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  1. Dar-Nak Kallig

    Aww the Jedi are afraid of a little band of pirates...

  2. Leshamir LeshaNastya


  3. Nope

    Why does this woman talk to me like I’m 4

  4. Jeremy Bon

    So this might actually explain what happened to the high republic their end was (one can hope) Malachor, that was shown in Rebels.

  5. Gustavo Roque

    Every video is looking more and more like the Old Republic Video Logs.. This should be an online game as well!

  6. just a guy

    Lol 75% off at target. Doing so well huh? Kennedy how’s it feel knowing Dave’s gonna have ya job soon



  8. Luqman Hakim

    If mace windu can fall from that height, he would definitely survived in episode iii revenge of the sith

  9. Cody

    Space Vikings?

  10. Quentin Silver

    I really hope that at the core of the Nihil beliefs is some sort of worship of Darth Nihilus

  11. S N

    "He IS the chosen one, you must see it"

  12. whocantexplain

    This video in one word: pirates

    1. Walt Manasse-Latham

      They’re actually SO much more than that

  13. Chris Helke

    Please, more Madalorian and Luke Skywalker and less High Republic. Please

    1. Walt Manasse-Latham

      Why not both lmao these are books

    2. Chris Helke

      Just not interested. As a fan, I'm more interested in Luke after ROTJ and what's going on in the Mando era. Just my opinion.

    3. Ben Quennell

      Have you even given the books a shot?

  14. Hadar Ferris

    Ladies and gentlemen, she's a bard.

  15. Swivel Chair

    wE haTe aLl WHitE PEOplE

  16. James Kessler

    I'm surprised he didn't go "Dad!" And then later say "Mom?!"

  17. Louis-Alexandre Berthier

    What a cringe...

  18. Finn Marshall

    This trailer is basically the whole plot

  19. nichad29

    Im still confused as to what the beacon is, how it works and how it fits in the overall SW story...

    1. Gamer King

      It's a station outpost where it can despatch jedi if they are needed, had a defensive fleet, can serve as a hospital, long range communication in the outer rim and many more. It's basically there to make the outer rim "less dangerous".

  20. blackice11z

    Why's Disney have such a hard-on for High Republic?

    1. Jacob Berg

      Well, Disney didn't make it, Lucasfilm made it and have be teasing this series for a year now but was pushed back because of the covid pandemic

    2. Christian R

      Because its a new era that they just released?

    3. Walt Manasse-Latham

      Because they made it? What

  21. Mr Robovter

    I don't get why we didn't get these arcs in the final season. One of many things, that Disney screwed up

  22. Chedda Chuuse

    None of this has captured my attention so far.

  23. Konrad Pietrzak

    I love their steampunk design. I hope we will get more some steampunk esthetics in future

  24. krimtim3

    You can't take it with you but we can take it from you? Hype for SW maybe? They're for sure the HIGH republic.

  25. Elkarus

    Hating anarchism again? How original! I guess free-market conservative marauders weren't as catchy... 😒

    1. Everyman

      They were gonna name 'em "Antifa Marauders" but then it would be too obvious.

  26. Ritwik Ganguly

    I have just started watching Star Wars just because of this trailer

  27. Kurt W

    I'm loving the High Republic so far. So much room for creative exploration.

  28. Oliver Coulon

    I'm a white male. I'd like to watch the high republic show but I'm not sure I'm allowed

  29. Patrick Brophy


  30. Nie drażnij Wooki3go

    Justina Ireland told us not to buy it so I won't.

  31. Matt

    why you had to make anarchists evil

  32. 29_ _

    501st battle pack?

  33. John Bills

    The Mandalorian cements Jon Favreau as one of the Best minds in the movie industry.

  34. Lora K

    Hi Harrison how are you

  35. Crafty And Friends

    Idk if this is an unpopular opinion, but u thought the beginning of the movie was epic. All the way to jakku. That was it


    Looks like a version of the Knights of Ren if they had actually given the KOR something to do.

  37. John Laser

    I'm really digging the high republic stuff

  38. marco de jong

    I literally bought light of the jedi and I was really looking forward too all of the other books, I already pre ordered claudia greys novel. but on twitter you guys said you were standing behind her because you don't like bullying and racism but she is literally calling everyone with white skin colour racist! I was excited for all of the high republic stuff but now I can't stand it, please take back your statement.

