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  1. Paul Reed

    Perhaps the sticking problem is more to do with wood than the design. You could use an insert t reduce friction.

  2. YSG 2017

    This channel is getting tedious. Used to be about a wonderful machine and music. Now it’s about micro engineering 1000s of reiterations of CAD redesigns of marble track redundancy failsafes. Still interesting, and educational but I feel like I’m being dragged down the never ending rabbit hole of a stuck MMX dev feedback loop. Is this the makers/musicians equivalent of writers block, or has Martin bitten off way more than he can chew with this monster?

  3. Alguém por aí

  4. The Road To Mars

    🤯 I”m in compete awe!

  5. Daniel Heesom

    Your doing great work by the way

  6. Daniel Heesom

    Real world test before you discount the designs , dude your machine has a vibration !!! Use it !!! This won’t get stuck on the mmx I guarantee it

  7. The Man With No Name

    Wont those alterations translate to a variable gap at the top of the MMX? you are putting two roll values at the top?

  8. Lenin Hidalgo

    How much money do you spend to make this

  9. The Man With No Name

    Random question, could you have a "shaker"? something that repetitively hits or moves the channels? Either a bar that taps the back of the channel or shifts it to cause some vibration.

  10. ReynaOrtiz

    Esto es increíble esto, su oído música 🎶 ♥

  11. Rhea Gais

    Its level 99999

  12. Circlemover

    the music is more interesting than the MMzzzzz.....

  13. Martin Jagl

    wednesday, 13 october 2021: "... i will replace all wooden components with 3D printed plastic components, because they are more reliable" Do you actually have children, who can make your dream come true? I'm afraid you won't be able to do this on your own.

  14. Steven V

    It'd be hell to have to carry this everyday after band practice

  15. HZStudio

    O long time no see

  16. TheLoneWolf

    5:41 did he just quote mimasaka from food wars?

  17. ArcK

    This is becoming a statics course in mechanical engineering but without the equations.

  18. jay leeder

    bass plays before he plays it. thinkhe has alot of marbles loose

  19. Casey Hancock

    Anyone else just blown away with his composing? Like I love love love the engineering, but I can't wait to see Martin get back to music

  20. Lisa Sternenkind

    Building this must have been nerve wrecking. Imagine all those metal marbles running loose as soon as you make a mistake in planning. XD

  21. Lisa Sternenkind


  22. morg333

    4:51 32g with 4 marbles, XD

  23. Landen Hoefs


  24. robert kennion

    ever thought of a graphite lubricator mecnanism that continually applies graphite as a dry lube to the marbles???

  25. Roblox Boy

    This is an absolute masterpiece

  26. Abunai Gaming

    I am wondering, with all this focus on the pressure and marbles getting stuck. Every time they get stuck, it's in a situation where Martin is almost trying to get it stuck on purpose. And in many of the cases, he's slowly, gradually moving marbles away and causing them to stick intentionally. Every time they do, a little bump gets them to roll. So I have to ask, is the fact that any of these designs stuck after a situation like that really showing anything of value? The sticks mostly happened when the situation was forced with slow light movements. The machine will be shaking constantly while working, as well as marbles bumping from the top as they refill the tubes. There's a high probability that either of these motions would dislodge these short sticks and keep things running. I feel like Martin needs to take that into account too. Yes, it's not very good to rely on a semi-random event to help with consistency. But in this situation I feel that there's enough exterior forces to make his points a lot less worrying than he seems to believe they are.

  27. Benjámin Kurilla

    Wilson? Wilson!!!

  28. Pedro Pereira

    If there is some sort of solidworks for these designs, that would be great for testing before CNBC.

  29. Eric Mills

    Are these posts merely a seminar on cad design or will the machine ever produce music?

  30. Michel Feldheim

    Don’t worry about it taking so long. I believe many of us are makers at heart and love to learn with you. Of course I want to see the final machine one day but that would mean the journey would kind of be over. Sad day 🤣 While we‘re at it, I am so so so impressed how your skills and personality have evolved over the course of that project. Oh, and can you make some music on the machine for us?

  31. Orlando B00m

    I have just had this idea... Maybe it can help. When being played, the MMX constantly vibrates and moves around. Whenever a marble gets stuck in these gates it really doesn't need much to make it fall through. So maybe, and that is a big maybe, you don't really have to care about them being stuck just a little and while they are built into the machine everything runs smoothly. So I think you should do a test with the gates built into the machine. If you are lucky none in a couple thousand will get stuck...

  32. Screen Writer Guy

    5:33 But the marble is stuck...

  33. Lawrence Limburger

    Awesome seeing you whack all the moles! Beautiful piano playing too, though i would maybe say to relax to watch your posture. much love!

  34. Sam W.

    I always wanted to be an engineer. I knew I would not be able to, but I love seeing engineering in action.

  35. Slice of Sparta

    I don't know what your day job is, but any manufacturing plant would be lucky to have you as a automation engineer. Your approach to problems and solutions shows off your brilliance, strong engineering core, focus and drive. Your skill and dedication to the Marble Machine X is impressive and inspiring!

  36. Алексей Жерновой

    Гоблин, но прикольно! :)

  37. Marvin Schneider

    This melody gave me some real professor layton vibes. I Love it! Greetings from Germany!

