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  1. DeadPOOLParty


  2. Bob Newfart

    oHHH YAAA another Zombie movie for zombies with a star that can't act.

  3. Sam Packer

    Is that Sammy Bashor???

  4. Ripper517

    One thing that doesn't makes sense is what the point of stealing money if there zombies

  5. Deborah Deutsch


  6. cry devil


  7. Ludovic - Valentin Brasso

    I was told this film will feature Dave Bautista. Where is he?

  8. SomeCovertRebel

    First Zombieland and then this.. Zombie entertainment is coming back baby!


    My type of woman....

  10. Rayn Billson

    Overdue for a good zombie flick. Looking forward to this.. Netflix why must you tease so soon?

  11. ocean plays

    11 will 100% winnnn

  12. Jeff Vader

    Time to find that controller from Click and fastforward to May 21st

  13. Безрадісний Історик

    this is the Snyder cut we deserve

  14. A J

    I need a movie with Dave Batista and Jon Bernthal

  15. Mark Harris

    Given that the purpose of a "trailer" is to let one know what to expect, I welcome this "trailer" as a warning to those who are not of a sensitive disposition.

  16. bigguy952

    Ever since Animaniacs made the Zack Snyder joke, any trailer of where I see stuff going slow motion, my mind automatically thinks “Zack Snyder is behind this”

  17. Ahk

    Haters swarm to Zack Snyder just like these zombies. Irony.

  18. Sara Andrade

    Quero assistir pra ontem.

  19. Sabuj Pattanayek

    which category of zombies is in this movie? slow and dumb, fast and dumb, slow and smart, or fast and smart?

  20. илька пилька

    That's heavy brother, but i dig it

  21. John ID Channel


  22. iiDRKii

    The best show that I saw in my whole life. They can meet in real life, and i hope they will act in more movies together (Clay, Justin, Jessica, Hannah)

  23. Ubercubertuber


  24. 0PTIC5

    Can someone replace the audio with "Hallelujah" because yenno... Snyder

  25. Evangeline Yildriz

    THE CROW AT THE BEGINNING HAD ME NEARLY CRYING! I want a show for Six Of Crows too.

  26. Acehilm

    Dead rising cough

  27. Arshlan khan

    Exiting level high 🔥🔥

  28. PokeMan 999

    Eleven is best stranger things ❤️❤️

  29. Bryan Elvis Pacheco

    I love it now give me what i want!

  30. Ben jamin

    Schweighöfer? Was? xD

  31. C E Three

    Wait, is Zack Snyder... having fun?

  32. Fyre Entyty

    Let me just say this one thing. Zack Snyder is having himself a year. First the JL Snyder Cut. Now this. Even if you’re not fond of his work, you can’t hate the man for doing what he loves to do. And even if WB doesn’t want him in future DC projects anymore, I’m glad he’s at least making films elsewhere. I’ll be checking this out for sure.

  33. Arshlan khan

    Can't wait 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Katerina Vezali

    I can choose.. For sure eleven : friends don't lieee

  35. Disgruntled Faggot

    mmm, No.

  36. Jackson Liu

    Who is calling me?

  37. Ira Mujral

    damn this trailer made me feel powerful

  38. Ian Cook

    fanboys out in full force

  39. Jaydo

    Meanwhile in Knightmare vision Las Vegas...

  40. Will G. Forrest

    Who else both gets very excited yet really worried when there’s a new zack Snyder movie?

  41. Beckii

    Already calling the twist, at least one of them isn't there for money, since it will have no value, but there's something else in the vault that they needed a heist for so they backstab the rest of the group and eventually die a gruesome death

  42. Esther

    Highly recommend!

  43. Gartos_ CZ

    looks a bit like Zombieland

  44. Geeky Amreeki

    Yes please.

  45. M P

    Adele should have told David about her powers

  46. William B.J. Blazkowicz

    I saw Ghost in it 👻

  47. Burt Gaming

    2:32 Funny cause that's what Kanye is. He tries way too hard to be relevant

  48. Calib White

    Seeing this, I really want ZS to be in a developer position of a zombie game.

  49. jblackmel

    This movie was a 9/10 for me.

