1. Radha K. Ugo

    Headline: Apple is getting old. Video: Apple is my best friend ever.

  2. Volk Aye

    Can't wait to see boot camp gaming on m1 (well, its possible we will never see it tho lol)

  3. Matthew Shubat

    I just need that 32 Gb RAM option though. Waiting for M1X.

  4. ボロ from EU

    Too bad such a great chip is wasted on a shitty device with mediocre, imagine it had a proper cooling, trackpoint and had fully open bios so that you could install any os, or make it simpler - a thinkpad with an apple ARM.

  5. aneedasophia

    fascinating how the aspect of the ecosystem and wanting to leave it at some point seems to be a common thread

  6. stuvius

    M1 Air was my first Mac and it's honestly so good it almost feels unfair lol

  7. Eneko de la Torre

    Sound cool, but whenever I'll need some program I won't be able to crack it. In addition to that, usually the chargers tend to age poorly and replacing them is pretty expensive. Idk how efficient that machine is if you swap the OS to linux,

  8. Luke B

    No bias or brand loyalty? That’s not true. What about onePlus....

  9. Car Kingz

    It's also not that people just prefer Mac or Windows because Windows users are just comfortable with an operating system they are familiar with. Windows are more fit for those who want something that they are used to and Apple users are either a younger generation or those who are familiar with Apple.

  10. Gustavo Henrique

    A Microsoft cagou com esse Windows 10 e pra mim pode ser o início do fim do Windows como conhecemos hoje. A Apple está nadando de braçadas largas com software e hardware.

  11. William

    The MM711 is easily an A or S tier mouse. There's a matte white version of the mouse. It has improvements over the 710 and has a perfect shape. The only downside being the wire, which some gamers still demand (I don't, but I have a bungee. I guess that makes it a little better.).


    When Dave said Apple, Gaming No..😲

  13. Andreas Lunte

    thats really funny to see. I was using apple products for about 10 years now because of the good quality. I had never a problem to pay a lot of more money for the system because i loved the quality. But since Steve passed away and Jony left the company, Apple has no soul anymore. They are just selling 10 year old designs and inventions over and over again. It is an money making stock corporation and nothing more. At this point, I would LOVE!!!! to buy a Windows or Linux Notebook with the quality of an macbook. Evene if that means it would cost double. But there is nothing on the market as far as I can see. Jony has already started his own company, but I do not think that he will produce end costumer hardware. @jonyive if you read this, PLEASE!!!! come back to the playgound and do great shit as in the past. i LOVE the 12" macbook and my 5s. And for sure I do have one of the real iMacs, you know what I am talking about. best sound ever. dude, you should be running apple. we would have so amazing things. *sigh*

  14. yellowood252

    I'm very impressed with what the M1's have offered. I still use my 2012 MacBook Pro as my daily driver and I love it. Whenever I need to do something serious (gaming, video editing, etc) I go to my Windows Desktop. But realistically, 90% of what I do is fine on my old MacBook. I definitely have a preference for the Apple ecosystem, but I still respect my windows desktop for its capabilities... I'm interested to see where this goes... If I may be able to have it all in my MacBook (short of gaming)

  15. LuckyJack99

    Great vid no agreed - awesome value! Picked one up and am amazed !

  16. Gabriel

    Ok apple you have done it, now were is the 4k webcam and game support?

  17. thewall19

    Windows: you can do whatever you want Apple: Follow the rules that's why there is not even the thought of buying apple. It remains a very specific products for 1. people who browse the internet 2. people who watch few videos 3. professionals that use only some apps/programs

  18. Sammy S

    hey dave, please do a review for Asus rog strix g15 i510300h, 1650ti glacier blue if possible....

  19. Red isSus

    Cant wait for the new iphone so i could get 12pro or mini at cheaper price

  20. D. Leon

    I wonder how much money apple has spent on you, not saying is a bad thing thing, just wondering.

    1. Azam Jamal

      bro wut the fuck, the m1 macs are fucking incredibily value you windows fanboy. stop hating him

  21. Julia Lian Jose Carrera

    If Apple let me download movies I would be the first to purchase a MacBook 😳

  22. Ethan Bondick

    The unused low orally object because morocco ophthalmoscopically suck besides a mighty soccer. upbeat, zany stove

  23. Ethan Bondick

    The black-and-white territory definitely tire because country emphatically weigh inside a groovy nitrogen. hapless, disagreeable mice

  24. regoat

    I sold my windows laptop I get MacBook air M1

  25. Paper Tiger

    let me be the first to accuse you of being a fanboi of whatever you have at hand. how often to you say do not buy this? most products on the market are inferior to others yet you seem to think that every product ever made should be bought. unsubbed since this channel has zero critical analysis and is run with a fairy tale mentality...mr rogers comes to laptop reviews for the fail.

