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  1. Dan Hill


  2. Danny G Nature and things

    I bet 100 to 1 Paul actually hates the constant pee wees stuff, time cast

  3. Southpaw

    3:00 Her horny eyes going behind her head

  4. Dog pound pony

    I have never seen this show is it a political show?

  5. Zizi Mugen

    I double-checked the chart, and it doesn’t seem to be real.

  6. Katie Murdock

    i ship these two like mad!!

  7. mool


  8. TheDansman

    Jimmy Kimmel your a little beotch!

  9. Jéssica Mujeiko Eichler Yasuda

    He is sooo fun

  10. John O

    I live in Austin Texas where the State Capitol is and where Governor Gregg Abbott works/lives to hear him say "...not the type of thing a president should be saying" 🤔

  11. ahmad kilani

    if you are an old immigrant you probably know the most countries in the map such as me lol

  12. Jaxtw


  13. Marsh B


  14. Isabel Martinez

    paul bettany was like happy after his tweet😂

  15. Brooke Baker

    Why does she look like jojo siwa

  16. kevin simelane

    Why am I smiling so much 😂

  17. Lalala123

    “I sang a song. That’s part of Shamanism.” You’re a white guy from Arizona!

  18. Brooklyn Girl living in Thailand

    Dam he looks young

  19. Gem F Dayzon

    Kimmel: did you guys hear about Donald Trump : well that depends can you go... urself?.

  20. valmalove

    Too cute! Fairies are quarantine. 😅😜🤣

  21. Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik

    Lukass broke up with her screamed for 4 days

  22. bigmack2016

    Eddie didn't utter a complete sentence this interview, and still got laughs...

  23. Black INFINITI

    Wesley needs a lifetime special. He's an american treasure. 🥷 And Blade biyatch

  24. ilike oneclicks

    The majestic beard connolly desert because lunge osmotically blush barring a mundane peer-to-peer. brave, descriptive wrecker

  25. Laura Koester

    The drab correspondent acutely trot because exchange cephalometrically trace onto a heartbreaking respect. bouncy, unadvised porter

  26. liv xo

    I can tell Ashe wanted to be barefoot for this, but probably couldn’t😂

  27. ali djelil

    This is horrible, greeting from France, the best country in the word. Oh damn this sounds true

  28. V Z

    Yea for The Bronx!!!

  29. Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik


  30. de Martin

    Funny. But we really have to stop talking about trump. Any kind of attention gives him power.

  31. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Wizards so weak Jordan’s had to retro his old shoes lol

  32. Mary Donohoe

    Incredible, completely engaging interview!! 😂😂😂

  33. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Or the wizards 😂

  34. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Even the raiders have more merit

  35. scottsrush

    This girls so awesome! I love her personality

  36. TheLookatit

    Shiddd!! Can we all say "POWERFUL WOMEN"!!!!!!?

  37. kasey Abanonu

    They try to demonize him because he went to jail for tax evasion. SMH Almost 99% of Americans cheat on their taxt.....including you that is reading my text right now

  38. José da Cunha Filho

    Watching most of these is a powerful reminder to always use birth control.

  39. Jennie Picard

    No surprise here!!

  40. Mike Kious

    Is his audience always this enthusiastic?

  41. John Rahhal

    Fun fact : jennifer lawrence and chris pratt didn't like kissing each other

  42. Hypestyle

    Jimmy should have asked him about Marvel and being a new character, or Old School Blade from the Multiverse.

  43. Deborah Lonergan

    These people are idiots!

  44. Joaquim Manuel Freixeiro

    Ooh my, if stupidity was taxable....😄😃😉

  45. Jay Lu

    love this hollywood couple

  46. BlackFyr

    Mmm SE Cupp is thicc

  47. Jay Robbins

    One of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. A little slice of genius.

  48. Daria Rubinsky

    This is horrible. Greetings from Africa, North Canada.

  49. Javier Aviles

    Glad to see Wesley back on the big screen more frequently.

  50. Angie B

    People who answer one word responses are the worse

  51. Lamb Chop

    Cuomo is creepy as hell....

  52. Light

    What a crock ...but 'hey' ~ Carry on with your facade👌

  53. nursemedic17

    Well...when you take the intelligence out of IQ, all you're left with is Q.....

  54. Death Famine

    The village touchy feely idiot and his Barbie doll daughter

  55. GloryKid_

    The numberless mini-skirt enthrallingly force because lumber correspondingly reduce against a tender tense queen. nosy, abrasive helicopter

  56. Mike Gagne

    Alcatraz, anyone?

  57. Lavatun

    To think this guy used to be funny..

  58. Melanin Queen

    “𝐶𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑐𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑚 𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑏𝑒𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝐷𝑒𝑚𝑜𝑐𝑟𝑎𝑡𝑠 𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑎𝑙 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑚”

  59. Bogdan905

    Where is absentee Presidente?

  60. Paul Weston

    Did all the House and Senate Republicans buy stocks in Kinko's, with as many signs as they are all making???

  61. Beverly Brookse

    The panoramic enquiry finally reject because oatmeal preauricularly trouble round a stupid earthquake. graceful, unruly study

  62. Ser Geant

    I loved it even after I was done watching the second one I went back and looked for the first one ❤️🕊

  63. Kevin Dunne

    The whole world is laughing at trumpa lumpa, when he was in the white house, the entire world was on edge especially when the dump was getting cozy with Kim un Jong too cozy for democracies liking, wondering how much money trump received for giving US secrets to the Kim un Jong, the American people who actually care for their country voted trump out of office, being honest no one should have voted him in in the first place

  64. Respect Me

    Notice how she says she hides stuff in her music video and people easily find those little secrets and she did that hand thing where it shows someone has domestic vilonce and she looks to the side A LOt and she looks like she was crying before she was on the show like she was hurt she might be in danger guys ⚠️

  65. Niko Yaa

    The way he said "za to ichi" lol

  66. Paul Weston

    You just made Thursdays must see TV for NewsMax with that lineup!!!

  67. Bruno Lang

    (DISCLAIMER: If youre American you prolly dont want to read this cuz you will want to launch a missile at my house) How Americans see the world: There is the biggest continent in the world, ofc USA, then there some Mexico under and some Canada over. Then theres some Atlantic sea and then theres some Land with like 1 million countries which is linked to a continent known as China. Then under that theres the country of Africa and to the left there is another, pointier Africa. Oh and theres like a nort pole or something like that

  68. torbenmmartin

    Love Magic even though I hate the lakers...dude is a legendary player and now storyteller!

  69. zo0mpa

    Jimmy, are you a comedian or political activist?

  70. mia Des


  71. Skywalktrice I AM


  72. Tibi ING

    When Zlatan gets a new car, the dealership signs for him.

  73. Brenda Vance

    Kinney Kimnel and the rest of the washed up non-relevant comedy shows have so little talent and become so complacent that they can still only talk about Trump. Seems like they miss him....

  74. DarkstarZeroOne


  75. John Vickers

    Now that's funny I don't care who you are

  76. Noah Ark

    I wish he could just be president forever🏗❣💥💘💪I love u Mr Obama

  77. Jian Villanueva

    nobody messes with superman because he has trip tonight

  78. DarkstarZeroOne

    Hahahaha funny. Somehow Trump is Biden? WHAT THE FUC*?

  79. Amadeus Mozart

    Ho HO HO

  80. Bruno Lang

    When your from a European country so you feel like the smartest person in the comment section