I specialize in creating short physical comedy videos with the hope of uplifting you and giving you smiles!

I love the art of non verbal communication. It's incredible how much can be said without speaking a word.

Some of the great comedians who have inspired me are Rowen Atkinson, Curly Howard (from the three stooges), Lou Costello, and Jim Carrey.

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  1. Samanthaplayzz Roblox

    The last one is definitely my mom 😂😂

  2. ★·Ancestør_X·★

    This is me whenever I do something cause I am always angry for no reason

  3. Peter Playz

    I pour my milk before the cereal

  4. Manny Fulsom

    These were great 😂

  5. Unknown Legend

    Its a rewind. Not reversed

  6. JupiterMop

    Did he steal that windshield wiper from a random car? O.O

  7. •Peache_ Lemøn•

    How i wake up : Oh it's 5AM or is it 4AM? don't care let me play some games and don't sleep unlit 10 UwU

  8. peter but accept hes H O T

    *me looking up are lambos in gta*

    1. peter but accept hes H O T

      This doesnt make sense

  9. Corbin Wassberg

    New tennit trailer looking good

  10. Carmen Alicea

    😂 omg yes 👍

  11. ZachGaming_Yt

    *magic :o*

  12. Fábio Reis Barbosa Filho


  13. Lusjoati

    Top 10 things more accurate than Severloh's Machine Gun

  14. Samantha Jade

    How to put blanket on bed: Step 1: Slowly walk to the blanket that is laying on the floor. Step 2: Very Aggressively throw blanket on bed where it lands perfectly. Step 3: Slowly walk out of the room.

  15. Syed Adnan

    this is scary i hope i dont go through this , i be goin to the airport 6 hours prior to the flight 😂😂

  16. Kokoa tankeyo

    My cousin when they do a trick 0:37

  17. Kuzzi

    The faster you move, the more data it is going to transfer in a short period of time, so move slowly to prevent daily lag. That is why people work slowly with low budget LifeNet speed

  18. Maria Street Dance

    Where is the aggressive walking?? Like, you are walking so slowly

  19. I don't need it! I dont need it I don't need it!

    Now do if people walked instead of sprinting

  20. Creed Bratton

    *aggressively takes shit*

  21. Chikin

    I mean I love this channel and all, but, this really is reversed. You can hear distorted, or reversed sounds in every recoeding. I'm sorry for calling you out man. :'3 Jk man! You are just either a Jedi or friends with Harry Potter. :3 I love magic!

  22. Xyro

    Air labelle shoe

  23. The_High Groundd

    We all wanna be this nice but fear the reaction of the other person or the people around, probs true but thought I’d point it out

  24. Jeff Storme

    That is the funnest thing I have ever seen

  25. Max PlayzZ

    They be like: I am speed.

  26. B T

    Turn off the damn light in the kitchen!!!

  27. Master Dee

    The level of knee problems is gonna be endless when y'all get older

  28. Ali Aoun


  29. Kokoa tankeyo

    The “very old” man is doing better then i can (i would have snapped into two parts)

  30. Kane McDowell

    It is in fast forward

  31. Maddie Nutcracker

    I guess I'm a hater.

  32. Carly Becker

    Um all of those

  33. Music Mania

    Definition of quarantine

  34. Alexander Peralta

    I AM all kakakanan

  35. Creed Bratton

    How about the indecisive sprinting bigfoot?

  36. Landyizez Candy

    Im 9 and i would scream my lungs out-

  37. Tooth paste

    2:38 only legends will understand this reference

  38. BoyGotGoods

    Are you with Zach King???

  39. Kokoa tankeyo

    Me 0:32

  40. Kaden Parsons

    Uhh who

  41. Jayu R

    Wife:- I know you're a quickie. 😁😅🤣

  42. Shark gamer

    We should be happy that he is a good cartoon acter

  43. openmindedmusicman

    I believe him

  44. Anax Raj A

    How do you clean the house

  45. Muzan Kibutsuji

    Can’t we just appreciate the parkour stunt they did in the kitchen cause to me it was amazing

  46. Angel Klopp


  47. momento: xd


  48. arsala khan


  49. Formula Z

    The vacuum= at what did I do fam😂😂

  50. Be Cky

    MEGA SLASH 5:04

  51. its khan

    How everyone felt after watching tenet😂😂🚶🏾‍♂️

  52. Brianna Middleton

    I've done stuff like this and people's reactions are great, some get freaked out tho

  53. Alice Miranda


  54. Brendon Hill

    I don't know look like Canada to me

  55. Yandere Potatö

    It gets me every time They just look so disappointed every time they glitch like, I can’t believe it.. again... why..

  56. itsshreyasVlogsReal

    So true

  57. Niwed Gabriela

    The force is strong my friend

  58. EternalTerrors

    i am ages 11 to 14 and i kill them with soap

  59. JohannGamez 12

    Didnt you just did too many tricks

  60. Anand thakur

    he isnt reversing it, hes photoshopping it.

  61. Ryan Dyer

    it's in reverse.

  62. reginaldo marcos Lorenzi

    Ki merda é essa.

  63. AhmadZahirGoldVoice

    Rip the mum that owns this child-

  64. Tooth paste

    Nothing wrong, He’s just using crazy diamond

  65. Photo BeeYT

    0:26 that looks non reversed

  66. Nanieve

    Everyone gangsta until grandpa starts running

  67. A S

    What city is this?

  68. BluChurro

    Props to him face planting in the snow

  69. M3

    personal assassin-like assistant

  70. Chewie Cattz

    It’s easier to have a sibling on your side to do this lol

  71. mobo amusan

    How come 80 can not do it and very old can do it weird I love your videos

  72. Tj M

    gta walking

  73. BluChurro

    Take this man shopping with you

  74. Elizabeth leach

    When ur late for work and in a rush

  75. Matilda Marcktell

    Bruh this is literally my friend and I everywhere we go. Period.

  76. Hex Gaming

    Me and my brother be like

  77. •ɪᴛsᴡᴏʟғɪᴇᴇ•

    0:16 🤣🤣

  78. Izuku Midoriya


  79. HerbalGreenTea

    Too bad he didn't teach you to not film vertically.

  80. TONE