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Austin Evans
112 Harvard Avenue #49
Claremont, CA 91711


Presenter - Austin Evans
Production \u0026 Ops Lead - Kenneth Bolido
Producer - Matt Ansini
Editors - Jimmy Champane and Josh Blackey
Production \u0026 Color Specialist - Wesley Knapp

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    Austin using an obviously used pillow during a pandemic is wrong :/

  2. The 8-Bit Nerd

    What is this series now

  3. Ganesan G

    Austin should do a mystery tech with his dad. Now, that'd be rad.

  4. Troy Carter

    Keep it secret keep it safe with tiny ssds

  5. Nywildlife22

    this should be a yugioh channel now

  6. craig the brute

    Fruit punch sounds good right now

  7. Xmanant 03

    I love these videos! Super fun and Hilarious to watch! Makes my day and is super fun for People that are into Interested in Tech!

  8. Divlla

    Try Building The Ultimate Nintendo Switch

  9. Nas G.

    I like your t shirt

  10. Swoke

    Pillow did nun

  11. Nark of Mexico

    Comment 778

  12. Sergio Cuellar

    Lmaooo I have those

  13. Awesome Guy 321

    Can I remake the wii u

  14. Quinn Abrar Athallah Sentanu

    The next thing he know, he woke up locked in the office

  15. Awesome Guy 321

    Can I remake the wii u

  16. Neji Roblox

    Imiss ''MysteryTech'' HHAHAAHAHAH

  17. Luke Cobby

    This channels changed since the early days, not to my taste anymore. Not your fault, Austin. Unsubscribing.

  18. yambo59

    WTH kind of tech video is this.....


    You're walking in the woods There's no one around and your phone is dead Out of the corner of your eye you spot him: "Hey guys, this is Austin"

  20. sj

    Nice drip Austin 🤣👌

  21. Michael Dvoracek

    Time for Mystery Tech! Here's a pillow, a gyroscope, and some yugioh cards...

  22. Levi McRacker

    Austin rocking the Logic merch

  23. mike azzopardi

    I’m getting a new computer do you have any to reckoned for vr and portable options

  24. Jolan Rensen

    That pillow company should sponsor ASMRtists for sure

  25. Jimmy Huynh

    How could you do that to the most best dragon to play 🥺 and I love Kaiba

  26. sevag ghazarian

    Wevel is a b

  27. Alex Kravchenko

    “Go to your local micro center” me: 2000 miles away from nearest micro center 😐


    Sooo... we are not gonna say anything about the fact the he wears a Logic t-shirt and almost looks exactly like Logic? Nop??

  29. Kid flash 2001

    Nice video

  30. Zeptre

    Repping that wonderful logic merch I see

  31. Ninja JE

    Nice Video Austin.

  32. Yolanda Farmer

    The rude withdrawal phongsaly admit because view italy attend with a loud bulldozer. imaginary, scary bonsai

  33. Made

    Omg I got a wish ad in vid lol

  34. Vishal Kalicharan

    New mystery tech every Saturday?

  35. Nickwrld!

    I see ken with the AirPod Max 😤😤

  36. Pablinski Tejero

    BEHOLD!! THE POWER OF PHYSICS!!!... in this toy :v

  37. OneHandedGamer

    Matt is wrong we don’t wanna see a Yu-Gi-Oh session we want to see gyroscope session instead 😝

  38. Ali Khan

    What ps5 game is he playin in the end ?

  39. adri

    logic youtuber

  40. Yessir Owen

    bro i love the logic shirt

  41. OneHandedGamer

    If I may be honest the camera guy messed it up because I was not bored n wanted to see more of the gyroscope n I bet many ppl wanted to see more of it..y’all gotta start to listen to Ken when he talks because theirs times that we do wanna see more 😂

  42. Cynovis

    Remember when Austin asked how much it costed and flip out

  43. Space man

  44. FridayBeats

    Nice seeing Logic wearing his own merch

  45. EternalXVII

    I died inside when he ripped the card

  46. Anua Anua

    I wanna know where ken buys his clothes/shirts

  47. Jason Yu

    He stop saying hey guys this is Austin since February 25 2020 :(

  48. Tryker

    The editing is amazing 👍🏼

  49. Aryan Chanda

    PIKACHU wants to do more fun things together.

  50. priya Karthik

    How much does this cost?

  51. Dan Dice

    Summoning an Exodia part on the field, bad move

  52. Butt bluberry


  53. Goostofuson

    can you please do the ultimate Wii

  54. hotpink 762

    I like the gyroscope.

  55. steven king

    no thermal paste between cpu and cpu cooler ?

  56. Yaahya_


  57. Joltin131

    when he ripped the blue eyes my child hood soul died a little


    There was NOT a lot of subscription following this video.

  59. David Sitter

    Austin is a cartoon character confirmed.

  60. Yousef Tatwani

    finally a time Austin liked mystery tech

  61. Ahmad on YT

    Why would you need that

  62. start game

    I cant stop repeating the intro

  63. Evan Pierce

    This for real was one of the most fun mystery techs ever and now I just tried ordering the statuses

  64. ONEzeroONE

    Ken revolutionised "the smacking the console or pc" method

  65. Alex Burns

    Love the shirt :)

  66. Nathan Machane

    6:03 Everywhere I look I see his face (I'm referring to the multiple ads for it I've seen in the past hour)

  67. MadGamer 506

    Is he water boating the pillow 🤣

  68. sageverd

    you never showed the best tcg...aka magic the gathering...the rest are like playing on a pentium 4 compared to a was fun back in the day, but now, its just outdated and doesent compare to a true TCG.

  69. Hi Im Ty

    Ken with the subtle flex 🎧😂

  70. metro Ecco

    bruh the list master only got away with a 3070 for working for free n giving them there money. shouldve gotten the 3090 but sucks.. me: finally getting my prebuilt pc wit a 3070 vision edition!!!

  71. El Angel

    You should you the folder phone for a month and record a review a month after

  72. Mei Zhang

    I have a asus fx506l and the screens broken and I got it months ago

  73. ThinkItsAGame -_-

    When he sniffed that pillow i felt all them germs go up that nose 🤣🤣🤣

  74. Jayden Rollock

    is it me or is the most notable thing in this video is their teeth

  75. Thomas Cheek

    I’m 13 and more mature than you

  76. Philip Williams

    Ken that's 1 more than Austin😂

  77. Newt

    I miss the "Hey guys, this is Austin" intro

  78. asaf the king 81

    No pressure merch ayyy respect

  79. MZ Haha

    Mystery tech is what is what’s keeping us all entertained during corona

  80. Geniunelyidunno

    I like the no pressure shirt