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  1. C C

    Get rid of the "toilet" and replace it with a mom for the shit bucket. Perfect

  2. LukCPL

    This card suck ass, and comparing it to 1060 is just stupid af, this whole review made me facepalm extra hard :/

  3. Ludwig Lilienström

    As a Swedish person one of the best things in life is hearing people saying Ikea names. It's so funny😆.

  4. 432Hz XXXTENTACION songs

    Linus must have servers build for bots to buy a product in 0,1 second

  5. Aryan Prince

    where does the actual video start? i keep skipping around but it’s all just an ad.

  6. Bernhard Flokstra

    Maybe do a similar video on win ME🙄😜

  7. Yumn Jame

    This video really tells linus's age.

  8. robert4you

    And this is how the Western world gets fatter and fatter...

  9. Oleksandr Senyshyn

    Next video go shopping in this and capture the reaction

  10. TheLonelyMoon

    "banned for recognizing taiwan and tibet as independent countries" how butthurt are their fragile ego?

  11. MyNamesNoah

    Wait, did he end up retiring?

  12. erock steady

    two twins on a pull-out bed..? lol REALLY? lol welp i suppose irony is getting knocked up - on a puil-out bed!

  13. Kim Jonasson

    wow u chat to much the builds taking forever hahahah lmao saying "it wont be taking an hour this time" 30minutes in finally placing the MB into the case 35minutes in putting the first screw to hold the MB haha... tho i still watch ur vids cuz i still love them

  14. MakeSh00t

    You can dish wash... keyboard.. with soap FINISH is best.. I put 4 tablets 1st 60C quick, after 50C washing 2 tablets.. Than only soap i use at 3rd time washing 70c, after that QUICK wash AGAIN 60c than again longer was70C with out soap and tablets...... After 1.50 minutes i take it out... drain the water out... and leave it in warm place For 8 hours turning 4 times keyboard in all ways. After Take WD-40 spray as much as you can..If you do not use WD-40 your keyboard will have corrosion... Simple... electronic will die sooner or later. Do not leave 1 day alone with out wd-40 Mechanical keyboard will get corrosion and it is over ... After 4 hours... WD is already stacked on electronic. Put in oven for 10 minutes 50c... After go for 75c.. 5 minutes.. Than for 100c 5 minutes.. TURN IT OFF... Than wait 4 hours top 5 hours MAX. DO not take out keyboard at all.. just wait 4 -5 hours. Yes i had mechanical problems u can not clean inside never.. With out soup your keyboard is not clean. With out that process, still keyboard will not work. Yes WD-40 will smell as hell.. because it is doing chemical process. After 5 hours turn it back to 100C for 12 -15 Minutes ... than Put after to 75C for 2 minutes and Turned it off.... and wait 14 hours - 16 hours... When you take it out from the oven.... Yes do not forget to remove all keys before you start the process....IT is hard but it takes focus and time. Yes i am computer expert anyway. Keyboard move with your hands in all way to get some WD-40 moved on all keys then turn it for 90-o and hold The WD-40 will start leaking turning again 90-o and wait.. and again... and wait.. when it stops to leak it is fine.. Put it back to table for next day to stand like 8 hours.... And then clean complete outside corners and under.. put keys back. and clean it again.. start to press every single keys multiple times.. more often than you think.. more you press better response will happen less problems.. Yes it takes time.. Why i saying this... I had problems with all keys Cleaning with water not enough.. Yes what was the keys... Back space and u the biggest problems.. back space deleting more than 1 letter,, U never works, G Enter missing sometimes light, space does not register... most keys do not register, 1st press key missing already or U press A it registers 0 and after 2 or 3 letter A i get... back space deletes 3A and another to... than i go FOR CLEANING METHOD.. Simple use logic and brain.... they never say about WD-40... Yes my Keyboard problems was with... Asus Keyboard Strix Tactic Pro Brown Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Switch Retail, HyperX Introduces ALLOY Gaming Keyboard Solid Steel Frame, Minimalistic Compact Design Ideal for FPS Gamers Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Key Switches HyperX Red Backlit Keys with Dynamic Lighting Effects... more problems than any keyboard in the world.. Now it works as new. Response time is better than it can be. No double keys anymore no missing keys... any more light on Enter is turned back on. Oven WD DISH WASHER will make your keyboard as new. Do not throw money for new ones all Mechanical keyboards have problem... The best is today Optical keyboards it have best response time and 0 problem keys like mechanical have only problems no matter what kind of mechanical you buy. Imagine how you know your keyboard is bad.. ? Have another for 10 euros at home just switch it... and you gonna notice 10 euros keyboard works better.. So it is time to clean it. WD-40 works With motherboard GPU keyboard Cars electronic... etc.

