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  1. Elkhaq Elfida

    I recommend using pink lighter next time. The algorithm will love you

  2. Emo Plague King

    When you too are one of the many people who came from scar

  3. KEK Freedom Heritage

    nice take down

  4. Luke

    How did she become paralyzed

  5. Jeff

    Mens asmr

  6. Johny1220

    5:27 forgot about the thumbnail and thought he was making a fish lol 😂

  7. Elbragu1 Gomez Faña

    Yo con un celular asi no le aria eso

  8. Conrad R.

    Jerry Rig Everything, more like Jerry Rig Phone.

  9. Pixel Gun Sniper

    If you make the tires wider it will greatly improve your floatation and traction on sand and loose snow

  10. Puneeth Suresh

    Zack: 1:53 Won't it be a real shame if someone scratched it Also Zack: Proceeds to destroy a $2K phone

  11. Abdullah Mubarak

    Jerry, the IP65/IP68 meant that : 1) Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction, limited ingress protection 2) Protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure, limited ingress protection

  12. Tree Dragon

    JerryRigEverything! I'm here from Scar's channel! Thank you so much for what you did for Scar (from a fan), in his video he's so happy, you're a high quality human :')

  13. ShawFP

    Jerry looks like Agent 47

  14. nowornever


  15. WASDxMerceless

    This guy is a psychopath

  16. Abdous Jh

    "Just a really long price tag" 😂 lol

  17. Wicki Pissi

    This man is a living legend

  18. DH


  19. Nick Theocharis 1

    Scar brought me here

  20. Hayabusa ML

    2500৳ !!!! For what exactly 😳

  21. Eli Gough

    Loooove the intro. And the rest of the video.

  22. halsoy

    this is the only phone that can actually justify its Pro tag.

  23. Michelle Murdoch


  24. SilentRoses Music

    This is just the no phone with extra steps.

  25. Sekhar Chandra

    My note 20 ultra back glass broken easily. The protection is just a gimmick.

  26. Jack Abonson

    2:03 Apple is always removing something. iPhone 36 : the box comes with no phone in it the phone is just an add on. 😂

  27. Bob Bobberton

    Here from GoodTimesWithScar ... hello.

  28. Sekhar Chandra

    My note 20 ultra back glass broken easily. The protection is just a gimmick.

  29. moneytalks1219

    Came here specifically to look at the battery. I have the 7+pro mclaren edition and the spec list SAYS 4085 MaH but in the ampere app it says 3300 MaH.... But the battery itself says 4000 MaH and I think there are legal requirements for listing things like that so I guess Ampere has a glitch rather then one plus trying to be sneaky ... Or somehow I got a phone that was built incorrectly

  30. Maspon 123

    Watch Mathew Maderic He has a whole series of doing up a bus so he can live in it

  31. Nuno Ferreira

    Hey Jerry, love your channel, i was wondering if you can open the 1Tb expansion card form xbox series x. what's in there?? m.2240. ssd or other tech???. Thanks 👍

  32. Güliz

    I tried to change the battery on my own but the adhesive tapes that connects the battery to the phone was extremely strong and i tried so hard to remove the battery. Anyway, i achieved to remove the battery somehow and replace with a new one but now my phone is not working. I checked every connector but i am struggling to understand how can i solve it, can you please help me?

  33. ItsJustTrent

    The scratching made my ears go: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  34. Pride909

    So it's durable lol

  35. Ex Shenanigan

    3:50 why not a voltage regulator that regulates from 400v to 12v instead of adding a 12v battery and other low voltage components? I'm not suggesting this just wondering if it would be possible?

  36. Typical Among Us

    11 inch display and it lasted 11 seconds in fire

  37. Radu Dreghiciu

    Wallpaper please?


    I see the guy from what’s inside

  39. rästik

    sony user since 888 ericsson

  40. thecohorts

    This guy 🤦‍♂️😂

  41. ِAbdo Emad

    i cant believe he had hair i was thinking he born without hair

  42. Marcell Várszegi

    With that kind of weak backplate glue, the IP rating is a joke. Don’t trust this phone around water. I had this same issue with my Xperia Z back in the day. The heat of the CPU weakened the glue of the backplate day by day, and my phone got water damaged. They replaced it under warranty, but still. This phone IS NOT water resistant.

