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  1. The Mad Mamluk

    7:00 lmao

  2. Kanoa Cuban


  3. ADOGE Gamer

    I remember watching you when you started call of duty

  4. SoWhatsGood01

    Doesn’t include an amd meh

  5. Elder

    Where did you buy the gpu?? I cant seem to be ablen to find one?

  6. Rangga Firmansah

    Me polystation

  7. Rosli Hashim

    If i have that console imma buy the wireless controller

  8. Lukas Aviles

    Fake PS4 Pro contains a lot of worst and counterfeited games.

  9. Extint

    Little do most people know this guy holds the world record for the furthest round anybody has ever gotten to on call of duty zombies on mobile

  10. Maria

    My favorite ps2 game is gta San andreas ❤

  11. Tee Bo

    Not gonna lie This is a better nzxt 510 case IMO , I should have done a tad more research befor pulling the trigger on building lol now I’m seeing a whole bunch of shit I want

  12. Tee Bo

    Err what kinda shipping is this . Anyone who paid for this and that happened ,my god I can just feel the rage.

  13. Savageviper

    can i have it

  14. Rosli Hashim

    China is completely jealous with Play Station

  15. CMDR John Crichton

    Tie between two games. Burnout Revenge Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

  16. ÆChilly

    Creeper, Awwwwww man!

  17. Mitchell Semaan

    my eyes came during this video

  18. Tarachand Panwar

    PS2 price

  19. roboGOD

    Ah the blood spatter guy!

  20. qurqes

    watching in 2021 crying

  21. Mithul Dev

    Is there any way, I can get this pc as a giveaway. 😕

  22. Lance M

    Very cool looking ill prob buy when it comes in stock. Best buy is showing it on there website starting today

  23. Haider Ali

    Send me bro if you can

  24. Sitij Singh

    if i could even have that rtx 2080 ti.....i would've been so happy...that i can't explain. Many are the same.

  25. Ryan Reese

    I used to watch you when i was 7 the good times it's nice too see you still doin well🤙

  26. Touch Of The Internet

    I had to consider if he was putting on gloves to play the part for the video and look like a thief, or if he was just being responsible and they’re cut-proof. Either way, can we all agree it just looks dope?


    Ohh it was deliver by Fedex Then damge will be there.😂😂😂🤣

  28. Arragance

    I think they meant for Gs as in gaystation

    1. Rosli Hashim


  29. Fluffy YouTube

    Please gif me one iphone 12 Pro Max please

  30. EnlargedQuack

    Shipping did you dirty god damn

  31. Maria Multari

    Imagine if your parents got you that for christmas

  32. Angel duque

    U be doing to much

  33. Chely Rio

    Tomorrow is my sister's birthday party so hory

  34. Chely Rio

    Were do you guys sell it at Walmart or target

  35. Arkana laudzi Permono

    how much the pc price

  36. Ryan The Murph 2 Surf

    Very nice I just play on a laptop. The desktops are to expensive with the pandemic and all. But looking to build a desktop with the new baby.

  37. ÆChilly

    GS4 its actually gaystation

  38. ヴォ[Võ]ツーン [Stony]

    You know that! Genshin Impact now is one of the games is testing graphic of your phone

  39. litomagik

    i'm a ps5 fan

  40. Arkana Trystan Kaindra 7

    5,360,364 views and 8,856 Comments

  41. Paper Satisfying

    great vid!


    Giveaway to mee 😁

  43. Commet Smith

    Xbox One Made In China :)

  44. Blade Rances

    i recomend the ipad mini for mobile legends bangbang because the ipad is just the perfect size for that game

  45. Anthony Dutcherson

    The best thing I've ever seen!

  46. aaron rosalez

    Fortnight is my favorite ps1 fgame

  47. Mark Edison C. ibañez

    You're a quick scope god omg!

  48. Dc_astro09

    How much would you sell the bundle I want one but all of them had bad reviews that they got ripped off

  49. Gambit

    when i unboxed mine, there is a white box on top of the tablet containing keyboard cover

  50. Mark Edison C. ibañez

    Damn that broken tampered glass was a nightmare. Glad you easily replaced it. Btw im a fan from Philippines this makes me relax with a headphones i watch your vid to sleep but i couldn't i watch till the end.

  51. Mugiwara Luffy

    U have to used the external egpu with an external Monitor. Then the 3060ti and 3080 will kick that ass off

    1. Mugiwara Luffy

      The thing is, the epgu bring the picture back to the laptop with the same thunderbolt cable. If u use an external monitor installed directly on the egpu , the thunderbolt cable don’t have to bring the picture back to laptop. Result is more FPS with the extern egpu. But u r right. The laptop 3060 is a monster and I think a egpu with this laptop makes sense in a couple of years

  52. Piero Nicolas Medina Villar

    Dragon ball tenkaichi 3 + ps2 = Memories

  53. I'm noob

    Everyone: Aya neo is better.Vega has better drivers Others: win 3 is better.It has better gpu with more shaders Me: moqi i7s

  54. Lion Gaming

    Blue Camo

  55. Richmond Lim


  56. Richmond Lim

    black ops and then minecraft and pacman? wow you are pro of call of duty ghosts i never wanna wear a Loki

  57. ShotJon 2

    Reasons why to not use fedex, watch the first 2 minutes of this video.

  58. Nam


  59. MariaElena Hernandez Chable

    Hablas español?

  60. ShotJon 2

    I thought he was going to throw the tomahawk at the pc from the thumbnail.

  61. benja ses

    Time to put him in my jar

  62. Peachette Reacts

    Super pretty girl

  63. Irish Chavez

    Two USB controller ports?

  64. Martín


  65. Zaid AL Kassab

    Beautiful All-In-One Laptop, But Why Not Have a Thunderbelt 3 Port?

  66. Pizzarolls Pockets

    Mom: I got you a ps4! Me: yahoo! *opens it* :(

  67. Joshua Harper

    Sorry I don’t mean to be critical but did you forget to talk in your video when doing an unboxing you should describe what you’re doing what you’re finding in the box what it looks like etc. that makes it more enjoyable video this particular video was extremely boring and noisy this is most likely why you got a lot of dislikes

  68. el master gamer 2000


  69. Gabicorn

    I swear this guy has a different knife for every video

  70. eCʜʀs

    I’ll get the next Lg Ultragear model (27GP950-B) which will support hdmi 2.1 4K 120FPS for ps5, I don’t have a ps5 yet but it’s still nice to future proof the man cave, I’ve never played on a monitor so it’ll be nice to be able to play on one of the best monitors :)

  71. Bendeghar Mohamed Reda

    Hi, Can you make video about Ryzen powered " Aya Neo " handheld pc please.

  72. KnoxBox !

    Dude I wish that was a majoras mask n64 that game was great.

  73. Mr.Kinder

    Im just here trying to solve why people dislike this video

  74. UYscuti

    PS1: the worst One PS5: the best ever in the whole world one laaaaaaaaater: PS5: the worst PS99: the mega huge champion

  75. Justin Gates

    Does it have setting 8 for up and 10 for side to sidd

  76. Harlow Family

    0:10 I’m most interested in the bayonet

  77. xS7EzRippin

    You paid for something! Jesus that must have hurt 😂 Nice case that

  78. kim kim

    A ps4 is useless if you only put it in display People and thier stupid collections