ayeee lmao

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  1. Leogee

    Me coming from heaven to make fun of Satan then saw one peek then I come in the bathroom and throw up

  2. isabel Kilgore

    ima christian and im sorry this is happening you deserve no harm nor hate

  3. isabel Kilgore

    ima be honest.. us christian needa mind are buisness

  4. MultiGidster :D

    Devil worship twerking


    Lila Nas is that popular kid in school that never forgets to bring his friends with him when he succeeds

  6. questions


  7. E

    nice song

  8. Blue Morpho Butterfly

  9. I am a Human bean

    *ceramic twerking*

  10. AdmireCena

    lesss goo dababy convertable 👉🏿😁👈🏿

  11. Blueberries•Film

    Went from 🤠 🎅🏿 👹 Real quick

  12. Gwendolyn Puu


  13. GamingWithOwen

    I got foes on foes lol

  14. ZaidenCruze13 sonic

    Zaidencruze13: lil nas how did yo made this bro like for real how?

  15. Neki the cat

    Even Rodeo is scared nas is scared

  16. ZaidenCruze13 sonic

    Lil nas x: holiday me Holiday lil nas x: yea satan me Lil nas x: I was wondering are you going work or Holiday lil nas x: maybe or maybe not Cowboy lil nas x be like: Zzzzzzzzzz Lil nas x: ._. Holiday lil nas x: .... Holiday lil nas x: their all sleeping........

  17. ZaidenCruze13 sonic

    Lil nas x singing with no music by the background: call me by your name me. I’ll be on the way.

  18. Potato Queen

    Ok so this song is helping me study THANK U I GOT AN A+ THANK LIL NAS X

  19. Alejandro Romero

    *drag queen twerking*

  20. イーサン

    Why is everyone twerking

  21. Zero Two

    I like this song

  22. Maleeya Stafford-Rivera

    I sincerely love u for having humor & making this

  23. Kyuunaq

    these *twerking* comments all came from disabled blondes

  24. mekxys

    "number one of billboard" you only got that because people heard u are supporting the devil. So they view the song to see if it's true. it's not like they actually enjoy the music.

  25. Ariel PB

    Oye. Quiero. Que. Medes. Tu. Musica soy. El. Numero. Uno.

  26. Marcela Jaime


  27. Nutterz Kol

    *Green twerking*

  28. fatiska Arbi

    Biologically twerking 😌

  29. fatiska Arbi


  30. Karen Washer Grudzien

    *Trump 2020 twerking*

  31. Karen Washer Grudzien

    *Asians eat bats and caused the coronavirus twerking*

  32. Antsy

    **very unstraight twerking**

  33. Ashley Rozario

    Lil nas x is like welcome to my world b*tch 🥴 . . . Thanks tho

  34. Giodude Gorgonzola

    *Lofi twerking*

  35. The Official Pansexual Pickle

    *pickle in a jar twerking*

  36. Mixer

    They copied Fortnite

  37. Dimer Guy

    🤠👾💀😈Lil Nas X Songs List

  38. Nicki Lopes


  39. Ÿøÿü-łøćäł-dumbo Łöł

    The crazy dance is what he do on his free time lol 😂😂😂😂👁👄👁