Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.


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  1. Golden Apple140

    “Fuck dem kids!” - Sean 2021

  2. GoldKnightProduction

    Mad Rat Dead when?

  3. Sully2D

    been waiting for this one

  4. Pramp Tornt

    I had a magic mesh and the magnets fell off like a stupid garbage scam

  5. EmptySora_

    Hey! That manager, Sean, and Nugget have the same voice actor! Small world we live in, haha!

  6. Javon Austin


  7. Sea Crescent

    24:19 Why'd he say it like that? Lol

  8. cheesecake

    i really needed this opening, it gave me the best laugh of my weekend so far. thanks, seán 😭🤣

  9. Tastier jungle 46

    Dutlniv tioogattlyg

  10. Awesome 1

    Not the best rap I've heard lol ,but he seems like he's genuinely having fun.

  11. jeremy


  12. infamousxcamel

    Nice knees @jacksepticeye

  13. Kevin Mitchell

    OST on Spotify and Apple Music.

  14. Bobbie Vogt

    Poor Seán

  15. Viole Grace

    This is god damn Stepmania with characters and weird singing instead of songs 😂😂 and a tutorial

  16. Asmodeus Mictian

    Fuckin' 1.7mil views in 2 days.... Good grief man.

  17. Thin man

    I thought for a second it was a music video but then I realize...

  18. Dk-tor 66

    Tac glasses are actually not bad my dad got one and they truely work

  19. Byron C

    I'm cutting onions and making a salad while watching this

  20. Teenage Gamer

    Why does Ronnie look like a deepfake...?

  21. Henlomi

    That intro got me-

  22. Double C Studios

    Jack i hope you get though this. Why i may not understand the exact pain, i still get your in a lot of pain. And to anyone who made fun of jacks dad dying, i used to be like you. I made fun of George Floyd's death. Then my friends put me in my place. If you make fun of someones lose, you need to get your fucking life together. Realise that what your doing is wrong, and that you need to find the source of why your doing this. Why your causing people pain. Mine was the possible splitting of my parents, yours may be something different or similar. Still, find you fucking problem and get your life together before it costed you. Karma exist. Dont screw yourself over.

  23. Buster PW


  24. Danni McLean

    Lol liked the song buttt up down left right faster and faster lol

  25. 겜펭

    어... 네 안녕하세요...?

  26. Noah Seratte

    Felix should play this...

  27. Arthur Colosky

    Jack I SUCK more then you at these tip of games more then you Jack... SO live it up!!!

  28. Kelsey Smith

    Only 20 seconds in and I just got my daily dose of serotonin

  29. Dessu

    Can we have that intro in every intro

  30. Lucid Gaming Etc

    I never seen jack rap before this is fucking golden

  31. Cara Nguyen

    I was embarrassingly quick to click on this video. JSE Funniest Home Videos is my favorite part of the channel these days! Thank you for continuing it!!! Makes my day every time. <3

  32. kai killer

    Nice bars

  33. Alannah Rodriquez

    Loooove it

  34. some dude

    Its a suprise tool that will help us later

  35. kai killer


  36. Yinan Ali

    Jack walked so Eminem could run

  37. Aaron Poko'mon

    I want full length jack Raps now

  38. Jasperlinux

    52:20 ok but have you ever smelled burning flesh? Like if you burn your hand on something really bad? Smells terrible, that's hella hardcore 6 lmao

  39. Amy Sanders

    You should play don't feed the monkeys it's by the same people as papers please ^_^ Also you probably won't see this but if you do you're awesome <3

  40. Saphirecat322 Isme.s

    He’s a teenage boy but Sean thinks he’s a little girl

  41. Dragoon 5672

    Fun fact; I just watched Drew Gooden review bad DEfastsr music, and this video was recommended afterwards. This is an example of GOOD DEfastsr music

  42. monkey man

    Top 5 rappers eminem was too afraid to diss: 1. Jacksepticeye

  43. Noah Seratte


  44. BrownBarbiee

    I kneeeeeeew Coryxkenshin had something to do with it, I felt it.... ❤️✌️

  45. kai

    why he kinda eat

  46. Gamer God

    What a legend

  47. Maxwell Minard

    That rap made me subscribe... Wow!

  48. Shayla

    jack you got SO irish oh my god

  49. Dan Dude


  50. Kemma _

    Cory moment

  51. Sandygirl 8

    i feel violated

  52. Chronicles of Laura

    Well this just reminds me of Bust a Groove, of which I was a master at

  53. TheShinyUmbreon23

    No... your dad...

  54. ThatOtherFinn

    POV: you keep seeing why you screaming nerd comments

  55. Ya boi Dark

    At 14:48 I was playing red dead 2 and I was in the woods at night hunting a deer and I panicked because I thought that someone died and I didn’t cause it for once

  56. Sageknot

    honestly, this video had too much editing in it.

  57. Skylander sly Autobots

    Surprise m*********r 💥 ohhh 9:30

  58. Dumbz Dood

    wait im confused a massive pinch of salt what does that mean is the pinch massive or is it like smaller than a grain of salt

  59. Shisui Uchiha

    Song on Spotify please

  60. Gifted

    These are random marks of videos 16:28 21:14 8:53

  61. An Hero Girl

    Nice Rap Jack

  62. Jojogrrness

    I'd fail miserably at this... My brain lags too much for rhythm games.

  63. Ashley Hensley

    16:26 Jack....have kids trust me that's normal

  64. sxnbu


  65. boop

    Somebody’s been watching some Cory

  66. Mintyy

    Jack : Plays this game Me : It was all because of the 2 roblox games called Basically FNF and Friday Night Funk

  67. Mason Hill

    You should play all the God of War games before ragnarok comes out

  68. Sid dog

    Actually buy some of the products and do a video of testing them!!!!

  69. Paxyn Gaitens

    Who thinks that Sean (jack) sounds like Sean (Red dead redemption2)

  70. mr guy

    A mandoline?

  71. Pierce_08

    that rap was like better than 90 percent of actual rap songs

  72. Dark Tails

    I playd it too jack

  73. sorborn

    “He also smells a lot like spiders” Me: wait, spiders smell?

  74. Dave Cabaron


  75. foolishototo

    For anyone playing themselves. The offset on this game is off. You need to hit the note slightly faster to land a "Sick" and prevent missing notes you are actually getting.

  76. Jion Jesk

    How long did it take to make that intro? Its weird seeing you play this game. I don't know why, but you just didn't seem like you'd be good at rhythm games and that seems to be the case. I love playing rhythm games. I mainly play mobile though like Dynamix, Phigros, Cytus I, II, and Voez. Then its just this game, Osu, and the Super Crazy Guitar Maniac flash games on laptop. I love DDR, but am really bad at it and have of course rarely gotten the chance to play since you have to go to an arcade to play it. Theres videos of this Shuffle Stardom dance game and it looks SO EPIC. Wish I could try it.

  77. Educatedh20

    Jack, I suggest playing the up and right arrow and A and S key. It might take awhile to get used to but it makes the game easier :)

  78. Jamie

    You need to SHUT UP every once in a while. youre too loud

  79. Cisco520

    I fucking love this man 😭😭

  80. CC F

    Omg!! It’s back ❤︎