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  1. Sarah Gray

    Bella, if you are able to, can you update the urls for the links that aren’t working (for example, the link for the dress). I love your sense of style and thank you for making this fun video! 😘

  2. Jacqui Jacoby

    Generally speaking, when people try to hide bodies, they generally refrain from putting them in a water source that will give them away within days. Remember, if you commit a murder, you will have to remember fifty things to do to get away with it. You will only remember forty-five of them. I have experience with someone of bipolar.. I believe, with her lowered meds, she had a bipolar episode everything after that is unpredictable. Climbing that wall ... you would have to be motivated. It’s a tragedy.

  3. Laje Benjamin

    In America death penalty is only acceptable for black men but for anyone else it’s always almost always possible for them to only do life without parole

  4. Crystal Villareal

    If someone did this to my kid I would be waiting for them to get out of prison so they better keep them there till they rott!

  5. Teddy Krash

    911 guy should be fired.

  6. Mariah Gilling

    I cried watching this, this is so amazing, just watching it made me feel like I experienced something so special 🥺 y’all’s love is just beautiful & so incredible to witness & the trip looks like a dream 💕💕

  7. Christina Salgado

    I think her step dad trafficked her.

  8. K

    "I hope to see you in my next vdieo" Me: uhhhh. I hope I'm not in your next video 🙃

  9. Alice Ayres

    I have no sympathy for the mother whatsoever. She found out her little girl has been HEINOUSLY VIOLATED and her childhood was stolen, and does she call the police? NO. She stays with the monster, continuing not to protect her kids. That is her ONLY job, not protecting herself, protecting her daughter she lets get constantly raped and impregnated. It would be nice if there was a 3 day "cool down time" before gun purchases, although I'm sure this particular guy still would have done it 3 days later.

  10. Brooke Prampero

    You absolute slime ball 😂

  11. Elleanasia

    Hitch hiking was extremely common back then especially around that area, my dad used to hitch hiked to see my mom all the time back in the 80s lol

  12. Jemima Mihan

    your fashion is amazingggg

  13. Missy Marie2

    This was a horrible case. That poor Flippin kid.

  14. Elleanasia

    Why does this lady sound so confused by his statements..... my patience lvl is hitting -10000 just listening to this 🙃

  15. Nancy Beveridge Taylor

    Bella! You are Bella! 😊

  16. Alice Ayres

    I was like....why on God's green Earth would anyone go see a "chemist"? Are they taking college classes? Apparently it means "pharmacist".

  17. Ellie L

    I remember this on the news I live pretty close to Puyallup, WA it was sooo sad

  18. Mascena Hisatake

    I missed these types of vids from you, and vlogs!!! They were my fav 😩

  19. Abby Ellis

    What the fuck is his problem

  20. Abby Ellis

    Why is the dispatcher such an asshole????


    Poor dogs??! How about poor kids!! 😭😭🤦‍♀️ The actual human beings they birthed, didn’t have a choice either!!


    Those poor baby’s. 🥺

  23. Christine Campion

    I can’t believe investigators made that deal with it. It’s infuriating. A child molester and murderer got away. Total bullshit.

  24. Ash M

    He's up for parole in 2032, which I think is bs. He's killed two people

  25. Felicity Wolf

    "The big movie thing "😂 Way to make me feel old af lol

  26. Andrew Werner

    Always wondered if bye chance if the dog could talk like us what would the dog say sad.

  27. Kiyah Matevia

    Not downtown Dayton being a 20 minute drive from where I live

  28. Ana Derby

    the call makes me SO mad

  29. Abbie Bristow

    Please can you cover Pedro Lopez - his whereabouts are still unknown

  30. Funny Lady76

    I saw Karen in Newhall prison (I used to be a resettlement/drug worker). Looked like she'd had the crapola kicked out of her, very scary lady!!

  31. Olive Dog

    Canada and the UK have the most lax punishments when people murder. Here in the US, u get life in prison, no parole, oh you’re given the death sentence. So commit murder in those countries I guess

  32. Olive Dog

    DON’T date married men and women! It never ends well! Find your own love, or let that person leave their spouse before you get involved!

  33. pen sylvester

    I NEED to get my mother your earrings! 💕

  34. Aerial Rose

    I’ve always been curious, what part of Australia are you from?

  35. Brent Jackson

    Wow, eight years? What a load of crap!

  36. Ylfa P

    This case is so crazy. I saw a documentary about it a while back.

  37. Dallas Dobson

    Oh dear that went a smig to the darker side

  38. Soraya Conroy

    There’s a documentary on sky crime, I binge watched it. 100% recommend! also love this video. You don’t necessarily sugar coat facts when others who have covered this case do, you just say it how it is. Love it xx

  39. Diane Loucks

    That house should have been demolished. Why it wasn't is beyond comprehension.

  40. 2009socalgal

    Ok less than 10 minutes in and I already say Henry did it. Story is just not plausible. Ok, now back to watching the video.