  50. Benjamin Magana

    I am so looking forward to this

  51. Kaleb/Jordan McCaulla

    Just waiting for TFIL to come here

  52. Turtle V

    This movie of the dead is cool is amazing it is gory it is crazy is insane and I think it's a really good movie and I think watch couple zombie movies and I think this one had to be probably one of my top three favorites to watch this year and I don't think I'll get a chance to watch that this year in May for March and I really think this movie is really good because it has that color five I think and I really think this movie is really good and amazing and I really like the characters and I really think that this movie will blow me away and I think snacker did really good with this movie I can't believe that we're going to have to blockbuster movies at the same time and I can't believe that this movie will be coming out for you soon and I think this will be really good and I think I'll be watching this movie by myself no zombie land was really good I'd like the first one and the second one and the ones were really good and the couple other zombie movies including classic zombie movies that was those movies were good and I really like this movie will be different because it lost Vegas and I really think this could be a lot more zombies a lot more blood and a lot more gore and a lot more guns and all bunches to and I really think that this movie will be really good to see on Netflix and had really think that this movie deserves to have a 10 out of 10 stars and I really think that I'll take hope you watching this movie by myself and I really think yeah I like zombies about the way sure they're aren't sure they're not really real and the real world but I really think that we live in a society that sure is live in buying the panthenic right now and I really think I know it sucks right now to live in a pentatonic right now right now and I really think that that's where she be careful and we just get care of ourselves and wash our hands really good and I really think this movie should be really good to watch coming up next month and I really think this should be really amazing to watch and glory and to only the only couples I'm in movies I watched so far and my favorite zombie movies of all time is a matter of fact zombie land and the army of the Dead and the other one by the way and the couples on me that think I've seen throughout my life but I really think this movie should be really good to watch and I cannot wait to watch the Justice League next month and I really think that this would be should be Great

  53. RehanRC

    This doesn't look good, but those other movies were good, so maybe.

  54. odalv316

    I saw all that cash in the trailer. Seems useless in times like these. 🤷‍♂️

  55. Jason Hauser

    What good is money after a worldwide zombie pandemic?

  56. Guilherme Abati Aguiar de Carvalho


  57. narendra verma


  58. A B I N L A L

    There is an episode in supernatural telling the same story of the pact with the devil

  59. Tyhler Novac


  60. martini

    Lou M Taylor

  61. juan alberto marin gomez

    Interesting, I tought it was going to be a post-apocaliptical movie. But still, I like it.

  62. Nick White Eagle

    Hope its a Netflix film with a half decent ending. Fingers crossed. High hope with Snyder

  63. Divina Commedia

    When the teaser is better than the show itself

  64. Angelz Mckingz

    White people and always making things about them, how can you tell me fire is stronger than water???... After being selfish and all that she was still seen as hero...SMH

  65. Kavish Algoo

    Alright this is what I’m taking about Gives me chills

  66. Sam Siamer

    😒.. errgh. .great other zombie movie , that's exactly what we need it an other zombie movie ..if it's not a superhero movie ,it's a 80s remake ,if it's not a remake of 80s movie ,it's a zombie movie.. Hollywood is creatively bankrupt ...

  67. spodoinklehorse

    More zomibe shite yea

  68. Jabez Ward


  69. ꧁「YourFandomsRandomPotato」 ꧂

    Celestia deserves to be in this anime

  70. tabularasaconfirmed

    I’m not the biggest fan of action movies but I will watch this to support Zack! Love him always

  71. Brenton n

    Am I the only one questioning why the focus on money?... dude there's a zombie apocalypse, what use is money anymore?

  72. Dr. Steve Brule

    The plot is them robbing cash but the question is why would cash even matter in a zombie apocalypse. It wouldn’t

    1. Greg Westmen

      I'm pretty sure you've played post apocalyptic video games, especially zombie apocalypse games. Tell me, at vendors, are items free or do they cost money?..

  73. Darek R16

    suicide squad + zombieland

  74. The Kingslayer

    Why would they need money during an apocalypse

  75. Anukampa Sharma

    I want Jojo to end up with hye yeong 💜 just like webtoon ❤️

  76. Seung Kim

    Barker should team up with Abrams for an upcoming movie entitled, Hellraiser meets Star Trek Deepspace 9.. speaking of

  77. Audrey Grace

    They need to watch bridgerton

  78. Doctor Sixes

    This looks like batshit fun. DOTD 2004 is my favorite zombie movie. I CAN'T WAIT