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  1. Sally May

    Cute video find a way 2 tone down the echo in yr kitchen its unpresent 2 hear..

  2. Dave Greenbrown

    Love u Kyl

  3. Rshrahsel Rs rshrahselrs

    Storni is very cute i love her❤️❤️

  4. Barbara P.

    Stormi is Just 😍😍😍

  5. Full Relax

    Hello, you work so much, well done, I created the channel 2 days ago, maybe it will help you to relax, listen to nice music before bedtime, come in and listen ... I will be glad, Thank you)

  6. Delilah Pfaffmann

    Kylie is an amazing mom Stormy is so cute 🥺

  7. Jax Johnson

    Stormi is 2?! i know some 4 year olds that don’t even know what manners are

  8. Joseline irazu Sánchez

    Wow stormi ❤️❤️❤️

  9. emily

    Hi, I don't know how to speak English, but what can I do? Well, I don't know who she is, but then

  10. Ana Camargo

    Just me who noticed that in the Christmas cookie video Stormi dropped the vanilla and then this one Kylie dropped the vanilla too?

  11. yeah :v

    Ni siquiera se que coñ* hago aquí xd

  12. Dayana Hernandez

    Me eating ice cream and watching th

  13. yolanda rodriguez

    Alguien habla español??

  14. Beauty & the Brain

    no one: kylie: tries cupcake with a fork

  15. Beauty & the Brain


  16. Malaysia Lilly

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  17. Beans .

    Stormi is such a sweetheart I can’t take it 🥺

  18. Dee b

    I just stumbled across this video , omg Stormi is so adorable .🤩🥰🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

  19. Maricarmen Serrano

    Adorable 🥺💖

  20. mildflower

    She's one of the cutest kids i've ever seen 🥺

  21. Riya Podder

    Stormi is such a cutie! Kylie is blessed to have her😌

  22. Diana Miteva

    Omg I'm addicted to watching Stormi 😀

  23. grace omoigui

    If I absolutely had to.. yes

  24. Gyovanna Castillo

    Kylie such a good momma and wow that baby her manners are just on point and so sweet 💛💕

  25. نور رسول


  26. Faizaan AHMED-ZINU

    funny how u need those nails for baking cupcakes lol

  27. Emily An

    Kylie have so much cameras that stormi and her is confused where to look

  28. Vanezza Roca

    I love kylie! She is something to admire.

  29. keyri Valadez

    You are the best Kyle and just like stormy ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  30. Vanezza Roca

    I love their chemistry.

  31. Iaanna Kanaplianik

    She is just so adorable I have no other words 🥺😍😍😍😍😍

  32. rania zafar

    storm is soo cuteee

  33. Cloud Roblox

    I wonder what its like to be the daughter of a rich and popular family

  34. yesi king

    So so cute and she is an amazing amazing mother

  35. Lily Rayson

    she’s perfect 🍪 just like her mom ! x

  36. Stephanie Rivera

    I Love kayli jener

    1. Emily An

      My ovaries just jumped out of my body and jumped my man 😩

  37. Yoselin Vargas

    Soy la única que habla español y no entiende lo que dicen pero igual amo sus vídeos con stormi

  38. yesi king

    So so cute

  39. elaine ღ

    this is so cute

  40. malika life

    aghhh when is stormi gonna stop with the cuteness

  41. ori de ruta


  42. Ceyhan Naz Verani

    Stormi so cute


    Am I the only one who was waiting for the frosting to fall out of the bag?

  44. Lena Ulloa

    5:13 this part always gets me😂♥

  45. Mohammad Warrad

    Kylie turned off comments on the office tour vid cuz she doesn’t want ppl talking about her fav drink. Does anyone have any idea what that drink was. It was def iced tea but brand???

  46. imaginary world

    Baby is so wise,warm and cute.

  47. Robert Pourierd

    En serio de English

  48. SSB

    1:08 Her phone's got cracks😳😳😳😳

  49. heloisa santos

    Esse é o comentário brasileiro q vc tava procurando :)

  50. Laurie Anne

    Just blown away. They are All good Moms, with the most amazing Mom and Grama of all Time. 🎄

  51. ꧁Y̸A̸M̸Y̸ K̸ P̸O̸P̸꧂ ʏᴛ シ

    Who the fuck wanted KYLIE JENNER's first daughter to come out black? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Patience Jenkins

    Kylie is literally so good mom ‘cause not every 2 year old knows word like “you’re welcome”, “patience”, etc.🥺😍

  53. Lina 1314

    I love you kylie its soo cute stormi

  54. Denisse Medina

    She has such good manners for how young she is lol 🤗

  55. H Tb

    3:12 Kylie:thank you Stormi: Your welcome Me:🥺🥺😭💔

  56. Sade' D.

    My ovaries just jumped out of my body and jumped my man 😩

  57. aiym karimova

    Stormi is so cute😻

  58. Melisa Buba

    I love Kyiel is love stormi

  59. Ximena Durán

    2:55 idk why I'm so scared that kylies nails pop the frosting bag lol (I absolutely loved the video tho, stormi is so cute 🤍)

  60. April Nash

    Stormi is so sweet! You got this mom! 😭💗

  61. LivMay Aesthetic_Girlies

    Stormi so cute x🤍

  62. Dianne kristine Penilla

    How old is she

  63. Carissa Nettey

    How is she the 2nd worst parents in the Kardashians?,She's actually the best parent ever!❤❤

  64. Trinikawai12

    omggggg the way stormi said: what are you doing mommy it litteraly meled my hearttttttt

  65. Pink Girl

    Love Stormy)))))

  66. Yilan Zhang

    I like how the video is actually "Grint Cupcakes with Stormi," not Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi sitting around.

  67. twin tube

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  68. Alexis Murgrat

    she is a woman and she does not carry the most important thing, which is pads or tampons or any other product. does she even get her period?

  69. Micaela S.

    omg she called poor in 1287 lenguages