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  1. Ryan Hackland

    Is he Chinese, Vietnamese, or Laotian? Idk

  2. Ahmad Yue

    please react to maria ozawa fried rice

  3. sehhi vooty

    When Cowboy Kent still does a better job than Jamie Oliver 😂

    1. sehhi vooty

      But why in TV they cook fried rice with "PLANTA"🤣

  4. Shah Razin

    Wok fakboi 🤣🤣🤣

  5. BE Outdoors

    In cowboy Kent’s defense some gas stations are huge out west and you can get lost in those things like a grocery store lol

  6. Cecil Harris


  7. Cecil Harris


  8. Chuck Williams

    Not only no MSG, I didn't see her add salt or soy sauce, that's some flavorless, unseasoned rice.

  9. Chusnuniati

    "Good food is better than body" -Uncle Roger Wkwkwk LOL

  10. mei mei

    "this rice is so wet, you can see your reflection inside, mulan's gonna start singing if she sees this rice"

  11. Matsumoto Karma

    Uncle roger you should watch this guy named quang Tran on his fried rice

  12. Its 420

    Uncle Rodger may be labeled as racist BUT he is referring to white people 🤣 so its OK 👌

  13. 黃子齊

    5:47 You're welcome←(>▽<)ノ

  14. Dave D'Video Maker

    You shouldn’t care if he cusses so much.

  15. Anirudh Mhatre

    Real Life Buk Lau!

  16. June January

    nine toe people are the worst people XD😂

  17. Bursting Wizard

    Cowboy food is weird, It never looks as good as it tastes and it always tastes really good

  18. Screamnoo

    Is nobody gonna mention how uncle roger talked about how he thought about BBC (he literally said) Big Black

  19. Donald P

    OMG.....this girl is so needy. ew

  20. Jill Koczent

    My kitchen aide mixer is named Henry, and my pro-heat bowl is named Hazel (complete with decals!) I just got a 36" griddle, and I HAVE to name it!!! Suggestions?

  21. epul murdoc

    Mengekek betul kau ni. Waduh

  22. Asger Hougård Mikkelsen

    Maybe he should drink more Heineken 0.0 Stay safe, healthy and not drunk

  23. k on

    so agree with what he said⋯you dun need to ship banana leaf from far away⋯just steal from neighbor!yeah~I used to do that when I was a kid~hahaha🤣

  24. Donald P

    just SHUT UP..... her voice, loud laughing and naration is terrible. How pedestrian!?

  25. Alan Po

    8:40 love how the accent goes away everytime he says sorry children

  26. 밝은청년

    5:31 " BU SAN HENG "

  27. Donald P

    WOW! such terrible acting.........thumbs down

  28. Stuart Humphrey

    you fake hahahaha love it keep it up

  29. vcwchen

    1.6K privileged whites

  30. 장곡초김민채


  31. Nelson B. Win

    We cook our food the way we were taught. So nobody is perfect.

  32. Amir Roslan

    ikan bakar without air asam? still a nope

  33. Ken Anderson

    Hey uncle Roger we Canadian’s like our Michael Bublé tsk tsk tsk.

  34. PrincE IzwaN

    i want to be call fruit child (anak buah)

  35. Amir Roslan

    *uncle roger roasting white people using food processor* me a malaysian use blender to blend bawang: oops

  36. Picasso Black

    You leave grampa kent alone, roger. You leave him alone right now.

  37. Dayang wasik

    Umami was discover by Japanese, they eat healthy food. So, MSG is also healthy

  38. Poppa Ryno


  39. Joseph Connors

    ngl its ACTUALLY really weird the kids are calling penises small. it actually says more they came on omegle to tell them its small.

