My name is Jay and I just want to have fun being dumb

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  1. NastyLilRod 023

    Jay:I'm straight Also Jay: 3:04

  2. The Twilight Hollow Nursery

    5:42 omg I love how happy he is 😆

  3. ShayShay Oof

    I got a Discord ad. and I have Dhar Mann in the what to watch next...

  4. Bumble_ Bee

    'round of aplause for other Lily. She killed the kid

  5. David Brooks

    That is bs

  6. The Twilight Hollow Nursery

    Dude whoever’s voice krabing mr. Pabs 🙄✋🏻

  7. Ace Mace


  8. David Brooks

    Hey Jay got 69 perfect accurate

  9. Edgar lauro

    how to download yandere simuletor? plsss"😭😭

  10. Skid

    Comment of support is E

  11. Edgar lauro

    am...can you help me?

  12. Celeste

    day 4 of asking jay to play little nightmares 2

  13. David Brooks

    When Jay says I am done playing games me who already watched the vid are sure about that

  14. random person

    5:48 "cehck"

  15. Skelli Games

    I like how the first animation has the call of duty zombie theme playing in the background

  16. Yeetykay9 Gaming

    Riddle: Why did he look under the bed? Me: the room smelled like sh*t cuz of the body

  17. Seungmeme’s Netfelix account

    Day 46 of asking for Little Nightmares 2

  18. Pawalun simson

    OMG where's yandere-chan

  19. peåches peåches

    6:20 I ask you to look at the top right corner and tell me what you see If you don’t know what it is then scroll down \/ It’s Winter Horrorland lemon guyyyyy

  20. King Of Crowns

    Just realised thwt the girlfriend is different

  21. I wambo, you wambo

    Thanks for the content jay!! I think everyone can agree with me and say that you make everyone's day better! Ps. YOUR THAT DUDE!!!

  22. Pawalun simson

    the girls in the background kinda wears thesame uniform fron your yandere sim vidoes

  23. paw wah

    Boggie man i am 9 I was scared of boggie men when i was 6 ANIT NO SCARED OF BOGGIE MEN

  24. Choon Hooi Lee

    Those are just sr pelo it spooky month

  25. Ricky Lau


  26. Bumble_ Bee

    11:04 I got an add at the perfect time so I heard "but he broke the silence and said, 'are you having blatter issues?' "

  27. îmnøtnørmal

    🎶I will not be sleeping tonight🎶

  28. Unicorn Rainbows

    It’s just dad moning

  29. Gacha Pineapple

    Im really up late Why not play a horror game at 00:47

  30. Anna Victoria

    It’s March ,2021

  31. İsim Soyisim

    I just wanted help on sleeping after watching a troll incident..

  32. Gc Catty


  33. Shaded.__Sun

    lol im literally watching this in bed at 2am while my sister is sleeping-- oh-

  34. Jaymalee

    I’m still crying about mushroom😭

  35. demon king0421

    The first video music is literally cod 1 zombie song

  36. CrisIsSweet

    The robot one was really good but ngl it did give me a little bit of a headache😅😅

  37. catboy killua

    no one: jay and his fans: everybody get ready and BUCKLE UP, CAUSE HERE WE GO!!

  38. fuwa's gxcha

    Why did I make a whole song when I saw heard the line "The voice of Dia will guide you"?- I'm- I Literally started singing-

  39. Caitlyn Lynch

    Jay: Sakyu Basus Subtitles: Cue bosses

  40. clayte

    Hey the black ops 2 zombies theme

  41. Shannon Sadovsky

    Myth: what would happen if you go into the jojo easter egg and punch a teacher while she's running to you but not all the way? would she still apprehend you?