    1. Walt Manasse-Latham

      She literally didn’t say that

    2. marco de jong

      @UCqwqcc2pYkvdjG7udjc35XA I said I pre ordered claudia greys book not that she was the racist, and krystina literally said everybody with white skin is racist

  39. Gavin McCormick

    George Lucas: "If you can't write, you can't direct." Rian Johnson: "I write badly." Everyone who defend the sequels needs to see this interview and compare its advice with those trainwrecks.

  40. Charlie Meyers

    Look back at the thumbnail and tell me it doesn't look like a giant robot at a glance.

  41. Ambar

    Why does nobody understand the difference between anarchists and nihilists? And since we're at it: why does nobody understand the difference between anarchy and chaos? I bet those guys aren't about freeing all people from state and god but are tyrannists themselves.

  42. thebeave0630

    I’m trying my hardest to get into this series. I really am. But something just doesn’t feel like Star Wars with these books. I’ve got dozens of Star Wars books under my belt from legends and current cannon. These may just be better to wait on the waiting list at the library than paying for a copy.

    1. Dillon Stanley

      @Sackville-B Not everyone is going to like the same thing. The bigger issue for Star Wars to me have been the fans that claim they are the only ones that love star wars and those that don't share their values don't. And they attempt to discredit any works that don't fall into their definition of Star Wars. For the record, I did not like TROS, terrible movie. But it happened and is part of the canon timeline.

    2. Sackville-B

      I feel bad for the people who in good faith buy into these projects from creators who are not as caring as their audience

  43. Master Qui-Gon Jinn

    So space bikers, they are honestly kinda lame

    1. Walt Manasse-Latham

      Check out the books! They’re actually a lot cooler than they might seem

    2. Sackville-B

      definitely. I have suspicion that there's an agenda to devalue enlightened media. Characters like Qui-Gon Jinn represent the wisdom of avoiding dogma while stories like these are repeated, uninspiring and forgetful. There's obviously people who care but they are not given responsibility

  44. Shadow

    Black Mantas?

  45. Sackville-B

    I am a bot here to praise

  46. Snake56

    What a joke...

  47. Darth Vader


  48. jaxsin

    Petition for media to stop using the word anarchist to describe people who behave immorally. Read some Kropotkin and Bookchin.

  49. David Wamsley

    Where is the Old Republic? I'm waiting . . . .


    That space battle in Light Of The Jedi against the Nihil was cool!

  51. Fabian9

    I thought it was Darth Nihilus :(

    1. Sackville-B

      me too...

  52. Karinne POIREY

    Sont wigolos les US, ils sont ultra protectionnistes et ils braillent sur Naboo. Mdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr allez bizoo

    1. Karinne POIREY

      On ne doit pas regarder les mêmes films je pense

  53. I I

    Meh, pass

    1. Sackville-B


  54. ShadowWolfRising

    Darth Nihilus: 'Reading newspaper' 'Looks Up' 'Incomprehensible noises.' Translation: Don't mind me, just waiting for when the current canon is inevitably thrown out.

    1. Jack Hummer

      It won't.

  55. The Planetary Pilot

    Space pirates!! 😄😄😄

  56. Grim Hood

    Darth Nihilus: Who the hell are these clowns ?!

    1. Splash'n'Skillz #37

      The Sith Order: Your legacy you life eating jerk, be greatful we even made an homage you

    2. raidraptor risefalcon

      I don't like the idea but Nihil in ancient latin mean nobody

  57. John Scott

    I'm going to tell you something, no one cares about The High Republic. You have a PR person from it that has made anti white statements going back years. (you do realize roughly half your domestic customer base is white right?) You have writers in charge of the High Republic who are telling people not to buy their books, that you won't like their politics (These same writers should be fired for telling people not to buy the books you paid them to write, and they would be fired if they were white) No one cares about The High Republic, Star Trek Discovery as well as Gina Carano both trend higher than The High Republic, The Mandalorian trends at ten times the rate. You have Pablo going out and attacking fans and he's suppose to be a big wig in the Story Group created by Kathleen Kennedy to oversee this. My advice cut your losses on this. Cancel the High Republic. Fire the Story Group. Fire Kathleen Kennedy, Fire authors that you hired and paid to write a book who are telling people not to buy. Instead of wasting money on this, take that money and give it to Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, both of whom have made Star Wars that sells, that creates buzz. Why? Because they concentrate on the story, not checking off a bunch of woke boxes......

    1. Walt Manasse-Latham

      @Everyman The truth being...?

    2. Everyman

      @John Scott THANK YOU! These shills don't want to believe the truth.

