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  1. Feiby Chan

    i just witnessed satisfying murders

  2. scott buzzell-leo

    Try oak wood, i heard its the strongest natural tree

  3. Lutuber

    0:30 me when I have homework

  4. Lutuber

    6:22 that’s how you make your shoes bigger to fit

  5. Thị Nhị Nguyễn

    No Kiome no

  6. Eun Rose

    The furby made me sad

  7. Arthur Gonzalez

    7:27 that’s actually pretty cool

  8. Jenni

    ”Kolapsing” 😂

  9. Jenni

    Ok this is a finnish accent 😂😂 he wasn’t even trying lmaooo

  10. Toño O

    Couldn't you put a valve on the water line and other in the bottom of the cylinder so you can retract the piston and put more water to crush the football?

  11. Project Storm


  12. хлеб хлеб конечно

    The tooth turned to dust he said I don't sit well with Thanos who did it !!

  13. хлеб хлеб конечно

    hey this is my tooth what are you doing with him ?!

  14. Kevin Maddox

    Please make bigger stronger roller with spikes to pull it in

  15. the7Saviors

    7:09 brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "pencil pushing".

  16. Amanda Gomez

    4:11 & 5:44 Summer in a nutshell

  17. Stephen Creech

    What’s with all the skulls

  18. ticketman1000

    No one: Someone’s daughter: 9:44

  19. Aiza Qureshi


  20. Shas'O Swoll

    8:09 Kneeling soldier is the smartest character, he turned around, saw what was going on and got the fuck out of there

  21. Chat The Clover,Lover,and TheVloger

    The police will hunt you if you keep still doing that I will put you in jail if keep doing that and I will put you in to court you know if I were you I will just eat all the vegetables and fruits

  22. abdurahman khaerul

    Helmna mening ker saya cok

  23. neko sands

    bakugos mind always: 4:03

  24. Nicola Zinna

    Why you never use wood like matter for your experiments?

  25. Fred bear

    Yees finally the amogus is dead

  26. Mikalah Cowan

    I’m just tryna figure out who bout to clean up all them Thomas the train parts..

  27. *iTs STill ME* V-i-P

    more roller!!!!

  28. ꧁卄.Ҡ꧂


  29. Sky Dragon

    at the end: Totoro-san

  30. Fred Zeppelin

    Could you crush a hydraulic press? Like putting two of them together to battle it out haha

  31. Andrewut7y A

    Has this channel tried compressing springs? Ya know, like biiiiig sproingy car springs, then pull it with a cable and watch it fly and destroy all in its path.

  32. *iTs STill ME* V-i-P

    do a foot long subway sandwich

  33. Kokichi Ouma

    Why did I search this up- I'm torturing myself


    HPC: Crushes the graphics card Every gamer in existence: 😱😭😨

  35. Janusz Typowy


  36. Amanda Gomez

    3:40 Mommy wheres my barbie doll?

  37. Amanda Gomez

    *playing among us* 1:18 *The impostor*

  38. Warley vitorio


  39. WhippySpoosledorf


  40. The Lit Gamers DO


  41. MiNdFuGBoIz

    ookko ajatellu puristaa paskaa? myös siis spaghetti vekottimes

  42. Mess Ben

    Si ya des français likez mon com pour savoir que vous êtes LÀ !!!!! (MAIS C'EST DU GASPILLAGE)

  43. CloudZEditZ

    hydralic press kinda sus

  44. o•Itz_Akira Playz•o

    3:05 best way to turn off your alarm clock

  45. Adam Sedo

    POV: you are the werid kid in class

  46. Audrey Reads

    *3:13* I think you got the snooze button...

  47. Aqua 64

    1:23 it's over. they can't hurt us anymore.

  48. Billy Stapleton

    So many toys destroyed

  49. It’s Bhav

    My brain after forgetting about my childhood and moving on to adulthood 0:28

  50. Make 81

    Turkish peppers too dry

  51. Luna Wolfie

    I like this video more then hunnibee’s videos... 👍🏻😅

  52. Eu _isa_

    Coloca a mão

  53. RavineKillr

    2:41 Me when I fall on my face

  54. Make 81

    No more asbest!!!

  55. Sarah Pobo

    OMG 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  56. Logan Driver

    Another way to turn your alarm off

  57. Glen Stroud

    2:47y do I find this is funny???

  58. Nur Syamimie

    wow this actually help to make u sleepy lol

  59. Moon Magic

    10:10 the forbidden lifesaver...

  60. Alpha._.dorito

    9:59 me in morning

  61. Jeremy P

    Would have been a good April 1st video if he pretended the press couldn't get through at maximum pressure. Oh well.

  62. Mielesplayz

    0:27 new leaked minecraft update

  63. Alpha._.dorito

    3:47 omg u dont have heart?😭

  64. Ecem Kıray

    Türk izleyen var mı

  65. Lalula Blablu

    Essen its no God sonst God God God 👍👍👍

  66. SteelSkin667

    That guy's more dexterous with a giant forklift than I am with my butter hands.

  67. evgenij efremov

    0:48 a man has fallen under the hydraculic press!

  68. Sindaine

    Yes it is a beaut

  69. Millie Parkin

    Who else felt bed for the elephant clay model

  70. Khalqiannur

    Hydraulic vs Hydraulic

  71. Elizabeth Stefan


  72. Gril Nam

    6:15 stu francis, crackerjack


    Best channel straight to the point Less talk Not like other bullshit channels only talking and talking

  74. Gabrielle Foltz

    go to 3:05. when your clock won't shut up

  75. Bart Bols

    peat wood is actually used as heat shield for sputnik spacecraft. It burns really slowly and dissipates heat.

  76. Michele Antonio Gaglione

    Emh! What, paper hahahahahaha

  77. Bart Bols

    Rip spider

  78. BTS V A BOSS

    3:22 Peppa like oof I popped

  79. BTS V A BOSS

    Kinda nasty 0:02 that’s kinda nasty to 0:28 nasty also 2:28