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  1. Richard Salazar

    Curvature of someones eye varys from person to person

  2. systim30

    No logo on the lid... I'm all 4 it

  3. Rehan Abeer

    White dude with mustache pretty rare these days lol

  4. Random 4400

    I do love me some life's good 😂

  5. Aaron Carrigan

    I love the noise that comes with gaming laptops 👌

  6. Wraithdagger

    "Most powerful laptop in the world" *doubt* "from AMD" Ah, okay.

  7. Mangos Tech Corner

    This was a fricking cool laptop!

  8. CrookedFilms

    Looks like an msi gf65

  9. Bixx Plays

    this is not a laptop. to be a laptop it kind of has to be useable on a lap witch it isnt when the entire botom is a vent that gets compleetly blocked by your lap.


    7:38 - and my first, legendary, blue 1800dpi deathadder... had onboard memory ;)

  11. Instinctive Firearm Reviews

    Can't find this monitor anywhere in Canada 😢

  12. Jamal Ibrahim

    Came here because of the caption

  13. Notgazo

    The keyboard layout isn't wrong it is just not build for north america. This is a fairly classic ISO QWERTZ German keyboard.

  14. SquallNeko Guy

    Wow such an awesome review. Hopefully Linus will give it a full LTT review, later on

  15. Notgazo

    The most POWERFUL laptop we have unboxed ... Until the next one arrives.

  16. Gio Mag

    0:24 clitorally? or is it just my dirty mind?

  17. Nathan Brown

    I find it so annoying that the US layout has the flat Enter key rather than the tall enter key used on both English UK and European keyboards.

  18. Basslime Rex

    It actually says it costs $1699 on the Acer website though...

  19. Sony

    I would buy the shit out of all black no logos high performance laptop.

  20. Idtech Celestial

    Zou saz is not right, Zou wrong! This how germanz tzpe

  21. Hendrik Schepkens

    Unplugging a cpu fan wont harm anything with the heatsing on it. it will just slowly ramp up in temp and slow the clocks.


    2.6K for a fat Laptop, with a shitty wobbly keyboard wich is essential for accurate typing/gaming and bad Speakers.

  23. Parvi

    EIn Land, ein Reich, ein Kommentarbereich

  24. Franklin Allen

    I'm surprised there isn't a dedicated key for ß

  25. Andy Spark

    Do the research before the recording.....

  26. 666bunnykiller

    what is wrong with layout !? is it becouse if this ÅØÆ ??

  27. John Adams

    The new Apple M1X will destroy that and you'll won't hear the fans spinning..

  28. D. Vuijk

    I play valheim on max settings on a 1070ti. Way above 40-50 FPS too. There are some performance tweaks you can do to get it performing better

  29. Gawayne

    Looks quite a bit like the Lenovo legion

  30. Moose Keys

    YO. HMDI 2.1?! Say less. Got thst thing on my radar.

  31. Vucari

    Linus: The flex is not bad... Me: That thing flex's more than a bodybuilder at a photo shoot !

  32. Cody

    "Reach around Is Not Feasible" Yeah OK 👌 Linus, We all know you're good for a reach around by now. 🙃🤣😂😅

  33. Supratim Das

    What is "Madison" really doing there? Seem like she is doing her whatever she can, except the Job she is supposed to do.

  34. Shawn

    Another product that doesn't exist

  35. pcfan1986

    If you do not like the German keyboard I will take it off your hands, not problem. Just contact me, I send you my address and you ship it to me. I will take care of it. So you do not need to throw it away yourself ;)

  36. david wilson


  37. Eastern Wind

    Wish they'd have got rid of the numpad but otherwise this seems like a great device

  38. david youlus

    linus drop tips has returned

  39. Carrot Cruncher

    Reviews Laptop doesn't even know who made it, fucking Amateur, where the fuck is Anthony ffs, leave the reviews to a professional dude

  40. Reyan

    Feels so great that I have the same chassis in my RP-15

  41. Ivan Rosyaykin

    I love how anytime Germany is mentioned in a video, the Germans just take over the comment section

  42. Matt Farmer

    Ooo if it's teung fang then that mean eluktronics will be doing something with this soon. Much excite

  43. David Cazes

    If it's sponsored, it's a commercial...a 10 minute commercial.