  26. *alien wearing a hat*

    oof my mouse got a C, i didn't know it was copied :/

  27. Yggdrasil

    Hw much for used?

  28. Yggdrasil

    $800 is still a lot of money for my broke ass.

  29. tHeEd1

    Is that a tank with dirt. pls explain lol I kind of like it. Especially if it's black sand.

  30. Pablo del Rio

    My favortie color is grayish purple? does that exist? hahahaha half my t-shirts are the same color.

  31. MPvert580

    My mouseopad RGB broke after 2 weeks. Mamba elite still works after 2 years but right button starts losing signal sometimes. Blackwidow broke after 2 months of using. Switch broke. No signal. So yes razer quality isnt good. I think it lot depends on piece what you get. I recommend to buy Logitech or Corsair.

  32. McShayne

    when will you do a review on the Lenovo 1x models yoga 6 gen and 8 gen

  33. João Ferreira

    Is that an aquarium in the background???

  34. Omar Shehab

    My favorite color is green.

  35. Cosmic LF

    Everybody gangsta till Apple comes with the new Apple gaming console

    1. felipal

      They can come out with a gaming console that has awesome hardware but until serious AAA developers start actually optimizing their games for MacOS, Apple will never seriously compete with PC gaming, especially hardcore DIY PCmasterrace overclocking custom water loops type of gamers

  36. Stan

    I cant stop looking at your jacket in 4K

  37. Carlo iOS Dev

    Your name is Dave2D but the content is 3D

  38. Kaludis

    I have always been a windows user and built a new desktop as late as last May. I however needed a new laptop and after a LOT of research I settled for the M1 MacBook Air. I am so happy with my decision. I run Reaper software for my music production and Adobe for video and the transition between my two workstations is very smooth! And when I am lazy I can game on my desktop :P Also, as a bonus I have discovered that using an iPhone with the MacBook works in such a nice way and is a great bonus :)

  39. Christian

    Its not good at all if you are doing devops only one extended Display and Zero upgradebility

  40. Fredrik L

    My favorite color is 🔥

  41. Franck Nouyrigat

    I agree, I ended up with Mac m1 for 80% of my work and a zephyrus g15 for specific 3D tasks and as a portable Xbox :)

  42. max chilla

    Link to the Adidas Jacket?

  43. John Dean

    I decided of bot having any Apple devices. I was happy, but look at this kind of product, processor. I have to say, when I'll change my laptop I'll definitely consider a switch

  44. Blizzforte

    Dave: Apple and gaming? No. *Leaks about next-gen integrated GPU incoming*

  45. raed _ksa

    Why didn’t u say that its speaker sound like utter shit? U made me lose shit amount of money and face (I begged my parents for months) to get a laptop that I can’t use because how bad it sounds. Just so u know that shitty ass laptop sounds even worse with headphones ( I tried em all from airbuds to sony’s headphones). It just sounds like the cheapest crappiest wire headphones ever. Please be careful since people depend on u to buy stuff.

  46. Mike A

    I play a lot of games and uses obs for recording. Really need those Nvidia hardware acceleration encoding etc. No Mac for me then. It's made for people who use very specific programs. And no developers make programs for macs coz 90% of people use windows anyway, because, we'll, macs are expensive in the first place. Like how is another 8gb ram is $100?

  47. JamesTheFirst _

    can i just say, that bass drop in the intro gives me an eargasm

  48. thedreamville

    D2D admitting this is the final nail on th coffin for Microsoft. The OS is outdated and they just living on past glories! Don’t take my word for it!

  49. John van de Ven

    I have a few problems with the design of the Apple M1 laptops, only four. (1)The RAM is not upgradable (2)The SSD is not upgradable (3)The SSD will die due to excessive read and writes. This has been documented by many reviewers. (4)If any of these three mentioned components fail, the only option is to buy a totally new laptop as Apple will not repair. They will recommend the customer to buy a new replacement as repairs will cost more than a new laptop. ........ I disagree with your take that Microsoft will not support extensively an ARM ecosystem. AMD are deeply involved with designing and will soon be manufacturing their ARM cpu's specifically for laptops and perhaps other devices. There is an enormous market here for Microsoft and AMD and people do recognise the efficiency and speed of the Apple M1 and I would suggest that most laptop buyers would switch to this platform from x86. Also, Samsung have manufactured an ARM cpu using AMD RDNA2 for graphics and the graphics alone are two to three times faster than the fastest M1. All that Samsung need to do is design better cpu cores. I'm all excited to have a Microsoft ecosystem on laptops made by HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and many others using ARM based cpu's. BTW, AMD have released a 15watt cpu for laptops that attains 21 hours of battery life and it's an x86. Performance is staggering. I would buy this part in preference to an Apple ecosystem. ....... I still believe you have blinkers on when it comes to Apple. A lot of Apple's M1 performance is related to the TSMC 5nm node and designing their cpu with RAM integrated on the chip. There is nothing particularly mind blowing about the performance of the M1. I guess we will need to see if the AMD processors benefit form using the same 5nm node and using upgradable DDR5 RAM.

