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  1. Aimee Smith

    Snowbaz :)

  2. mr Smith

    epitome of successful culture vulture

  3. mr Smith

    i wanna start a fight??? very positive lyrics what a role model

  4. freya noxs

    I have personal story related to this song.

  5. Claudia S.

    so sweeet


    Let’s see how many people are here watching in 2021

  7. x_davina.michelle_fp

    watching this in 2021 and still my favoritee!!💗😍😍

  8. Joaquin MartineZ

    i dont have words to describe how beautiful this son is... jesus christ. she is amazing, and this song deserve to be in the high^^

  9. Joemar Acero

    i love song.. plsss asa nkapink ihope magkita ta pink

  10. jonathan Geronimo

    Los mejores tiempos 😞

  11. Brittany Eversole

    Is nobody gonna address Lele just chillin in the bottom corner boppin to her hearts content?

  12. evi patrisia

    My x leave me 5 years ago when I was pregnant, now my little princess already 4 years old. I fight for her, I do everything. When I heard this song....I cry alot. Thanks pink and Willow's, your song really help me to healing.

  13. Mas Abdul

    One of the best song

  14. Canal meninex By Aline

    2021 ❤️

  15. Cecilia Ramírez

    Cuanta razón en una sola obra de arte. Hay líneas que te llegan a lo más profundo del alma, Erizan la piel. I love that.

  16. jorge alexander gomez


  17. Armane Aluna Catipay

    I remember my childhood days.

  18. Kiệt Nguyễn


  19. Thomas Raszkoweckyj

    Miss you :'( Great song

  20. 최명덕

    UsA Love you 🤗🤗🤗

  21. 최명덕

    넘 멋져요 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  22. 최명덕

    I am korea 🤗🤗🤗

  23. Claudia jhjhjjhj

    I wish she would have done a song like this with Mr Trump.

  24. Jovan Radic

    Pink 👍👍👍 Song 👏 Video ❤🌹😘😘

  25. So Sparkly

    Willow is so gorgeous!!

  26. Vanessa Maitz

    Still here in 2021 and i love pink so much ❤️ this song is sooo good

  27. Nick Bell

    Kerry Dawn Anderson. Lol

  28. Denise Zufelt

    Wait it gets a better vidio

  29. Denise Zufelt

    Yup nope luv her new stuff

  30. Denise Zufelt

    This wasn’t so great

  31. Mateus jubileu

    I don't even know that I needed this song But I NEEDED

  32. Tigist G

    Feb 2021?

  33. Garcia vuangui


  34. Competidores Opcar

    I loved Pink 2021

  35. Kristian Kožić

    *Bad bitch mode on*

  36. Ms Kelly V Gribben

    I love this gal

  37. Kevin Beaulieu

    "The world's been spinnin since the beginnin and everything's gonna be alright" Really makes you think 🤔

  38. Maureen Hope

    It feels so nostalgic listening to this ❤️✨

  39. Katerina Papa

    Loved it! Your songs really touching everytime my soul .

  40. devendri pillay

    This is just so beautiful💕

  41. Jo bob

    This lady is just fantastic at everything and willow is going to shine through life just like mum does what an amazing leading to follow xx beautiful song from both xx

  42. Angel Marak

    ✌️gotta fine a true love right now

  43. Sarah '93

    Awwwe bless.

  44. Iris Welvaart

    What a great daughter! I love this! The video brings back memories of beautiful holidays in the mountains. ❤

  45. Jesther Gauani

    I heard this music everytime my neighbor turn on his radio before. I liked the music not the message since I cannot understand the message. I was young that time . Now that I am 23, I love listening this music.

  46. Cinti

    Thank you, Pink. ♥️

  47. Ikke Voer altij


  48. paramoregirl0788

    I am in love with this song.. so beautiful.. well done ladies 🥰🥰😍

  49. jz Hz

    Too many bad friends can do this to you.🤮😤

  50. Philip Eagles


  51. Alex Brannen

    Thanks for creating such a lovely song ❤

  52. Christ Tan

    2020 whats going on? 2021 whats up😂

  53. Christ Tan

    2020 whats going on? 2021 whats up😂

  54. Timolucas

    Pink...more than 20 years on top of the music industry


    I love this song🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍

  56. tomfooleryx517x

    Pink is fuckin perfect..

  57. Kat Rose

    Miss you Ma. Im so sorry for all the shitty ass fights. I wish you didn't leave me.

  58. Yessika Andriani

    It's the best song. Pure and soothing. Thank you very much :)

  59. Kat Rose

    When I first heard this song it reminded me of a bad breakup and if or when I ever had that this would be THAT song. But since I've lost my Mom who LOVED Pink... this hits so much harder... Love you Ma. I won't forget you my friend ❤

  60. VeronicaVideo


  61. tomfooleryx517x

    Pink is so much more than a pop star.. her music has meaning..

  62. Monse Jimenez

    Esto es eletrisistas de alto voltaje?

  63. StarFire

    Buying March elite pass in free fire just because of my love for this video.

  64. Yoko Miki

    Omg I'm old

  65. Nigel Notté

    I ❤ This Song!

  66. X. S.

    Schön und beruhigend zu sehen das es auch in Hollywood Kinder gibt die normal aufwachsen! Ohne all den Glamour Scheiß.. Aber ich habe nichts anderes von Dir erwartet. Danke Pink!

  67. Leonie Seitz

    My Mum love u !!!!!!🥰♥️

  68. Leonie Seitz


  69. Joanna Callaghan


  70. danni vallone

    pink, ich liebe dich.

  71. danni vallone

    Dada................. :-)

  72. Karabo Poopedi


  73. Karabo Poopedi

    My Pretoria vibe...

  74. GronkMusic

    This is a deep video.

  75. Дмитрий Малюкевич

    I love this song forever pink you are number one,best of the best,Russia with you forever

  76. evangeline-skye Alexiou

    My mum met her in harrods she was the sweetest, I love p!nk

  77. marcuslcantu

    I just love watching Pink and her daughter Willow having mommy and daughter time! It’s so beautiful!🥰

  78. Kristi Campillo

    Beautiful. God bless.

  79. Joel Rosas Moya


  80. L Unik

    Just that kitchen dance scene