  44. Anton Kovalenko

    Unboxing starts at 11:45

  45. Raul Gabriel

    This guy is boring af.

  46. Simon Seide

    Wow so in 2021 you can get a full-blown gaming laptop for roughly the price of the equivalent desktop GPU, that's just ridiculously said.

  47. boquatkhoi hien

    mooi video, ek wil jou vriende wees, ok?

  48. TheBigBeefIs

    That’s the same laptop shell the gateway was in!

  49. Sabotage FPS

    I wanted to see you guys give Anthony his own channel, or at least more video spots. But instead you hired Madison. Unimpressed. (I'm joking) (kind of)

  50. Arthur Yunzal


  51. Rune Møllegaard

    Sounds like a hairdryer

  52. Bamboozled Dog

    I hate Android

  53. #256StreetcarTakeover

    Highly disappointed that a computer of this caliber doesn’t have the power supply to actually feed it

  54. Daniel Eckert

    Die Tastatur ist doch einwandfrei? (But the keyboard is perfect?)

  55. Md. Esham Mursalin

    8 Hours of Battery Life in Laptop so powerful!. That's Insane.

  56. Shani Ace

    9:13 I thought Valheim was a new game, why does it look as blocky and low-res like a game from the 90's? Reminds me of the old N64/Windows 98 times.... really ugly. Would've been more interesting to see this laptop run an actually demanding game and not another Minecraft...

  57. 1 2

    if a "kid" starts "tinkering" with that IO, it will be dead in a day. it's not a playskool product.

  58. thetalldutchman

    Seems like nobody wants to make a perfect laptop, because you would never buy another one and they need to sell them like cupcakes....

  59. Shani Ace

    1:30 minutes in and the video doesn't mention the brand or model at all... had to stop and look in the description to find it, why was that crucial bit of information not mentioned right during the intro?

  60. Jammy

    "4k is dumb" he says as my video quality drops to 240p

  61. 1 2

    unwrapping videos are so lame. when does this stupid trend die?

  62. 1 2

    Only question that matters: Will it run a bitcoin full node and lightning node at the same time?

  63. XxKINGofDaBaYxX !

    That lift this up made me crack up with them lmao hahaha

  64. Motoryzen

    2:06 That's a z....not " zed". and no I don't care that the brits and canadians keep choosing to mispronounce the last letter of the English alphabet. If you speak English..SAY IT CORRECTLY. -_- It's not rocket science.

  65. Rodrigo Ferreira Maciel

    Why is the 3080 suffering on that ugly game lol, is it just bad optimized or the mobile gpu is so worse? I'm not saying the game is bad tho, I've never heard about it, just saying it isn't the kinda game I would think to use while testing a 3080

  66. DBAddy

    Good job testing it Alex. Couldn't even confirm if it was actually a Clevo laptop. Also, WTF is that game, and why is it using 90% of the GPU, runs at sub 90 fps and still looks like it is from 2001.

  67. Shiknobi

    That's odd, the laptop is a beast but it only gets 75-80 frames and the game looks like poo poo, is the game poorly optimized or is the camera not showing it properly?

  68. Aaron Riedel

    when a canadian says, that this is the wrong keyboard Layout: PLITSCH PLATSCH, DEINE MEINUNG IST QUATSCH

  69. Christos Tsatsaris

    Looks so much robotik

  70. William

    This may be the most powerful laptop you've ever unboxed, but the LLT Northern Lights Desk Pad is the most powerful Desk Pad that I'll never get to use.

  71. VENJO

    give it to me im german XD

  72. Leo Martinez

    You sound like immadness

  73. Anvith Shetty

    Baseless attack on the keyboard, lol. Seems leGiT tO mE hEhE Funi...

  74. Przemek S

    Can you run linux based os on those Lenovo Legion computers without major issues?

  75. Your Uncle

    I have one of this too! I use this phone for emergency i can charge other phones by using otg and damn that battery is fucking beast!

  76. Ravi Shah

    So, you dissed Cleavo's past design and didn't realize they didn't make this one? Who edited this?

  77. Sandwitch

    i would like to see magnesium alloy cleevo