1. Shen One

    Due to close proximity with men the toxic masculinity virus, MGTOW-22, has mutated to be able to infect women as well.

  2. Maria Kilson

    I'm sorry, but am I the only one who, after hearing Pregaforce, imagined a hoard of men and women who run out in a frenezied state having sex to everyone in sight in order to make babies by the bucket loads?

  3. Jemma Smit

    It's OK guys let's let them have the boys and live in misery ... we can be single and happy 🤭🤭

  4. Kat Smith

    What is the name of the editor cow? The people want to know

  5. Raye Alerte

    would love for you to cover transphobia in britain!

  6. TimeToLive

    Lol if you ever need someone to translate German to English for you hit me up 😉 Greetings from the Black Forest 🌲🌲🌲

  7. Reshyra Molden

    I love your gap 🥰 I think it’s so beautiful 😁

  8. LS DC

    If I come across a dating profile in which a girl is holding a weapon of any sort, I am definitely swiping right.

  9. Pineo Tree

    astrology for weak men

  10. Екатерина Кузьмич

    Fetishising eastern-european girls is disgusting. We are generalised to an extreme and treated like some prestigious dog breed. I have to say though, that women they specifically describe are never going to date them as in our region such radically traditional values go hand in hand with nationalism, of course, unless they are gold-diggers (which explains a lot about how these artists get them). We have a really broad variety of opinions on relationships around here, and women more often than not have some self-respect (i wish all of us would, however). Not to even mention that we are more than one culture. These pathetic exuses for men make me want to commit hate crimes. I bet none of them even have been here and truly experienced interacting with locals. TLDR: stop treating eastern-european girls like easy-to-get trophies

  11. Tae-rry

    20 something videos down the line but we never see the cow 🐮😢😢

  12. DamnFineCoffee

    Written in Russian, translated by Google Translate.

  13. orange_slice1

    guys that think like this are not worth anyones time

  14. Rey Rey

    I use thredUP. Now I have to rethink this

  15. Aranza V

    I'd get a "Biphobic, abusive and proud 'Goldstar lesbian'" on my ex, if only she was still relevant.

  16. Maria Sanders

    I love you and your content so much ❤️

  17. Def Operator

    that sweater is very gamma

  18. Daniel Laében-Rosén

    That feeling when you see this recommended under a documentary on sea monsters, drop the doc and watch all the way through and find a new Good Bean to subscribe to 💚

  19. Indoor Orchids and Tropicals

    24:36 those question marks are hilarious. I would not be showing that off to anyone. She can't remember his name and he is indecisive and can't take the lead. I think that text she sent was a hint to man up, but as a woman who believes a woman's happiness comes from reproduction and homemaking and a man's is to be a man..to lead, protect, and provide like a Russian man would...you see where I'm going with this. Its true society has screwed us up and you'll figure that out when you're 40 and childless. I mean..do you know how many men can't even change a flat tire or check the oil? If you own a car, there's not really an excuse for that, but when a woman can do it and a man can't, its not sexy. I want the man to be the man so I don't have to. That is not the same thing as being a doormat to a man which is what feminists believe. Men and women are different and complimentary and they are happiest and do best, generally, when they do not fight their biology. Don't get me wrong, roosh is a douche, but not all men who want to learn pickup are entitled little shits.

  20. Some Undead Talent

    i just imagine how weird it gotta be for non-german speakers to listen to austrian dialect lmaooo that dude is disgusting btw

  21. Indoor Orchids and Tropicals

    If a pickup coach said that pickup artists might tell you to stand alone in a bar, RUN because he's either lying or totally incompetent. I learned some pickup years ago. When some pre med student ran game on me one night, I called him on it because I knew what he was doing, but then we had that in common and we had a great time. Had I not quickly learned that he was the brother of a genius I went to school with, I probably would have told him to get lost, but I knew why he learned it. Few highly intelligent people have social skills. Often the higher your iq, the weirder you are, but since you're smart, you can learn from an intellectual level how to be a person, and eventually it will stick. You don't have to pretend anymore, and your skin no longer feels two sizes too small.

  22. Some Undead Talent

    something happening in germany atm: a LOT of people do not want to be vaccinated because they fear late damaging thru it. yet they do not care about drinking micro plastic which is in their water and eating meat that contains an interesting amount of antibiotics. not even talking about the chemicals in the air, the clothing, etc. additionally, how tf are we supposed to be able to live with corona being existent if nobody is fckng vaccinated??? meanwhile at first the government did not seem to order enough vaccine. after fixing this, they now cannot get it to the people cause the infrastructure is shitty and big companies and their docs are not given vaccines they could shoot up their employees´ arms. somehow everyone is going mad over here,,,,

  23. brown Brownie

    I used be a "pick me boy" then I discovered that I'm not even a boy.. Evolution, y'all, it's evolution