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  1. Maimunat Lasisi

    I know it's not easy starting afresh in a new continent, but please come back to Africa ,even though if you don't know your origin, no one really cares ,you are welcome. This isn't going to stop,they will just be speaking gibberish, dehumanizing and killing you, please come home.

  2. The Angry Scotsman

    Because we can go anywhere w/o at this point...sheesh Like I don’t have 3 in a drawer,1 in my coat,2 in a backpack,4 under the back seat of my car and 1 on top of the fridge

  3. Phenom Rogue1

    He has my vote & support !!!

  4. Kelly Stone

    Once again the speculations, accusations and declaration of guilt being made against President Trump based on tax information Michael Cohen admits he hasn't even seen. The hatred these people spew needs to stop.

  5. Joseph Taylor

    Another example of the race soldiers hunting ADOS people like they do all over Babylon.

  6. Gail Lewis

    I hope those hate filled demons were left with pocket lint.

  7. Wok On Bai

    When things went wrong the easiest way to get out of it is to point fingers and make excuses.

  8. Frugal Living

    Why did the fbi wait until the day before? Slacking off at their job!

  9. Kevin Falkner

    It's just getting sad that the tinfoil hat Republicans. " trumpians" Still are given air time. Viruses dies in the light. No proof no air time!

  10. Shirley Andrews

    👹💩😡Get that SOB OUT NOW !👹💩 Yea, I got one of those 30 day old Christmas card 😡 GET HIM OUT !

  11. Gary Smith

    Their not goin to do anything to the assho SOB does an says what he wants and nothin happens I hope assho goes to prison but don't expect it to happen

  12. TheDCGuitar13

    There’s nothing more dangerous than a bored cop short on his arrest quota.

  13. Blaine Mitchell

    I’m old enough to remember when Michael Cohen went on TV telling lie after lie defending the marmalade man. Nothing he says is credible.

  14. Steven Dhanjal

    Hey where’s my butterscotch candy ? And somebody turn on the record player !!

  15. Sonya Oscar


  16. Stewart Douglas

    Answer the bloody question sir

  17. Eyemallfunkedup

    Two things people should do when they confront police. 1) Cooperate 2) DONT TALK. These two are not mutually exclusive.

  18. Milo Salisbury

    The pup is old! Calm yourself.

  19. Parrish Harris

    Who's really suprised this is Amerikkka

  20. Harry J

    I guess all of the police werent there aiding them, some of them were doing their jobs ... respect!

  21. MaximumDT

    Get rid of this guy, he was appointed to ruin mail in voting and ended up destroying the whole system.

  22. David Allard

    Trump did a great job. Dems . BLM. Antifa are traitors.

  23. Tish Ratcliff

    I would bet money that the White House stepped on that email. And very likely obstructed other threat warnings.

  24. Claire Mercer

    It's obvious Trump put his cronies at the top of law enforcement precisely to allow an insurrection like this on Jan 6th.

  25. Lisa Ratley

    Wealthy, powerful people rarely pay for their horrendous crimes.

  26. Michael Schwartz

    The Flynn bros. stink like fish. See: pardon as payment in advance for delaying the National Guard from coming in to stop the insurrection

  27. My Man

    He has squirmed his way out of all kinds of dodgy situations before. He will do it again. Like squeezing a grease ball.

  28. Darrell May

    They voted Him in and they can vote Him out !

  29. Tony Tone

    *GET HIM !!!!!!!!*

  30. Joseph Taylor

    But you expect ADOS people to respect the race soldiers who murder us on a daily basis.

  31. Jettabusy Jackson

    Biden and The Cheating Mala did inauguration while in the middle of a bloody deadly voter fraud crime scene and they got Ashli Babbitt blood all over the house and senate chambers and desecrated the place after they trampled through the blood of a United States Air Force vet on January 6th to certify a late fraud vote for Biden #TrumpWon

  32. Ro G

    Ah, another boring, run of the mill, this is what normal competent government looks like, announcement. 😍

  33. john ellington

    Like to wait see what happens. Lucky Dumb Bunnys.

  34. Juan Manuel Pedrosa

    2:29 nice detail, He's actually reviewing what he's signing

  35. Todd Wells

    I have a mask. It says "This mask is as worthless as Joe Biden ".

  36. Pabzito 2030 Rodrigues


  37. Jamie Dennis

    We are so far from a free country. It's a free country as long as we do exactly what we're told to do

  38. Stefan Zabolotnõi

    No other civilized country thinks it's okay. Guns are for police and the military. You don't need to protect yourself with a gun if nobody has guns. Wake up, America.

  39. michael murray

    "he's got my gun" is the new "thoughts and prayers"... followed by my bodycam has suddenly stopped working.

