from mainstream

  12. Eva A.

    Nowadays I don't watch movies I only watch foundflix

  13. Ethan Alviter

    Behind her eyes

  14. Gabriel Romero

    I like to listen to this ending sounds more a bedtime story

  15. Kyle Kirk

    “triple fried fuck” my new favorite saying

  16. Mr. Limekiller

    Why the fuck are you always yelling? Just get a mic closer to you and talk normally, it's so fucking weird that you've been making videos this long and are still shouting everything. It's harsh on the ears and causes audio distortion.

  17. Jen M

    Acro-MEG-uh-lee...not meg-AH-lee Just FYI 🙃

  18. Amiya Kenworthey

    Actually, those aren't stretch marks. Streatch marks are darker in color, and lie in the sides and middle of the stomach. I should know since I have them. Instead, they look like healed over scabs.

  19. spidy man

    sorry to burst mauds little holy bubble but, that not any jesus i knows

  20. beelzebub beelzebub

    Just watched this and Nicolas Cage only lines were ugggh yaaaa ahhhh

  21. Dave Watterson

    I think I must have seen a trailer for this because it looks so familiar


    poor doge, why him

  23. Chicken_Sh1t_420

    Okay is anyone else’s captions only in Korean?

  24. joe mama

    POV he did all the side quest before fighting the first boss

  25. kittyMalitty

    Chad moment

  26. YT Hollow Idiot 45

    He love to play the silver ball

  27. Pierce Patterson

    When I heard the name of this movie- I thought it was a spin-off of the old TV show "Maude"

  28. YT Hollow Idiot 45

    Is Nick supposed to be the Pinball wizard aka the slow kid from the song

  29. Dragoon GT

    Damn, so this is foundflix out of character

  30. Janaysha cousin


  31. Janaysha cousin


  32. Janaysha cousin

    can you do freaky

  33. Janaysha cousin

    can you do freaky

  34. Chris Rudd

    I'd have sworn you already did this? Mustve been Ryan Hollinger's video on it.

  35. Galva_

    The movie seems a little mediocre in general, but I love nic cage's character. Really brings the whole thing together.

  36. None of That Matters Bro

    Reading the title I thought this was a movie about me

  37. penny-wise dancing clown

    Ah yes, a movie about a evil Pepe The Frog

  38. LiamYoung

    14:49 for siren Sarah’s behavior

  39. Thomas Palazzolo

    Maud was lucky. Sometimes when you do CPR their chest opens up and bites you.

  40. ʏᴜᴋᴀᴍɪ !

    This is some fright night at Freddie's shit

  41. Mythzy

    The thing about this film is that its sort of realistic. Because lets be honest, you could kill an animatronic with ease.

  42. pharmerdoc 2002

    "The creepiest looking soup I ever saw" lmao. Made me laugh out loud

  43. chris mims

    why is shaggy a devil worshiper

  44. Prince Vegeta

    and then there's Maude....and then there's Maude

  45. Alexandra Tiano

    I would love it if we got more cuts to reality, like during her fight with Amanda I think a jump to reality would have been very shocking - but perhaps could have taken away from the beach scene at the end?

  46. Kyle Kirk

    as someone who’s lived in texas my entire life, these yeeyee jokes are fucking GOLD

  47. mei

    Please do korean movie Forgotten (2017) on Netflix! Even if you don't do a video on it, I definitely recommend it!

  48. Felicia Kelley

    I was disappointed as well!!

  49. Courtney Jade

    You know the one dude in the horror who knows all the rules but gets ignored any way. And every one only listens when he doesn't make it. That would be this guy!

  50. Thomas Palazzolo

    Bea Arthur IS Saint Maude.

  51. nith shithhith

    More anti-Christian propaganda. I'm sick of modern entertainment designed to destroy western society. We need to go back to the 50's. The 1850's.

  52. Zage13

    Moral of the story, no blonds

  53. Rosie Tunnicliffe

    What is it with frickin’ tomato soup? First this, and then Leanne in Servant. Stay away from the evil soup guys!

  54. Kevin Gallup

    Christian delegroso

  55. fL.A.T.

    0:32 *thinks back to springtrap*

  56. wai tsang

    The last part is her activating her bankai zanka no tachi

  57. Alex Montoya

    Waste of time! Complete waste enough for me to write this review to help others to learn from my mistake!

  58. Johnny's cafe

    These ghosts are NEVER seen by people who don't believe in them, same with flying saucers and aliens, I wonder why? 😜

  59. HELEN Graftford

    Superman on meth?

  60. jack and the boys 777

    I was playing cod cold war and a mimic poped out when the girl popped out

  61. O5 -1

    Why is there an image of sc-096 on the oh god oh fuck

  62. Kishmar Ricardo

    Anyone here from cinema summary

  63. Brennan Hearn

    My only complaint is that there wasn't much...explained in this ending explained video.

  64. D Kottas

    Couldn't make it through the whole's too short. If I want to watch this kind of weirdness I'll pull out my "Eraserhead" DVD.


    *SUPER SCARY INTRO NOISE* "How's it going everybody"

  66. Night dragon 45


  67. ImStayGold42

    This actually reminds me of a girl I dated for about a week. After she started talking about Jesus always being w her & admitting to having borderline behavior disorder I called the thing off. Then she stole my jar of pocket change & a house plant while I wasn't looking. ...oh memories.

  68. fL.A.T.

    Pewdiepies greatest fear must be pontifex

  69. Mr Rocky

    Damn that’s my hometown that’s weird

  70. Wonder Lemon

    The little town is Scarborough in the UK. I was working down on the beach the night they filmed the scenes walking past Coney Island!

  71. fL.A.T.

    17:29 i think theyre tryna revive ugandan knuckles

  72. Lejendery One

    18:42 Dangboi! 😂

  73. Princess Azula

    Foundflix...I just typed to say.....I love you. That is all.

  74. Felix the Cat

    I gotta say America has some cursed sinister horror movies.

  75. J Dole

    You watch so I dont have to

  76. Nicholas Cardenas

    20:48 Mastadon reference ???

  77. Dakuu75

    Saint Maud and her little helper, Boulder.

  78. Billie Jo Bailey

    Michael is shot repeatedly and still able to get up and walk out of his death hole. Only Michael can accomplish this

  79. Nikos Andrianopoulos

    i love horror and all , but isnt it getting kinda repeatitive with the "is it real ? or she/he is loosing it?" plot ? Dont get me wrong, i admire this plot as much as the next guy , especially when it is accompanied with a nice performance, however i seem to stumble upon it more often than not.

  80. The King

    You walk a line as a Christian where you are liable to shizophrenia, particularly if you ever had a prayer where you heard an answer. Of course if you did any amount of reading on your own or just listened to some preaching for a few years then you'd be able to determine when you hear God and when you need some meds. If its telling you to kill somebody, it is probably not God. If it is telling you to kill yourself it is definitely not God. Weird movie for sure. Converting the mentally ill is rough and risky. A person with trauma becoming converted is unstable as far as I remember. Trying to be so nosey unprovoked and converting an infidel is definitely a fool's errand.