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  1. green

    hello 2021

  2. KingHamoud !

    Who’s here in 2021 HAh ! Since I was 6 years old this song never gets old now

  3. Di Ann

    It`s my time!

  4. Di Ann

    YES; der HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rosy Pink_Alle müssen liken

    Lebe den Song xD❤Auch wenn ich ein Mädel bin HIHI😂❤

  6. chrille

    2021 on the playlist who else😁

  7. wellevil visão e revelação

    Love september!!!!!!! BRASIL Amazônia manaus bbbbbbbbbbbbbkķkkkkkkkkm!!!!!!!da um alo petra makuland

  8. Sebmarchandeausardinebonbeck

    I watts lafaille for coach 💪

  9. Leila Ghairat

    Feier dieses Lied 😘

  10. Spicy Dorito Animations

    0:14 bombs in a nutshell

  11. Mabet Arunima Martinez


  12. Mabet Arunima Martinez

    Me puse a bailar como loca

  13. Sebastiano Deli

    Is It from F-777's song "like a sir"?

  14. Calin Cristian Pop

    2021 someoneee???????

  15. GC Wazza

    2021 anyone?

  16. airzoomhuarache

    Euro Dance Will Never Die 👍

  17. NAAA

    En 2021 on écoute nos meilleurs classic ❤️🥺👌🏼😂

  18. NaimaN QAZAQ

    Kazakhstan Pavlodar Aksu Imanbek🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. vinshester666 6

    скромный человек из 90 х мистер скутер!



  21. San Yuceturun

    Congratulations great work:)

  22. 0G Gamers Yt

    Das soll auf Meiner Beerdigung gespielt werden

  23. Абубакар Кузиев

    2021 💥💣💣👍👍

  24. Spicy Dorito Animations

    This is the best song ever and you can't tell me otherwise

  25. Katy Muser



    Ooo HOoo 💥🤩🚨🔥

  27. Wulfredos

    nice to be nice :P

  28. Fenja.s 2007

    Immer so scheiße texte

  29. winaMP3 AIMP


  30. Kevin Ceda

    Numa numa version

  31. Frederic Reid


  32. Frederic Reid


  33. Ariel Hazan

    It's pretty good 🌟

  34. Sedek

    Jest moc

  35. hierrata valentinus

    Tak pernah bosan untuk mendengarkannya..

  36. Nico Diaz

    2021 shit, buy btc guys

  37. Alyona Kopiykyna

    When everything was so simple

  38. Tami Yummy


  39. Lily Tüxen

    I Loveee this Song ich hab ihn für ein Tanz Video von mir in der Schule genutzt 😍😍😍

  40. avegers


  41. Raspberries Terewizor


  42. Raspberries Terewizor


  43. Friend was slain by Hamudi!


  44. The Book Of Henri Borno

    Great Esoteric Graphics Sentence Structure Of Mysticism

  45. wolfie_sadow tofanel

    Ich bin noch da😂

  46. Szymek Chorazy

    Ksjdjnddghxh niechcianą rura Dunin eksperymenty zrywu wybuchnie W sumie nic się bite rura na Śląsku, a nie tylko o prawie do mnie jak będziesz miał możliwość grillowania, uff no raczej że się bite chce z RTV rtęci tir z królewskiej się nie lubi jak :-) :-):-(

  47. めありーちゃんねる信者

    日本人いる? いたら教えてぇ

  48. zuzana Belanová


  49. anna dziedziola

    Jerome 😍 hmmm... You do super music. My heart to you ❤. But sad for me is that I cant listen more video from livestream when I cant be in this time. And later this video is blocked becouse I live in Poland.

  50. Enver Alp

    King forever ❤💙

  51. むーらmR 62


  52. Paulina Komarek

    Grzeje zwoje👍👍👍

  53. Thomas Schmitt

    Ist so etwas überhaupt erlaubt rein rechtlich ? 🤷‍♂️🤣

  54. Artur Sadowski

    2021 Polska 😊😊

  55. Nadine Linke

    Toller Song, macht mich glücklich 💃🎧





  58. DJ เนเน่

    มีคนไทยไหมบอกที 🇹🇭👍

  59. Merlyn Fereira

    This song was used for my group in the pompom dance sport event

  60. Genis Bru Queraltó

    Hello 2021

  61. Rafcion

    I wonder if VIZE's toilet paper turns into mater piece after he puts his hands on it as well

  62. Lars Schmidt

    Cooler Song. Auch wenn ich die typischen Jerome Songs sehr mag, finde ich etwas Abwechslung gut 👍

  63. A K

    WOW! Der Beat, die Melodie, die Stimme dazu... Perfekt!

  64. Fina Randazzo


  65. Hải Deiu

    2021 ❤️

  66. Ian Brooks

    Not quite sure what to make of this,but yeah,fck 2020!

  67. Serena Vaccaro

    Seeds rsgag

  68. Slawomir Calinski

    Can't wait to see that in Belfast on july 2021🥰

  69. JoyfulWAVE - Producer


  70. David SERIF

    My channel in German i am Jesus and I COME

  71. Edgar Gevorgyan


  72. Familie Mai

    1:39 😎😁

  73. Right News


  74. Di Basser

    I like this very much

  75. Swindler

    ı meet thıs song maybe 14 years ago but always for me number one years 2021 forover turkey zonguldak

  76. Николай Александров

    Super 👍 music 🙌😂😂😂

  77. paweł szczepanik


  78. Mitch Rijkaard

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