Dancing With The Devil The Art Of Starting Over 🦋 Album out now

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  1. thecommentor

    So the recommendations only reached Kenyans??? 😂😂😂

  2. Drew Zergrey

    I have no missed calls you must have the wrong # ehhhhhoh

  3. Drea Rose

    i love you demi 🙏🏼🙏🏼🤍🤍

  4. Bryan Taylor

    fake brainless sellout

  5. Timur N

    i love her so much 😭 this performance brings me so much happiness

  6. Matthew Garrette

    I hoped I would see a clip of her "losing control" on Big Chill

  7. Mrs. Kitty

    Her laugh at the end! I LOOOOOVE IT! it’s one of a kind🙃

  8. Brent Mccollum

    They should do more music together in the future 💖💖💖

  9. manstein himmler

    Wow she's put on some serious poundage

  10. Magu

    Karen Lovato

  11. Krys' World

    Also ok zaddy haircut! 😻

  12. Sayu or whateva

    doesn’t she still drink and smoke weed? is that what she means by “California sober”? that’s not a thing, you’re either sober or you’re not

  13. Floyd Morgan


  14. Kyra Law

    Love the new hair

  15. julesdwill

    Oh lawd just stop with the constant whiny bullshit and enjoy your privileged life, there are people that have lost their lives, their homes, careers. Count your blessings and stop trying to make yourself a constant victim smh pathetic.

  16. chelsea87au

    Gawwdd i love her laugh its the best!!!!!!!!❤❤💖💖

  17. 4est Dweller

    There is an excellent TED talk about addiction and how it always involves loneliness. Not loneliness for another human, but for the broken relationship within ourself. We lose ourself at some point in life whether it be as a child the first moment we sense our parent or caregiver is not looking at us with unconditional love or a thousand other times we have felt shamed. To be in the public eye like this and to have to be whatever we think other people want, we become a human doing instead of a human being. She really needs a vacation from her public life and the chance to heal her relationship with herself. Problem is there are people who won’t want to let her do that.

  18. SuperGinger

    Jordan the former assistant seems like the only one who actually cares.

  19. Nara Felipe

    Nossa, conseguiu ficar perfeita com esse cabelo

  20. pc account

    seneler geçiyor be Demi

  21. SandraDeeBeauty01


  22. D 1990

    Bunch of fake enablers in payroll lol

  23. Gabriella Holtz

    thats the best collab in years its ON POINT

  24. Krys' World

    THIS. THIS WHOLE DAMN DOCUMENTARY IS EVERYTHING! My heart is so full of joy, FINALLY we see someone living in her truth in that industry and THAT is so refreshing, but most importantly relatable...you are NOT ALONE in this sister. Keep on shining babe and live your truth ❤️💃🏽👯‍♀️❤️ ALL the LOVE and positive energy sent to you love! Love love love you Demi!

  25. Martin Mattins

    Não a ver paz na terra em breve vai começar

  26. JJ

    Ari sounds like she tryna sample Stranger Things lol (no shade, love this song w/ all my heart)

  27. Martin Mattins

    Vocês tem que parar de fumar parar de beber vão pra igreja que é melhor o fim já ta acabando já não tem mais tempo pra se divertir ficar fazendo festa melhor lugar é a igreja

  28. Josh

    Mental health Is real

  29. Francisco Sandoval Montes

    Anyone 2021?

  30. prajj- wal

    The background voice of ari when demi was sayin' "he's kinda my type" was so pleasant🥺❤

  31. waki008

    00:26 - 00:27 - 00:28

  32. waki008

    00:18- 00:19

  33. Emily Taylor

    What was with Disney and purity rings? I never knew about this until 2021 lol

  34. vbddfy euuyt

    She said her rapist doesn't have a career anymore so stop making accusations against the Jonas brothers . K thanks.

  35. ES EDda

    OK, so she's a devil worshipper now???

  36. D B

    Demi Moore?

  37. Bianck Brandão

    bora investir scooterrr

  38. Ayesha Michelle

    The crown is heavy❤

  39. Vicky !

    The “moderation” thing. 🚩 🚩 🚩 Listen to Sir Elton John, please.