  15. GabeCrushesVR

    this looks so cool, man I wish I had that new xbox I love my pc so much and I sold my xbox one and switch to get an index but, but, but, I'm a console plebian at heart, and I'm proud. Sry linus, I love pc more but like that new xbox, I need a side chick

  16. Aayush Lamichhane

    Yo, Linus Threadripper would be nice here ??

  17. BraJan27

    Why do They Use Windows vista

  18. richarocks

    Linus basically just did a naruto run 6:20-6:22

  19. Olivier vdB

    Why would you use a coffee machine instead of a watercooker tho

  20. Elio Rose

    Guarantee you can make this out of scrap wood from a home improvement store and old dresser sliding rails for less than half that price lol...pretty sick though.

  21. strongocho

    Can I buy this with Bitcoin?

  22. Lynxro

    Mom, Dad Can i get a gaming house?

  23. art_antiques roblox

    I still have a 2013 MacBook Air and it does me well.

  24. Lynxro

    I dont know Wut do budget is my pc that i just built *I5-9400f *gtx1050 *Xigmatek Trio Case *GameMAx 80plus bronze vp600 psu *1tb HDD *16GB 2666mhz Kingston RAM *Gigabyte h310m A2.0 Motherboard

  25. 3V0

    Honestly, it was all amazon and online stores that killed frys

  26. freakaefari

    Editor: hi

  27. Nikko Logdat

    Is that dragon balls?

  28. Redux FPV

    "Diamond hands gamers" holding GME?

  29. hazim alalwani

    Again, iam poor

  30. Dirt Mike

    my local fry's had no new inventory for the last two years ... the store was almost completely empty... a huge store that had more employees than they had customers... it was sad to see

  31. kickezer

    Just as i took a bite of my brownie, linus points right at my face and says "YOU with the 1060"... as I'm watching this on a 1060 waiting for the 3070 to get in stock...

  32. the smashed keyboard name

    Meanwhile in my country: *200mb*

  33. Cru Niscavits

    except all the mice are ugly

  34. Lasky Labs

    Apple has been focusing on H.246 since the iPod, they knew it was worth investing in for sure.

  35. Phanendar BN

    I have a simple trick to solve your problems with Fingerprint reader. I registered the same fore finger twice (as two different fingers in Windows). Once scanning the very tip of my fore finger and the second time a little below the very tip (with a lot of over lap ofcourse). While scanning the same finger a second time, windows sometimes rejects the scan saying "Its too similar to another finger that I scanned" in which case I move my finger a couple of milli meters down and start again. After about 3 attempts I got the same fore finger scanned into the Windows system as two different fingers. Now my Zephyrus G14 login is flawless. It succeeds every time without any hitch.

  36. SportbikerNZ

    The Chinese governmental system = the gang with all the guns keeps all the power. "People, we command you to be happy and content and respectfully remember you cannot remove us."

  37. Layal Alawi

    5:04 Haha, good one!

  38. Oneandonlyagust

    The Yoko body pillow

  39. i love my papa

    Chinese government is a trash.

  40. Mazen Taweel

    Editor hi >!? 404 editor not found lol

  41. Jordyn Young

    Hmm, my method is to use a raspberry pi zero as a mini-server that can trigger commands to ahk on my pc, £10 per pi plus like £10 for a cheap keyboard (mostly i just use old keyboards) and you can get a system running with unlimited keyboards for £20 per keyboard at most

  42. NovaTheUnoriginal

    When is the ltt steath hoodie coming back in stock?