  41. Gemma Bailey

    Him on the phone to the police just gives him away, he sounds so calm🤷🏼‍♀️

  42. J. Mac

    I'm dying to know what those earrings are you are wearing?!? Are they just cool shapes or are they something? I can't find my words, lol, you know what mean...❓❓

  43. inea

    OK so I am super late but my theory is one of the two men that had a crush on her (more likely the one that left the voicemail) was very persistent on hanging out with her. She kept declining but finally gave in on him coming over for a friendly beer considering she had dogs and felt safe having been around him at the hospital. They had some beers on the front of the house looking out at the lake as to not suggest anything more by bringing him inside. He spiked the beer while she wasn't looking and raped her. Once time passed and he realized she was unresponsive he tried dumping her in the lake hence the tiny amount of water. He realized her body wouldn't sink so he got her in her own car and frantically left a voice mail as to not incriminate himself. Now that he was alone with her body he realized his DNA was on her clothes so he changed them with the closest looking ones he could find. Once he calmed down he reconsidered the lake, drove back, went inside her house to find something to make her sink. Since he was a creep maybe he took out clothes from her wardrobe (short sleeved nurses outfit) and then saw the barrel. It's a long shot but that's my theory

  44. Alice Ayres

    They just take away her food and water? Wtf. So she just starves to death? Disgusting. Why not just inject her with something to stop her heart, or something fast?

  45. GrudgeGrusome

    It's crazy, I'm so mesmerized by your beauty, yet the cases you cover get pretty dark at times and I can't stop listening and watching, you're awesome sweetheart. Keep up the great work!!

  46. Mundia Malumani

    These girls were eaten

  47. unscrewedhorses

    For some reason I started this video with impression that the case was solved but now I have so many questions & it’s so frustrating 🙃

  48. Samantha Bakewell

    hehehe had to laugh “tiffing” it’s pronounced “ty-thing” but i get the confusion !

  49. Oliver Bach

    The powerful pillow usually multiply because copper intialy scratch forenenst a clever bankbook. erratic, abrupt saxophone

  50. Rebecca Malatesta

    All of these are gorgeous!😍 also can we just talk about the video quality 🤩 every single upload is perfect quality, by far the best on the whole of DEfasts 😍🤩 xxx

  51. Imelda Cayago


  52. Uh Lol

    Megan in the barrel is typing...

  53. Alice Ayres

    Omg the teather to the ceiling breaks my heart so much

  54. Alice Ayres

    I can't believe I'm watching this case again. I've seen parents who kill their kids, so I don't know why I'm as shocked as I am, but this just disgusts me to the fullest....

  55. sasha

    that 911 operator was so fucking patronising omfg

  56. Oliver Bach

    The overjoyed green evolutionarily release because pike resultspreviously snore a a rainy pleasure. jolly, harsh tray

  57. Ryan Swanson

    12:10 What a bizarre front door entrance for a home in my opinion. Nice brickwork but that wide stair entrance with the railings is hideous for a home; more suited for a business or something similar to one.

  58. Tyler D.

    Pretty much would be impossible for a dog to cross one of those monkey bridges...

  59. Addie Newman

    DO JASON LANDRY!!! His disappearance was so crazy

  60. K

    I think she originally ran away. I don't think her parents were abusive but just too helicopters which led her to want to escape. She probably felt trapped; I know I would if my mom woke me up at 5am to take a bath. I tried to run away when I was 7 so I dont think 9 too young. I also know my little neighbor tried to run away when he was 8. So it does happen although it isn't super common. I wanted to run away because my parents were too controlling and I couldn't take that as a kid. I'm sure she felt lonely seeing she wasn't really allowed to hang out with anyone. I do think someone probably took her while she was running away and she probably ran into the wrong person since she left. I pray for a safe return.

  61. Denise

    zYour earrings are so cute <3

  62. Erik Miller

    I’ve been watching these lately don’t know why it’s creeping me out but I’m legit addicted, this is horrible

  63. Angelina Jannae

    Cows are my favorite animal ❤️

  64. Laura Ashley

    I love clothes and trying new outfits but I have nowhere to go rn during lockdown besides work, I’m probably overdressed for being in an office with 5 other people but Idc life is too short 🥲

  65. TamekaSJ

    Bella "Harold gets up gets a Hammer and hits His Wife in the Face." Me: Well that's definitely not what I was expecting! 😳

  66. Joann Hopkins

    Your young ! ! Lets see Vids. about all the horrific crimes in your country ! ! Please do ! !

  67. Joann Hopkins

    When SHTF..... YOU'LL WISHED YOU LIVED IN AMERICA ! ! America is ....the final battle field ! !

  68. Phebe Hoban-Watson

    is she not gonna talk about how they made soup with the other parts of her body and feed it to the homeless and dogs

  69. bouncyshak

    Please cover the Hart family murders case

  70. Hope McElligott

    Not a fan of the first few looks. Like the corduroy pants with converse though. LOVE that you are so dedicated to your dog. You can tell a lot about a person by how they interact with animals. Super sweet

  71. Crystal m

    i saw a movie called Hounds of Hell years ago about these 2 freaks.

  72. Deidra Moran

    This was a fcking rollercoaster

  73. Deidra Moran

    Off topic but those earrings are everything bich

  74. Crystal m

    if davids mom was a boozer, im pretty sure she drank while pregnant. this guy never had a chance.

  75. April Hauser

    There was no Google during this time for Catherine to research. It was all books. Probably at a library.

  76. Alice Ayres

    This is the craziest story I've ever heard. Every time I see things that pan out this way, I always picture how it is being the victim that survived...that has to be so haunting. You know what your fate there was...

  77. Ava Calabrese

    Would you cover the murder of Bianca Devins by Brandon Clark from Utica, NY? I think you would do a great job respectfully giving coverage to her story

  78. Amber Topps

    had to google what a human pelt was... do not recommend clicking on “images” 🥴

  79. Sara Prentice

    Bella! Can you pls do a video on the Bega Schoolgirl murders? it is Australian! p.s love your videos!

  80. Ruby DeMow

    The fact that he barely got any punishment and then killed himself that is bs he should have stayed alive and pay for what he did to is loving wife