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  1. The captain troll ✪

    0:42 ok but how can we see the front and back of the handlebars at the same time?

  2. em rifan


  3. vedant kale

    Amazing right!! The phone you silly 😂😂😂

  4. 우쓰

    I'm just curious about the her name or insta

    1. Ulhas Rathod

      Same man 🥲


    samsung s5 had blogger mood long time ago 🤣

  6. clear white

    Poor Samsung .

  7. Luciano Silva

    Imagens top demais 😍 Samsung 💤❤️

  8. اسيل اسيل

    ليش ياشركه سمسنج تستغلونه 😭😭😭🇮🇶🇮🇶🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷💫💫💫✨✨✨

  9. 우쓰

    아니 그냥 모델 이름이나 인서타 아이디좀 알려주세요..... 그게 궁금해여.....

  10. Shary Rosa

    Thanks you Army o you Army boy?

  11. Jester Natosha - Official channel

    13:10 can you make tiktok video with the sero?

  12. VAB

    Can't wait for Black Friday😍😂

  13. Anjalo Samarakoon

    I always choose samsung....and thats not even a doubt....

  14. Лида Егорова


  15. Andrew Billy

    What's her name?🤪

  16. 방탄 소년단

    One of the advertisements that were supposed to go around the world

  17. GalaxyBot _

    Ma dove sono in Italia queste pubblicità 😭

  18. Jahon Ismailov


  19. Allen Byrne

    This is why Taehyung is my favourite member of BTS ♡ ARMY ♡

  20. Souvik Mukherjee


  21. xXMica _KunXx

    A robar se A dicho

  22. shad ow

    She so great... I liked her

  23. Play Boi


  24. ARMY BTS

    بفضل كيم نامجون صرت قويه بفضل كيم سوك جين صرت احب شكلي بفضل مين يونقي صرت اواجه كارهيني بفضل جونغ هوسوك صرت احب الضحك بفضل بارك جيمين صرت احب الحياه بفضل كيم تاهيونغ صرت احب اكون اصدقاء بفضل جيون جونغكوك صرت غير انانيه بفضل بانتقان صرت احب نفسي بانتقان انتم القصه التي لااريد لها نهايه لولا بانتقان ل مات الجميع من كءابه الواقع ليتني استطيع الوصول اليك الان فلا شي يغير مزاجي غير عينيك اتمنى ان يحالفكم الحض دايما على كشلي جاهز في هده الحياه ولكن نحتاج الى الحض لذالك اتمنى ان يحالفكم الحض لايهم بعد المسافات بيننا فنحن مازلنا نتامل نفس القمر ارمي الارمي ليسو نهايه سعيده وانما هم بلا نهايه كل ما طال الزمن كثر المنال ارمي ان الحياه لازالت قصه ونحن ابطالها اسمهم بانتقان اسطوره هذه الزمن ونحن جيشهم في كل مكان عرفناهم منذ ٥ سنوات ٧ فتيان ضد الرصاص مقاومين رغم انوف الحاسدين قلت انا ارمي حب بانتقان يجري في دمي حتى لو كان العالم كله ضدي فانا ارمي اعشق التحدي معا سنمضى في مشوارنا الطويل ندعم ملوكنا الذين ليس لهم مثيل lam an ARMY

  25. Marian Cruțu

    I really like Director's View but IT'S A SHAME you made it exclusive for S21 Series.

    1. Echo

      @1ImCrzy when you post the conclusion of the essay but forget the rest

    2. 1ImCrzy

      Therefore, you need a extra Camera Chip build in the smartphone, so it isn't possible to bring this function in the S20 series and all other S-Series

  26. Joel Casas

    I love u long time !