  40. Gold boi dev

    Reason why chicken were der bc gordon kill their kid

  41. Liv B

    12:20 Any fellow Stays? <3

  42. DiabolicNick

    Lmao I see what you did with that 5 star Michelin

  43. Pro Twam

    5:46 😂😂😂😂😂

  44. 박규연

    Okay i didnt know the word colander in english now i perfectly learned one by this video. Interesting

  45. Gelo Capistrano

    Hope this cremated garlic will not mixed with burnt palm leaves (turned to ashes) during Ash Wednesday

  46. 0ヶ国語話者

    9:04 Uncle Roger "All the niece and nephew third leg standing up." My (Where is nieces' third leg?)

  47. Nada TY

    Uncle roger I LOVE YOU MAN We're a group of friends that we will never watch your vidios alone we need to get the group together to watch it your vids gets people together during this pandamic Much love man

  48. Joël Vos

    Not even an Asian problem, my dads first name is Dick. (Im Dutch)

  49. Preeti Suman

    10:05 'sand' igloo😁

  50. ALV VN

    Uncle Roger,I have a story,pls read Supreme. I bought sandals from a restaurant,they were too colorful,the person selling it was my grandmother's friend so I decided to buy it I didn't look at the brand until I see the most ugliest word on these sandals Its even worse than my grades *remSup* Seriously,I came home and see it,I told my mom "Mom,this is *bullshit* ." She asked me "Why?" *"remSup"*

  51. i like turtles

    Hey uncle roger, can u release a comedy diss track for auntie helen?

  52. Neonblut

    I don't cook a lot. I like asian food but can't cook it. Weird thing is : I have MSG at home. It's the best for everything tbh. Secret weapon :D

  53. Cut Annisa thahara

    Subtitle indo nya napa gitu amat🤣

  54. WeirdAj

    omG the felix name drop caught me so off guard xD

  55. Bryan Russell Ng

    I bet the animator who made that animation in the intro their parents must be proud no belt no sandal all peace

  56. Fapplecake

    For someone reviewing food, a sponsorship from heineken saying it has great taste is pretty questionable...

    1. Flying Sauce

      Well, he supports the Chinese government. What more could you expect from him regarding principles?

  57. Sɪʟᴇɴᴄᴇ - Kᴜɴ


  58. _trinity _Floofx

    I ship uncle roger and auntie hersha’s wok 😂😂😂

  59. Physics Blog

    Your baby born with three arms, haiyah! 😂😂

  60. Physics Blog

    “good food is better than health”

  61. Tengku Arsyad Tengku Jusoh

    I'm genuinely confused whether uncle Roger using the Manglish accent or other accent in his video

  62. Ami- lee

    When he talks normal 😍😍😍 Sir its OK let aunty Helen leave ill do more for u 😏

  63. Tengku Arsyad Tengku Jusoh

    Imagine doing one simple mistake that caused the uproar among those who eats rice

  64. 克里斯豆腐

    Uncle Roger真的很堅持味精欸

  65. Zithoro

    "Vegetable taste like sad"

  66. Azlan Azad

    The best part 11:58 to 12:10

  67. Alex Weisbeek

    Uncle roger, why do you drink horses urine in the beginning of this video? Heineken is made by feeding horses good beer and collecting the urine, you should not drink that.

    1. Flying Sauce

      Because the money he gets from the Chinese government isn't enough

  68. man 5705

    But why in TV they cook fried rice with "PLANTA"🤣

  69. AltFootDummy

    Uncle roger minum Heineken 0.0 telampau banyak mabuk

  70. Prunyboi

    Lmao I saw u on Singapore MasterChef just now

  71. Antonio Jessen

    we named our dog kikko after kikkoman

  72. Aaron Thompson

    I feel like I want Mr Roger to react to idubbzzz. Preferably anything involving pickles.

  73. Aliver daniel

    Review this egg fried rice

  74. Naughtez

    One video, 3 ads for Grammarly - for fucks sake, what is their advertising budget?!

  75. Ami- lee

    I don't think I want boba tea anymore 😭

  76. MadTing

    Your soo rude

  77. croxxbar

    When you're a malay boy watching uncle roger promoting non-alcoholic beer😯

  78. XCJ Smith

    Where is my second date?