  40. A Y Wee

    It is so pathetic and down right idiotic. Yes, American Senator. 🤣🤣🤣. How on earth you think you can lead the world??? Unless, there are more idiots out there 🙄

  41. Jettabusy Jackson

    The Capitol museum in Washington DC is a bloody deadly voter fraud crime scene and The Congress is Closed and currently under armed Military lockdowns awaiting the voter fraud trials #TrumpWon

  42. David Allard

    De Niro is a punk

  43. Robert Dawson

    *Ezekiel 25:14 KJV “And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom by the hand of my people Israel: and they shall do in Edom according to mine anger and according to my fury; and they shall know my vengeance, saith the Lord GOD.”*

  44. Tamala Austin

    These Republicans are hypothetical even to their own psychological delusion... these people are mind blowingly CLUELESS and THEY ARE THE LAWMAKERS OF THIS COUNTRY

  45. Wally Censorship

    I’ll give you 2000 on day one. We don’t need republicans support to pass the bill. Two months later no checks. And blaming republicans for holding it up.

  46. Dommert Technologies

    More evidence of how cops are above the law and no consequences to them breaking the law and murdering people I bet money the cop was saying he's going for my gun to justify his actions. Cops are taught how to lie and fake stories to justify their actions.

  47. Jeromye Smith

    No matter who you are or what your skin color is you and only you are responsible for protecting your well being, this man had every right to left the fk alone!!!

  48. Mr. Aaron Alexander

    I'm sure Tucker Carson would say the officers was justified because the guy was clearly Jay walking.. Death sentence is well deserved.. God bless his people.!!

  49. Robert Merriweather

    thank you President Biden

  50. ke17h

    orange is the new black?

  51. XTheVideoGamerGirlX

    another typical cop idea - "shoot first, shoot second, shoot some more, THEN ask questions later!"

  52. Jettabusy Jackson

    Cancel culture done f'd around and Got the Congress canceled

  53. Trevor Lee

    Imagine that a POTUS doing presidential things . Biden has done more in a month than Trump did in four long years .

  54. Love Pet

    Man o man id love to see all that info We will once the court case happens

  55. Marisabel Morales

    That desk looks bigger now that the fat man is gone.

  56. nick78447

    It does not bode well that Trump and his accomplices are not yet facing criminal tax charges. It's blatant, he's been on the take for years. He boasted about it. Folks have spent decades in jail for far less. At what point does America step up and put this joker where he belongs?

  57. Jeff Hickey

    Dont cops have something better to do than mess with a citizen doing nothing wrong. Wtf!

  58. acapoz100

    what a dope he is,..... what a waste of taxpayer dollars paid to this dope,..... no spine! he will say and do anything to clutch on to his senate seat, even though he claims he is small government

  59. Rob Bow

    Sounds like the kkk, let's put on the hoods, no let's light the cross on fire first!


    The bottom line, All about revenue and the devil's God sent against Judah.

  61. Allie B

    And what do they call censoring the members of their party who have a spine & speak out against the Almighty Trump, putting country before party? Hypocrites!!!!😤

  62. vero crove

    Just pray GOD for the best

  63. Private jen

    The Republican party is the white supremacist party. They only politics that they know is the politics of fear. They got revitalized because the nation was distracted for 4 years with weekly magic shows, circus, and tv drama series. Now, the nation (and the world) saw the harm that they perpetuated and the nation cannot continue in the denial, deflection and dodging of reality.

  64. Wes Caldwell

    The old white people talking about white supremacy ,guess that means they don't have no white privilege. They need to denounce their citizenship and get some illegal privilege🙄 Love don't hate 😊💌🎩

  65. Yolanda Creag

    They even built a hanging noose on the Capital grounds, I wonder who gave them permission to build?????????

  66. Mister Sarajevo

    Anyone else tend to chuckle with how Cohen bashes Trump? Haha

  67. Buck Shot24

    Thanks Beijing Biden

  68. Lee

    He barely stuttered.

    1. Buck Shot24

      Must have taken his meds today

  69. Brian Baker

    Free? No, they want to use OUR money to treat Americans like little children. "Here you go, these masks are free!" NO THEY'RE NOT. Someone has to pay for it. Surprise, it's us!

  70. Todd Wells

    Oooohhhhhh... free masks. Bet they were made in China.

  71. A follower of Jesus

    Bunch of garbage. Not "complying".

  72. nasser hamid

    He was in with Trump to slow down or stop people voting. He should be charged. WTF

  73. Todd DeGennaro

    So stupid. #freeyourface #weaslboyfraud

  74. Joseph Taylor

    This is what they do to ADOS people but the racist white people will call this justice..

  75. Juan-Carlos François

    I'll never go on holiday to the States again, as a young black man, this terrifies me!!

  76. Steve

    He helped to try to throw a election he should be kicked to the curb....

  77. Peter Hsueh

    Most terrible postmaster I ever know of and my local post officials can do better than him

  78. M. R.

    Such an A-Hole. Can’t someone un appoint him? Trump would un appoint people every day!

  79. John Hollomon

    It's time to go to war against white supremacist

  80. Harsha

    compliance makes a difference