    3. Walt Manasse-Latham

      Lol first of all the books are selling very well, topping the NYT bestseller lists, and getting great reviews. Second of all Krystina’s words are anti-racist, not anti-white, and Justina was literally just saying that her politics and worldviews influence the lessons her books in general teach, and the people attacking her for no reason aren’t going to read them anyway, and if they did they’d see that they’re undeniably good lessons

  58. Steven Smith

    I freaking loved "Light of the Jedi." Marchion Ro has become one of my new favorite characters. That dude's nuts.


    Great! It's nice to finally get some more art of the Nihil

    1. Jacob Berg

      Hey, its cool. Also hello again. We really keep meeting don't we?

  60. Sheevy Ol'Boy

    Nice lightsaber hilt. Reminds me of the Corvax lightsaber.

  61. Brian Danford

    The Nihil are a great enemy for the new Star Wars era. The are reminiscent of Reavers from Firefly, but intelligent and calculating instead of being mindless cannibalistic monsters. Looking forward to the next book!

  62. fizggig

    I still like the audio book version Nye hill instead of Nile. Also, I like Marsh e ion Ro instead of Mar key ion Ro. Just saying

    1. fizggig

      @DimaJeydar yeah, after hearing Marc then hearing Charles during the launch event I like the Marc version more. But I guess toe may toe toe ma toe.

    2. DimaJeydar

      I’m on the contrary was taken out of the story after hearing Marc Thompson pronounce it as the Nye hill

  63. Batonya12561

    Darth Nihilus cries in a corner somewhere in the galaxy

    1. Sackville-B


  64. Einen Namen zu haben ist nicht Notwendig

    I want an cyberpunk on coruscant

  65. Naþan Ø

    Ah yes, they're Anarchists, therefor they're evil

    1. Ambar

      Most people don't know what anarchism is. It's a shame.

  66. Khaiden Tajigen

    I'm all but convinced the Nihil are the evolution (or de-evolution?) of an organization founded by Darth Nihilus hundreds/thousands of years before the High Republic. I really hope so.

  67. Millennial Falcon

    They're Nihilists, Dude, they believe in nothing.

    1. Joe Human

      @Jacob Berg forget it, Jacob, you're out of your element.

    2. Seth Sinatra

      Probably got their name from Darth Nihilus

    3. Jacob Berg

      @Alan Flores Ayoroa wait, what are you about Nazism because it doesn't sound good

    4. Alan Flores Ayoroa

      I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.

    5. Joe Human

      Sounds exhausting.

  68. BqpahDoes Stuff

    Actually, I Like the concept of the High republic itself. Honestly, This trailer is almost as if it was a harassment story told by a person. Also, It is going to be enjoyable for the mind at least.

  69. QuirkyAdventures

    This is reminding me a lot of mass effect Andromeda...


    What an amazing tribute...the editing has a lot of heart in it. Well done.

  71. Commissar Wood

    This is dumb

  72. Naþan Ø

    So I'm actually reading the book, unlike many other people here, and (1) I think this video does a bad job (2) Her particular book is literally targeted at *middle schoolers*; that's why they made her 16

  73. James Odds1out

    Why couldn’t you just do some more old republic instead of this stuff no one likes.

    1. The4Gamers

      Guessing you have not read any of the books but LOTJ is actually really good and has received very positive reviews so maybe read before complaining. Also the the high republic isn't replace TOR

  74. kennygwalker

    Still not woke enough

    1. Walt Manasse-Latham

      It’s not woke at all lmao

  75. AestheticYT

    Just here to say if Gina Carano is fired I’m canceling my Disney plus subscription, along with sim many others. Stop listening to these losers on Twitter who don’t even watch you’re content, and listen to the fans for once.

    1. Everyman

      Star Wars claim to be against bullying but they don't care when Gina Carano gets bullied 24/7. They didn't even care about James Earl Jones's birthday.

  76. Saša Trbović

    What is this going to be

  77. Nicholas Damiani

    Bad Batch release when?

    1. Venom


  78. Spiller

    Marchion Ro is the best villain Star Wars has had in a while

  79. AJ Klassen

    Sounds like some one dug up some old d6 charts on how to create a bad overused plot. If the conflict sticks to the outer rim, then it doesnt break cannon. But if strikes at the heart of the republic, then it goes against established cannon (as referred to in Attack of the clones). Carbon copy underaged fan fic jedi trashy writing doesn't help the high republic at all.

  80. Zach Plummer

    Her master's lightsaber is badass.