  50. landenthe70s

    Where is the 329 Dollar one i cant find it for that price

  51. landenthe70s

    Unified ecosystem where everything connects. At a premium you get sucked in buying a laptop a ipad a iphone then you cant leave any of the devices and get sucked into overly expensive for years. Apple operates their ecosystem like a drug. Brilliant marketing for money making.

  52. Vladimir Todorov

    Dave, all those digits and models you're talking about do not make sense. Use some graphs so your audience can get a visual idea of what you are talking about.

  53. landenthe70s

    So in otherwords a m1 chip in a gaming pc would be amazing?

  54. landenthe70s

    I love a laptop that can do everything :D

  55. Hicham Hmimou

    After using an M1 macbook for a month now. I will never ever use a windows laptop again

  56. landenthe70s

    Mac is great i wish it can play games though

  57. Raffi Dourian

    So rare for you to make a video like this. If you did I would still be a subscriber. Why is recommending Apple a “painful” thing? It’s the best hardware for the reason or job. It’s like you’re trying to justify like a social justice warrior who had to hire a a white man.

  58. Christopher Pan

    7:28 I thought you were gonna timelapse yourself stuffing everything into that backpack.

  59. Graysonn1

    Bought one for college. Had to send it back because it won't run any type of virtualisation stuff. It's good for normal apps but if you need it for something specific check and make sure it can do it first. It was a great machine besides that.

  60. Rahul Sarkar

    loved the honest conversation! good stuff Dave! Legendary ending- “Apple , Gaming ? phfftt...” lmao

  61. Will

    I feel like Dave has been enamored by the M1 chip. Sure its got good energy efficiency etc, but there are no thunderbolt ports on the M1 models. This is because the M1 chip technology is not compatible with thunderbolt. No external graphics cards can be used etc. Might be worth mentioning, as viewers who use these types of peripherals wont be able to use them. Dave's getting sloppy with his reviews.

  62. Mr Favorable

    Dave thank you for your stellar reviews and recommendations! I’d be lost without you man.

  63. JohonTheMighty

    Light blue

  64. Mark Masters

    Can i play pc games on this from steam?

  65. Idtech Celestial

    Gaming still windows, working goes to Apple.

  66. Andrew Magdy Zakaria

    Hey Dave can you please make a guide video for budget video editing and gaming laptops available now , thank you

  67. Vicky


  68. Vicky


  69. Vicky


  70. No Retreat

    My favorite color is teal as well. It works well with any color.

  71. The Pythonist


  72. Saleh Alghofaili

    yellow.. sorry

  73. Mat Smith

    Did you mention windows can be installed on the Mac?

  74. Andrew Hudson

    Ever since the M1 Macs were launched, I was eagerly waiting for Dave2D to release this exact video, explaining that this is a true game changer. What's really exciting for me is that the M1 is just the beginning of this new revolution. Soooooo looking forward to the M1X, M2, M3, etc.... Will blow the socks off of any Intel Stupid Lake Processor.

  75. Taylena World

    Dave, Which one do you pick? G14 Ryzen 9 4900HS RTX 2060 Q-Max or the G15 i7 10750H RTX 2070?

  76. ermand dervishi


  77. Gökhan Gökpınar

    Can you recommend several devices of the price range beteen 1000-1500$ range? I am about to buy one but i haven't followed the latest developments for a while now. A few things to note, I dont care how heavy or how thick it is, webcam is not a requirement but preferred, screen refresh rate and brightness is kinda important but if there is a device out there that offers a significant upgrade in other aspects i can accept a downgrade on the screen front. Battery capacity is also not a huge requirement but i would prefer at least 1.5 hour of game time. Long story short i want a gpu, cpu, hdd, ram and screen (in that order) focused device. Thanks in advance.

  78. GilbertTV

    about time - I might upgrade my 2015 MacBook Pro now 🔥

  79. DJ dahous

    Gaming is now possible with the new M1's performance and it's going to double with the upcoming M1X. I can only imagine that in future iterations of Apple Silicon, the graphic performance will keep improving which will take away the only reason that is left for opting for a windows machine. Well done Apple.

  80. john robin perez

    It feels like Dave was abducted again.