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Tory Lanez - Feels (feat. Chris Brown) OUT NOW:

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  1. Courtney Mason


  2. Vicky Fabios

    Sick song love the beat Tory lanez Chris brown kills it love the lyrics to fire 🔥 💯😁😁😁

  3. Максим Ясинчук

    недавно послушал этот трек, очень прикольный, сами послушайте

  4. Muhammad Hasan Imran

    Wow they sampled Mariah

  5. Bizertino Dali

  6. Ace 187

    i swear there's not 1 song that comes to mind that made me smile the way i smiled from 0:57 till the end of Tory's verse.

  7. Don philly

    I fuc with song💯💯

  8. Risae

    Best duo ever!!😍

  9. Garrett mangrove


  10. Elliott Giles

    The type of person that don't like this song?

  11. John Frieza

    Finally Wayne has gone out of jail, hooray

  12. Rondey Culture

    Realist song I heard in a long time Big up yourself my brother.

  13. Daimaō

    A woman beater and a woman shooter walks into a bar

  14. Ashley Walker

    I still like tory lanez


    Eyy going with meek mill flow in the beginning 🔥

  16. Nikolett Puskás

    😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😉🤪 i love it very this song!!

  17. everton rocha

    Keep watching guys ✊🙏👌

  18. TRUNK$

    Sheesh how did I miss this?

  19. Natasha Trexler


  20. david escareno

    I honestly think this is a great album but it’s really underrated, all this shit with Megan and a lot of people still side with her

  21. 樂樂樂

    Tory Lanez = Justin Bieber

  22. Maurice Raymond


  23. marilyn Turner


  24. marilyn Turner

    Lanna don't believe him Fu stalker

  25. marilyn Turner

    I'm telling on both of y'all buy

  26. Thahira Bailey


  27. Ceano Allie

    What kak is this

  28. Wheysaver GG

    Why the changed some bars of Melli at the end? Her flow is lit but better with her previous bars in my opinion: 2:04

  29. injoy inmyself

    This song sucks. The voices are autotuned. The beat , weve heard this type before. There are RnB songs from the 90s that would smoke this song.

    1. Malinda Watson

      @injoy inmyself I'm from the 90's n this is a new era jus like the 80's rnb sounded nothin like 90s n so on everything evolves same goes for every other genre. Tory still makes great music tho u jus need to move on respectfully

    2. injoy inmyself

      @Malinda Watson I understand, your a fan 🙏😊 if I hadn't listened to RNB in the last 20 years I would have agreed with you🤣🤣🙌

    3. Malinda Watson

      Lmao wrong in every aspect😂😂

    4. nexxt up


  30. LRoyMUSIC

    Meliii is fire😭🙌🏾🙌🏾 lemme peep her work, woah!

  31. Juch Alder

    I got a Question, im a foreigner and i dont quite understand this Phrase of his lyrics: "I remember Crystal dem told me I was mad weak From that day I never let another bitch embarrass me" - Dope boys Diary What does it mean to be Mad weak in this Context? What does he speak about? I wrap my head around it so much, cuz i lover this song and just wanna know haha Greetings

  32. evo1 sc

    The most lit 🔥 song ATM 💯

  33. SHUN 17

    Tory not human 💯‼️❄️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. AKI and PAWPAW officials

    I pray God keep you protected from COVID and your family🙏

  35. Steve S

    This is the song you play on the way home after a date night. Set that mood 😂

  36. Steve S

    Enough with the “came for chris” appreciate the fact that Tory brought out the best of chris on this. These 2 guys collaborating is a win for everyone.

  37. Lani

    That $1200 Versace tumbler 👌

  38. Jacob Graves

    I'll tell you who doesn't need it. For 25 years the youngest years of my life clearly not me

  39. Mrbradboy1

    This song still good

  40. aldair montes

    Muy versatil tory

  41. Omar Nunow

    We thought that Tory was left out of the picture but turns out he owns the picture✨

  42. Aden Silvage

    Torrey and Chris the sauciest light skins in the game rn

  43. ThisIsMe Official

    Y’all make such a great collaboration! A project would crash the MFs!!😂🔥🙏😇

  44. Grind Sxm

  45. David debideen

    The Sunday vibes mood tory lit.

  46. Kendrick valle chevez


  47. dety xd clan

    Is that Logan paul

  48. Keani Yamini

    Tell me why he kinda sound like nle coppa

  49. Zephrii

    bro why did u change up the lyrics tho old version was better

  50. victor souza

    Breezy is the best 🔥

  51. Tanairys Martinez

    👍♥️♥️👍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍👍👍👍 i love you

  52. MoneyMan Luke

    No cap it’s trash Until CB part comes💯🤦🏾‍♂️

  53. Betty Monroe


  54. Lazishadow

    rich look like he just got up from a nap

  55. Anonymous 3

    10 millions views. I thought he was cancelled lol

  56. Lazishadow

    this song hard

  57. Dox Johnson

    Honestly based on skills, he about to be the new Drake but better.

  58. Dox Johnson

    This gonna be a classic you can bump 20 plus yrs from now!

  59. Katrinne Libre

    😭😭. 1:00

  60. DakidBreezyy

    Already 10 millions views 😳❤️

  61. Diego Nascimento

    Como sempre som fodaaa

  62. Lanaia Jasmine

    Why isn’t this on Apple music

  63. Chibuike Christopher


  64. soiung toiue

    Damn, Tory making nothing but bangers sense that situation with whats her name. His whole album is crazy and now he drops this 🔥

  65. Nora Woods

    I like Tory better in music less vulgar in lyrics

  66. Marquise

    Trash...damn where are the respectful songs towards women?

  67. Alex David

    The real Tory

    1. soiung toiue

      1 question how did chris brown jacket look on the bed and did u know this song has no bad words dont play it back to see his jacket

  68. Onyeka Mbanu Jr.

    THEM People's are just gonna hate on this masterpiece for no reason it's almost funny

  69. Domo M.i.A

    Is it just me or did Tory try to dress like Chris in this video

  70. Daniel G


  71. Kashawna Harrington

    Love this song!!

  72. Royalty Ride

    Tik Tok gone steal this heat🙄

  73. Empress Candy

    Beautiful 🥰that’s all imma say😉

  74. kid China

    Aye this is dope but the Spotify version has no panning in the mix like this I think your engineer forgot to switch back to stereo from mono in the mixdown 😩

  75. Wellington Trindade

    Que isso aleluia jesus 💪🏽🧒🏽🖤💎

  76. Nany Tica Fernández

    Mis cantantes favoritos!! 🤩

  77. Daphney Mezy

    Did any one realize jake Paul in the beging

  78. Beatriz da Silva

    topzera pra ouvir com a familia