  38. Martin W

    Just please take into account that if a marble lane runs dry, you can never use the last 10 or so marbles, as they would need to run upwards, against gravity. (Just look at 5:35 I am pretty sure that you don't want to create such a big bottleneck. You could then just simply shorten the feedlines and have the same effect on the pressure. You should have a different design for tilted modules. You know If you know how you will tilt the plywood piece, you can actually engineer the marble path in a way, where the tilted design path matches the non tilted path, by turning the paths clockwise. That way you make sure that the tilted and not tilted channels behave in the same way.

  39. Shana Harris


  40. FooDM

    also, was the tilt test done at an angle the tilt is present in MMX? design is REALLY sensitive to gravity, which is dependant from the tilt ange. Same design might be perfect for the MMX,, but fail on tilt test due to forces being applied at different angles. Same goes other way around too^ i think...

  41. Martin W

    You didn't tilt the two question-mark-paths. If you tilt them in the way you mount them on the machine, the marbles will actually have to go *upwards* which will get them always stuck, if the marble lane feeding it is running dry!

  42. FooDM

    Ever thought of feeding midi into MMX?)))) found this guy over here make a MIDI music box, thought it was cool.

  43. Enrico Cestaro

    Martin of the past: I redesigned the system 6 or 7 times this summer Martin of the present: I designed the system, sent It to my team of engigneers and CAD specialists, redesigned it, built it with the CNC machine, redisegned it, changed the material, coated with rubber and covered with magic dust. But It took me two days, I'm so lazy, why am I not efficient enough?

  44. ifu

    hey guys i'm back.. is the marble machine done yet?

  45. vbddfy euuyt

    don't dent or mar as easily. Wood will need some finishing done to deal with the same conditions.

  46. Fang shi

    Dude, you love marbles dont you?

  47. Virginia Gamez

    Have you lost your marbles?

    1. Fang shi

      i mean at the end he dropped a few

  48. that indian otaku

    this was the first video I ever watched on you tube and I am proud

  49. swerasnym

    9:14 Gunde Svan plays Mario?

  50. dmartinr41

    I really dont know if this is the primary or secondary channel

  51. Lucas Olsson

    Such a great video, you're amazing man.

  52. laszlo nemeti

    What is this song 11:30 ?

  53. Jasen Chambers

    30 degrees!

  54. LoupCastille

    Incredible Hulk ending theme vibes

  55. Martin Fyhn

    I believe tin the ?! The vertical path on the right should not be completely vertical. The marbles gets stuck when the center of the bottom rightmost marble, is pushed further right, than the center of the top rightmost marble. If the path forces the bottom rightmost marble's center to always be further left, than the top one, then it should never get stuck (as long as the width of the track doesn't allow for a similar problem. But try to add a small wedge for the bottom marble, forcing it a little bit further left.

  56. Wess Coates

    Oi. If you read this, do some jams from the guardian legend. That soundtrack was amazing.

  57. Sr Bigote

    its always a pleasure to hear you play, much preciated, can't wait to hear your music again, and thanks again

  58. KanonOC

    just and idea. why do you need the zig zag vertical. culd it not just aswell be horizontal. that way the slope would be the same but the pressure bleedof wuld still work. and you could make all the gates in one piece of playwood. seams like it would work

    1. vbddfy euuyt

      14:05 "Wilson, food time!" was the most adorable thing I've seen this week!

  59. David Burton

    also stop to think. When is the MMX going to be on a 45 degree or so angle!?!? Yes redundancy and perfection are good but also see that you don't need this part to operate under these circumstances. If wanted I would be more than happy to elaborate more!! Keep up the great work!! It will be done!!

  60. Curry King

    wow when did this channel hit 2 million, the last time i was looking at the subscriber number it was 1,2 :D

  61. Raging Brainer

    No haircut until MMX is finished ❌

  62. Ramón Correa

    marbles are evil

  63. noob FF Gaming

    When your mom want you to be a engineer , *realise got tanlent in music*

  64. Андрей Маренко

    Hi everyone! Pls help - what does Martin play at the beginning of the video?

  65. Oskar Dampc

    Hi Martin, can we that don’t have engineering experience help in any kind of way? (except being member of the channel of course)

  66. Pasha K

    Buituful playing

  67. 脱法ハーブキメ込み隊

    amazing sound!

  68. Mathias Suarez

    Talking about the piano song... is there any way to get the music sheet? Such a beautiful song! Greetings from Barcelona

  69. はらぺこちゃん!


  70. 琥珀。


  71. Mustafa Taha Dağdeviren


  72. juap!

    You need lateral force, and force ball rotation, also consider changing wood type for more friction. The you need a Peogressive zig zag design thats get closed in a logarithmic way.

  73. See Sharp

    Have you tried making the wooden surface smoother? Reducing friction should work.

  74. Kathleen 168

    Beautiful art!

  75. Reinhard Eder

    Why dont u use another material with less friction than wood, cause this is the main reason they get stuck

  76. rayan abdullah

    Good job

  77. Filip Schneider

    The model no. 1 still works the best. The person, who created it clearly put some thought into it. I'm curious, how many dead ends will Martin have to bump into until he realises it.

  78. cindy management

    Please play the marble machine x

  79. Xinus22

    Looking at the original Marble machine shows just how much better MM2 is. and its not even finished yet!

  80. Batterie Faible

    That corona typewriter