  43. Nikola Tesla

    Tesla has changed the world

  44. Frank Mowasat

    Sony is expensive trash.

  45. Jay Prince

    Can you speak normally? I have to mute it

  46. Jay Prince

    I hate his voice🤧

  47. Bob Lum

    you make a nice couple. your 4s videos were very helpful

  48. Albin Svensson


  49. bobbywauneka


  50. Marbella Mancilla

    When u started ur scratch test, I actually thought my phone had those marks 😅😳

  51. JonGCruz

    Where is the rig purple mattress video?? 😂

  52. Md.Abdulla Al Waily Khan Chowdhury

    For some reason It makes me feel the scratch...

  53. Madilyn Kendrick

    my screen wouldn’t come off and i accidentally ripped one of the ribbon cables. what should i do?

    1. Madilyn Kendrick

      ohhhh nevermind i didn’t i thought it was something wlse

  54. AYMEN Sal


  55. Skids14 Gamer

    I have a question how did she drive

  56. Muhammad Ally

    Let's just scroll through the comments and like comments thanking them for sending one to Scar.

  57. Muhy

    I also started using Note 10+ 5G but i waited 1 year for price drop and now i own one for 550 USD.

  58. David Crentsil

    You know something?… you are different and I like that. B’cos you are different in a cool kinda way

  59. Zhai Studio

    You have a beautiful wife <3

  60. iMovie

    I did it on my mom’s iPhone 10 R nothing. Happened but I do have an iPhone 6s

  61. Rohan Gowda

    Ok this is better than Apple

  62. Tammi Gibbar

    I like that dan is just chillin there

  63. Rohan Gowda

    One Plus 3 is 4

  64. Nitin Raval

    An idiotic blacksmith was out of job during the lockdown and to pass the time, he bought a smartphone. He got so excited while watching DEfasts, an idea came to mind: "Why not make videos to earn money?" But video on what? "Oh, brilliant idea, why not make it about smartphone itself?"

  65. Dave - TechX

    I work for a small electronics whole sale company. We get Xiaomis, huaweis, Redmi's, oukitels, nuu's, and other brands like it constantly, and we aren't buying from out of the country to get the devices either. It's hard to repair and resell them because everyone's brainwashed into believing the Chinese are spying on you with your phone. News flash, the US government has been doing that since 9/11 lol IDC if the Chinese know the same things

  66. Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO

    The probability of you seeing this is really low but i just need to ask either way. I've used my S8 since release 21st april 2017 but it wasn't until yesterday when i was gonna replace my battery for the 2nd time i remembered you did this video so i thought why not attempt this myself? It's the coolest mod you can possibly do. So i did it successfully but when i tried to charge the phone without the wireless charging coil the phone couldn't read the battery temperature so it just completely refused to charge. Did you also discover this after making the video Zack?

  67. WR41TH

    well its obviously gold

  68. Barny 2020 is bad

    it looks like a HOTWEELS!!!!!

  69. LightBros

    How many lighters have you used making theses videos?

  70. 入山はなこ

    Why is this phone cheaper than other flagships?

  71. Robloxness

    2:11 AHHHA LOL

  72. Mr.CharChar

    Did anyone see the QR code one his head?

    1. Mr.CharChar

      5:25 btw

  73. Venga Vamos!

    2 hours of suffering, nervous, agonia, thoughts that I'll never switch on my telephone again... And it's done! 😉 thank you!

  74. Chaker Tifouri

    Imagine his toast in his wedding . My wife scratches at a level 6 with deeper groves at level 7

  75. John Doe

    1st step: Time 2nd step: money 3rd step: Some Building experience.

  76. M3WORLD


  77. Isaak Bergen

    Zack's most famous line: "like a little lego."

  78. Slav Legend

    These days you have to pay either 2000$ or 200$ to get a headphone jack, lol xD

  79. Alex Dionne

    magizene not clip

  80. Veer Patel

    When Jerry said the phone is made of plastic I knew that he would start drawing