  40. Stephanie Lynn

    the collab we never knew we needed 🦋

  41. Claudine Criner

    This is everything, I’m SO SO happy for Demi and her honesty. I wish her well in everything she does. By the way Demi, my daughter is single 😂

  42. Kristen Morazzano

    your vocals show so much emotion like no one else, you sound so healthy

  43. Kristen Morazzano

    you sing this song so much better in person your vocals are GODDESS like😩😩

  44. Jillian Safa

    Watermelon cake 😭😭💕 you’re so strong Demi

  45. Kristen Morazzano

    hi can you do a full live performed album bc i’d pay so much for that

  46. Kristen Morazzano

    this album is going places...as it SHOULD

  47. Kelli Workman-Reavis

    So brave to share her truth. It’s not easy

  48. Flavio Ribeiro

    Que fofaaaaaa! Te amo nenê!


    I thought skillet hahahahahaha

  50. N Gabriel

    Who else felt as soon as she said she’s engaged that it wasn’t gonna last bc he wasn’t genuine?! 🙋🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  51. Orlando Gutierrez

    Pls watch this high 10/10 recommend 😂❤️

  52. HeA vEn

    her voice her technique.🖤

  53. mlynne

    This song and her voice gives me the chills

  54. María Páez

    The queens together 😍✨✨✨

  55. María Páez


  56. Its logan Parham


  57. Maggie Meyers

    I never payed much attention to her and her career. Maybe even didn’t like her a time or two. But this is so beautiful and she’s so strong and amazing. Love you Demi💙💙

  58. Royalty by Leala MAKEUP

    I love her hair even better now!!



  60. Anna Olioti

    OMG the harmonies is just so magical

  61. Ami Stenson

    You need people in your life like Jordan. She’s an amazing being! ❤️ You also need people in your life who are able to tell you no, especially if you are an addict. It could be the difference between life and death, literally.

  62. Dave Flowers

    WOW DEMI 😭❤️❤️❤️ and the background vocalist are gorgeous!!!😍

  63. Pedro Henrique


  64. v b

    I love it for me.

  65. Pedro Henrique

    Perfeitas ❤️

  66. Pedro Henrique


  67. Steve Cook

    I'm glad she's OK and hopefully making a full recovery. I'm just wondering if it wasn't someone with her status if they would of received the care she did? Or would have she been looked at as just another addicted?

  68. Lohanna Oliveira

    maria gadu

  69. Ami Stenson

    Scary that she still isn’t in the clear from developing schizophrenia as well. I hope she’s had this honest conversation with a therapist before she did this documentary. A psychiatrist would have let her know about the common onset ages schizophrenia occurs. It’s common from ages 14 to 60!! 46 years of uncertainty! 💔 I hope she has been able to compare her and her father’s genetics to see what common markers they share. Knowing if they share multiple markers can help her prepare mentally and to be able to be self aware for if symptoms start. Although schizophrenia isn’t able to be detected in genetic testing yet, hopefully one day soon it will be! 🙏

  70. cerejinha

    acho que ela fazer um documentário falando a verdade, mostrando o que realmente acontecia só mostra o quanto ela é forte, eu tenho mto orgulho do que ela é, de como ela chegou até aqui, e de poder estar na mesma época que ela, de verdade.

  71. adrienne hodgins


  72. Dianna Gomez

    I think I have you beat on starting over... but it’s life and this song is iconic.

  73. Riri Gift


  74. Riri Gift


  75. YFS

    Played up / contrived, sorry

  76. Random ReRe

    Well I’m questioning her sobriety after that frozen yogurt drama. Either she’s on drugs again or she just an entitled b. Either way I can longer support her she’s a grown woman she needs to do better

    1. Pnuema M

      Both. Drugs and entitled and privileged and a bully.

  77. Tamieka Hogan


  78. Melissa Stephan

    Their voices blend so beautifully. Both have been through a lot and hopefully have brighter days ahead

  79. Gaby Lobato