  42. Elex Redarc

    “ y e s “

  43. Idk what to put here-

    Grandma sounds like a tornado alarm Jk Jay sounds like grandma (͡°͜ʖ͡°)

  44. cr0wsnap


  45. Lazy · Boba

    The elevator game is seriously dangerous. There is another video on the channel involved with the elevator game called "She is NOT what she seemes"

  46. Lazy · Boba

    I would love for you to continue watching from these channel because the content with this is terrific :)

  47. Lazy · Boba

    Yes yes yes! So snarled is horrorific and terrifyingly disturbing. The 6 foot tall women one you watched in this video is the most disturbing TO ME video on this channel. Anyway i wanted to know if you could watch this one i am suggesting called "This is NOT a Game" it is to me one of the most disturbing videos on the channel

  48. _do_you _sin_

    I would say kill me cause I don't wanna watch those creepy vids again but I don't think so peppa

  49. CrisIsSweet


  50. Spongebob Stop ;-;

    Beep boop ske bop! Ske boop bep...

  51. Gabrielle Chamaillard

    I watched this series like 10 times already and I just started asking myself, what would happen if Jimmy gets inside the room before you hide in the bathroom? Would he knock you out or would something else happen?

  52. Liberty Warthen

    The last game has a deep meaning. It's representing a battle against yourself and how you feel. The player seems to have a lot of self doubt, the husband leaving them must be one of their worries. Those past memories are also haunting them. They must see themself as worthless then and that demon is a demon in their head, the demon that says, "you are worthless..." As someone who suffers like the player, I am very interested in this game!

  53. Nat B

    i'm doing bad .. my phone might be broken and it was like a little sibling to me. I had so much stuff on that phone that made my life complete, and half the apps I have I forgot the passwords. :(

  54. YourFavKid Jay

    big fan ngl

    1. YourFavKid Jay


  55. tomoko

    Been two weeks not demonetized okay then I will see this in a year

  56. Recycled Rock

    Anyone watching this in 2021 bc you like the scares this game gives or just me--

  57. Offical Hange

    mikan: saying she feels bad for hiyoko me: stop the cap

  58. Simplyberri

    Jay: that guy looks like a *teeHEE* Michael Jackson in heaven: I am offended.

  59. slay king

    Who is just watching this in 2021.

  60. gisselle ayala

    RIP Billy and Lily

  61. Teresa

    Me at first: 🙂 Me when watches video:🥲

  62. Bea Girl

    Little nightmares challenge! 1. You must get Mary Jane(Or play as her) 2. Don't accept any phone calls or knocks on the bunker door(Unless it's the twins) 3. When scavenging you must wear the gas mask(because that's in the game) 4. You can't get pancake because hes a enemy, same goes for the cat. 5. The medkit is like your food, if Mary Jane gets hurt, you have to help her. 6. The twins are like Mono and Seven. You have to get the twin ending 7. If Mary Jane dies, Its game over. No restrictions on items, can't kill anyone and most importantly have fun!

  63. mom

    2:03 Got me dieing

  64. yogurlkitty

    "how big is it 😏"

  65. Naomi Armstrong

    been watching jay since 2015 ugh love him sm.

  66. Nightmare Herobrine

    I was here

  67. Stranger

    These are considered ez lmao

  68. Yeetykay9 Gaming

    At the start of the story she said she was 20 but than when she got the guard job she said she was only 19 👁👄👁??

  69. PleaseCallMeYuki


  70. Jackson Stone

    Bro literally that smileCreeped me out a lot and almost made me spit out my drink

  71. Circus baby

    daddy pig deserved being eaten because that probably has been the original peppa and her dad has trapped her in her old room downstairs in when you google "peppa pig household wallpaper" you will see her in her room

  72. Draco Damron

    “Not one comment about the orbit one” me: lol I thought the x meant it was wrong

  73. Darielle Curry

    who tf said they hate jay's face

  74. Alexis Bacilio

    Æ Æ Æ

  75. REM Gamer11

    The other Lily was not made by let’s read it was actually made by David Romero

  76. Victoria Hadfield

    jay says: I know where everything is me: okay? whats about the clean key what about the yellow thing you picked up do you really know where everything is? o3o

  77. someone something

    I mean does he replies 😩

  78. Geriselle Corro

    Hearing Jay's voice always makes my day better 😌

  79. Steph M

    Wow 😳 sounds the wrong way

  80. Fried Fries

    I will have a good night😭✋