  43. UncleHexi

    Hello, I'm Michael from Poland and I don't know why the f#ck youtube recommended me this.

  44. Xviour爱

    should i buy this 3060 or should i wait ?

  45. Shahriar Tanvir

    just had to buy gtx 1660 super for 339euros last month :)

  46. Privat Ebenfalls Privat

    I request the golden xbox controller video to be released already!

  47. joey


  48. Daksh Malhotra

    How much money does Vizio have at the disposal of their marketing department, seeing that they're not a very well known name.

  49. kungmat

    Those guidelines shown half way through the videos, why do they mix numerals, Roman numerals and letters from the alphabet????

  50. Rishabh Rawat

    Wake up peeps, under screen cameras are a thing now

  51. Doctor Pex

    This wideo is banned in China

  52. XzTS

    The editing of all the graphical overlays are sending me xD

  53. GriWard

    Holy shit I have this bed

  54. balance cassin

    The elderly push hepatosplenomegaly skip because authority preoperatively squeak per a aback burn. dirty, broad sunshine

  55. Silver Shine

    Dont pretent you dont want the pillow linus

  56. Zachery Santa

    I mixed my memory, rocking 24GB it's only at 2400mhz though.

  57. Omar the Atheist Aziz

    10:53 you look like a pakistani guy

  58. atomiclemon77

    Eating in bed, surely a big no no.

  59. Rannon

    10:10 Looks/sounds to me like he's read up on building computers but doesn't really have much real experience building one (and apparently didn't read the specific manuals). 11:45 In other words, more optimal isn't always feasible! :D 12:18 Hey, that's what I did with my build! :D But in my case it was because I changed the brackets(?) on the CPU cold-plate to the AMD one and the plastic cover only fit well with the Intel bracket so it fell off at the worst possible time and smeared all over. I'm really happy I'd already bought a tube of thermal case as a precaution. 13:59 Reminds me of an acquaintance who doesn't know what's important so he reads out everything (when I help him with PC stuff), better than the opposite but it can get tiring. 15:08 Yes, very, very frustrating!

  60. MlgWattPlays

    WHAT IS THIS!!! THE VIDEO IS THE SAME LENGTH AS "NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers."!!

  61. Makoto Yuki

    9:55 this moment is cursed

  62. Saleem Halawani

    i like that this is fake bc he has a smart watcsh

  63. XzTS

    3:38 - 3:39 -Best edit- Y E E T

  64. Batterie Faible

    Thid gpu has more video ram than my PC has hard drive storage

  65. Walid Khan

    You need balls to talk to big corporates like you did Linus. Kudos to you. Then you casually segued into the Mascaped sponsor message. Was that intentional?

  66. Da Maurer Jonas

    i would just throw the internet in the garbage rn just to be allowed to meet other people. Luv u covid

  67. gaboversta 2.

    And here is me with three monitors with different aspect ratios, refresh rates, resolutions and connectors

  68. Aeron Farax

    It should be LAW that after NVIDIA ends support they instantly release firmware signing code to public so users could continue card life. At least AMD has edge on here. People please push it more that driver signing would be removed after eol or even better, NVIDIA stops usng signing altogether and then is same open as AMD.

  69. Taurine YT

    Basically we can cannot use it

  70. jahejsa

    had to dislike cause of the thumbnail Make good content - dont click bait

  71. Taaaangerine

    Psychiatrist: Don't worry, Linus, Madison isn't in this video. Madison:

  72. LimeGreenWithAnA

    I have a 3060TI and don't crypto mine. Should I be?

  73. Zachery Santa

    That source SDK mod is actually a GTA 5 roleplay mod.

  74. MikeyV

    Everyone who knows that that body pillow is from Gurren lagann, fans are in love.

  75. Muhammed Hassan Irshad

    Doesn't she look like a female teen version of elon musk?