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  1. Hongjoongwooyoung Nae haneuri

    me watching this at 2021 and despite of being a new fan, it brought me tears, OT7 still!!

  2. Gruzzifer Flavia

    When you're tired of not being heard, when you're tired of being misunderstood, when you're tired of not being good enough, I.M's GOD DAMN will comfort you. It will make you feel listened to. It will make you feel like you belong. It will make you feel at home.

  3. gabriela 86

    Todos los días escuchando este temazo ♡

  4. hannah

    heyyy im backkkk

  5. Inah Loise Gallo

    Wtf i found this song after idk. I've been searching it for ages. I searched first "neko ya neko ya" but i got nothing 😂

  6. Sofea Minha


  7. Iae

    they make it look so easy but this is so hard to execute. You have to sustain the power and the energy all throughout the choreo and that's freakin hard.

  8. Sharyl Lyka V. Montaño

    i miss ot13 so much

  9. Antonia V.

    I miss kiki :(

  10. Fk Kp


  11. Fk Kp


  12. 임로라

    이젠 더 높이 더 멀리~~ 나르자^^♡♡♡

  13. gabriela 86

    Tan lindo Joohoney ♡♡♡

  14. Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H

    although it wasn't supportive from the start, I was here to the end.

  15. gabriela 86

    Imposible dejar de pasar por acá y admirar la belleza y el talento de Joohoney ♡

  16. Agnė Čibirkaitė


  17. Iae

    we're so close to 40M

  18. Norma Nurmala

    Ya allah shownu😍

  19. 456 Iiiil


  20. andi hola

    he is such a good rapper😭

  21. Aru Rakh

    okayyyyy kingggg

  22. gabriela 86

    ♡ Joohoney ♡

  23. Iae

    who's still spinning?

  24. MonWenee

    one of my fav songs of Monsta X... LOVE IT

  25. Lenora Nabila

    As always, i just can't stop looking at kihyun☺️

  26. _springkook _

    0:39 is my fav shot and moment in this mv

  27. Merve Gülmarul

    ⓡⓔⓐⓒⓣⓘⓞⓝⓢ 0:13 ( clap ) 0:17 (ığğaa) 0:28 (sshhh) 0:31 (upsi) 0:35 ( oh noo ) 0:37 ( cool) 0:41 (pussh) 0:42 (slipping) 1:00 ( punch man 👊 ) 1:02 (slipping x2) 1:05 ( ya ya ) 1:13 ( look him eyes) 1:26 (sshhh x2) 1:31 ( rare ) 1:44 (upsi) 1:49 (push) 2:00 (punch man 👊 ) 2:10 (UwU) 2:25 (cool x2) 2:33 (UwU) 2:36 (🤙) 2:47 (gun !) 3:04 ( JOKER ıs here !!)

  28. Monsta X no Monster X

    Para wonho y monsta x en adenlante :')

  29. Monsta X no Monster X

    Recolenten v5tos

  30. gabriela 86


  31. Monsta X no Monster X

    Vengo de ver clips del poderosisimo MC Minhyuk:)

  32. cøde 01


  33. monstaxmbb

    I miss kihyun's messages on fc and universe :(

    1. Iae

      same, but we must endure we know that they're just biding their time. T_T

  34. IU Jjang

    2021 anyone?

  35. monstaxmbb

    my baby kihyun

  36. monstaxmbb


  37. Christine Silalahi


  38. Ysmn Altnby

    Az kaldı az

  39. 마이빅리타_예삐

    수록곡 좋은거 엄청많은데 수록곡 안무영상 종종 이렇게 올려줘요 스타쉽ㅜㅜㅜ 애들 너무 이쁘고 귀엽당

  40. Ohmykyuness Kkukkungie

    Slow but steady. We'll get to 3M

  41. alfiramandha17

    Otw 15M !!!

  42. Atena j.N


  43. alfiramandha17

    Let's focus on BATR and Cloud 9~

  44. 쭈님

    내좌표 0:14 0:36 1:27

  45. v. ch

    Love is Kihyun

  46. I only stan talented groups

    Happy 290k likes and 80k comments!!!

  47. I only stan talented groups

    Ohhh so we will focus on BATR and Cloud9 first? Okizzz lezgooo

    1. I only stan talented groups

      And My Turn ofcourse

  48. MX SG


  49. I only stan talented groups

    Just came here rn and wow 15M good job Luvitys!!!! Congratulations!

  50. 소연

    오빠 나 또 왔어...

  51. MX SG


  52. MX SG

    Go to 3M monbebe

  53. MX SG


  54. MX SG


  55. Suheill Santaella

    Okay... I.M is my bias now!!!

  56. MX SG

    It goes like bang

  57. Hello there!!!

    Cer bagi idea nak komen apa ni wkwkwkwk

  58. MX SG


  59. MX SG

    Let's Go

  60. JGM 00

    Jungmo <33

  61. MX SG

    So close to 41M monbebe

  62. MX SG


  63. MX SG


  64. MX SG

    Tenemos que sobrepasar 200k comentarios monbebe, fighting <3

  65. MX SG

    Beautiful Love killa love killa

  66. MX SG

    186k comments <3

  67. MX SG

    Have a good day monbebe ♡

  68. Tuğba Şahin

    Tüm zicolu hesplarım spmlı glb delirmek

  69. Lilli

    the strongest main vocal in this world!! i stan pure talent <3

  70. Tuğba Şahin

    Arada aklıma düşüyo bu şarkı valla dinlemesem olmaz rndm

  71. Zakia Dany

    This party is depressing as hell

  72. Gruzzifer Flavia

    I'm absolutely whipped. Every time I watch this MV I get struck by how every single detail portrays I.M's own uniqueness. His moves, his gazes, his voice, his mysteriousness...

  73. Jiyong Chy

    This song gives me goosebumps.

  74. Estefany AL


  75. heavenlymars

    I’m crying this is so adorable

  76. Booger Boots

    WHERS THE COMEBACK STARSHIP???? It’s been almost a year 😡

  77. janabear

    so many people but feels like ‘smoky’ keeps me company - thank u.

  78. sami

    I honestly love this boy so much. I'm so glad I came across this cover, I literally use it every time I have a migraine or feel anxious or sad. It helps me a lot, his voice is that powerful. I am so thankful for his existence ( the whole group itself ). tysm for everything ❤

  79. mx !!

    Best gift for wonho birthday is appreciate his album and his work by making him win😌

    1. Monsta X no Monster X

      Si, el debe recibir su primer premio. Recolenten v4tos para la masiva

  80. Rin

    this mv makes me feel so many things, but most of all there's something just so heartwrenching about it.....