  27. sadeel ALhalabi


  28. Party Quest


  29. Syasam Ranga

    Excellent phone.. i like Samsung Galaxy

  30. 15_ Alen Sony 11 E

    Better experiences with My Galaxy#

  31. LEIGH

    41 sec

  32. Majdi Hidmi

    Very great camera options

  33. Dhishan Dhahampriya


    1. Deneth Amaya


  34. ANSARI

    i want that galaxy s21 😁😁😁😁

    1. dragon

      I am

  35. Wajeeh Abbas

    Nice I like it

  36. Burnok magalpok

    Watching from my Nokia 3210😍😍😍😍😍

  37. khyati savseta


  38. Δημήτρη Μπατσελλάρι

    The best phone ever👍👍👍

  39. blackswanxjimin

    I love how Jin says rose gold like: roseu goldeu

  40. Ferid Memmedov


  41. Gaming Gangster

    SAMSUNG please launch S20 FE 5G in India 🙏🙏🙏🙂

  42. Michael Manuel

    Nice video! Now, give me free Samsung!

    1. Majdi Hidmi

      @Michael Manuel cause they don't do giveaway for their fans

    2. Michael Manuel

      @Majdi Hidmi why not?

    3. Majdi Hidmi


  43. Rosé

    a51 the most phone android 150 million people se this phone Thank yo samsng

  44. iDRUMMS

    So ugly. Copying the apple.

  45. MD mehedi Minhaj

    It's powerful than iPhone 12 pro max

  46. Homie Unknown

    I hate that cat mojo "a lot".

  47. Noni Syarifah

    Bts borahae..... Spesial Jungkook 💜💜💜💜1



  49. kameshwar singh

    S21 series is really designed in an innovative way!!! That's really superiour!!!

    1. Majdi Hidmi


  50. Ghimire Viizey

    Is these abailable in note 20 ultra

  51. Juan Carlos MedinX

    Most beatifull series😍

  52. Cool_NFSHX

    I love how Samsung never stops creating new creations 😘😘

  53. Mayrin Army

    WOW I want one ❤️

  54. DΛNIΞL'S Views

    Imagine watching 4 minutes later

  55. blackswanxjimin

    the fact this got 102 Million views only because it's a BTS ad thats what we call the power of ARMY and BTS

  56. Kan Son

    5 Motivations To Purchase S21 Ultra!

  57. keider vega

    S21 ultra fantástico

  58. كواليس اليوتيوبر

    number one

  59. Joseph Stevens

    This is absolutely terrible I would use this once that’s why I buy an Apple phone the iPhone they are amazing and good in every way not just good at one thing

    1. Majdi Hidmi

      @rag1457 no? I think samsung has more features they're well known for technology

    2. rag1457

      The Samsung has everything the apple has and more

    3. 1ImCrzy

      @Majdi Hidmi 👍😆

    4. Majdi Hidmi

      If you like apple phone why you're here it's samsung zone

  60. Manjitsingh1237 Manjit

    Now even have j7 prime but still Samsung is the best

    1. Majdi Hidmi

      Same comment again?😶 but yeah samsung is the best

  61. مهند احمد مهند احمد

    BTS Love am from in Iraq Love you BTS

    1. yeah

      Bruh there is no bts here..

  62. Vidupa Pathirana

    well that's a first

  63. Muth Muthu


  64. Aaryan neup

    I want

  65. Vidupa Pathirana


  66. Dr. terror

    Que legal

  67. Bảo Nguyễn

    yeah i feel like everything Samsung made is really nice and well-use

    1. Khandaker calvin


  68. Master RAS

    First so sub to me. Lol

  69. iron adam


    1. iron adam

      @Majdi Hidmi ok

    2. Majdi Hidmi

      You're not

  70. گلوويـے

    Wow 💜😮

  71. TXM


  72. King Kion Sus


  73. Daniel Yang

    국뽕 차오르네. 사고 싶다 4k 최상위 75인치 모델로..

  74. S.Z.Z Gaming

    Watching from my s21 ultra 😍😍😍😍

    1. 1ImCrzy

      @mlook should we open up a Galaxy-S9+-in-2021-Fanclub? Ps: I watch this video also on my s9+ =)

    2. Thunner Plays

      Can't relate lol

    3. mlook

      @Crazy dude Me too 😅

    4. Bruh

      Watching from my galaxy S20 FE 5G

    5. Abhinav Raj

      So Lucky

  75. Funny

    Nice girl 🥰

  76. ELİF 엘리프

    İ want

  77. Edin John


    1. Majdi Hidmi

      Nah you're not

  78. Anushka Sen

    Good luck bro ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌷