I'm a partially deaf music producer working with lots of different genres and instruments. I also like making music with things that aren't instruments, like balloons and carrots. Based in Toronto. 40+ albums out which you can find at the links below.


I put a pretty comprehensive list of what I use in each of my video descriptions. With Amazon links!

What do you edit with?
Was FCP7, then FCPX, now Premiere. They are all good with different very minor pros and cons.

How many instruments do you play?
I don't really know. I just try to make noise with everything.

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  1. Cactus Plays

    I wish i knew music theory like this guy

  2. SonOfTheSun

    Hey when i buy flip where can I find the tutorials

  3. Ek C

    she said i like his little tingly bits lmaooooooo

  4. Aidan Grey

    The second piece is very little nightmares

  5. Mayra Aguilar

    Andrew: *makes a video about hating his voice* Also Andrew: *records the most beautiful vocal takes for said video*

  6. Brandon Hemoi

    I've used PCs all my life and always had issues at some point. I was a huge Apple hater. Things changed once I got my first Mac. Much better stability and ease of use. Had a lot of annoyances creating music on my PCs that weren't there on my Mac. I could give plenty of examples but I'd be here for a while...still like Windows though, it's just not as streamlined imo.

  7. Roy G Biv

    You have the most expressive eyebrows in the game

  8. CricketWhisperer

    Aren't there different types of minors though? Like... melodic, and other ones I forget the names

  9. Mike Nguyen

    1k+ people laughing at the pretentious person who posted that comment, love it

  10. Accidentally Fasting

    Why do you use an apple computer? "I haven't used anything else since the first time I used one, so I really have no clue." Basically sums up all Apple users.

  11. Alfie Kennedy

    My thinkpad be bussin doe

  12. oxoxChrissyxoxo

    When Apple changes their business/labor practices maybe in the future I might see for myself if there's anything gained by using their products. And Louis Rossmann would beg to differ about build quality.. As for latency, DAWs on PC have a buffer latency we're all used to already (especially those on mid to low end computers to compensate for all the generators and effects in use) on top of whatever latency would be on the hardware. Mine is set to 512smp or 12ms but can go as high as 2048smp or 47ms. So a phone with 30-40ms latency isn't a big deal to me. Low to mid latency I can get used to. Kind of like playing a first person shooter and ping, if it's under 50ms I can deal with it. Lower is always better but the reason so few phones have low latency shows how important it is to most people in those markets. When it comes to the app stores, I definitely agree that the Android market is over-saturated with free or free with ads style apps. You really have to develop something unique with lots of added value features to get people to spend more than a few bucks on your app. I would definitely put it up on Apple's app store and after you've paid expenses and gauge popularity/demand, use profit funds into porting to Android. People can whine but we all know the reality that most of us when we go looking for something in the app store often download multiple free apps rather than possibly getting buyer's remorse on an app. Should definitely put out a full video of all the features, I love demo vids more than a few screen grabs of the app. (when reading the details in the store) So for the time being I'll continue using pc. PC has a large pool of manufacturers for hardware that keeps constructive competition going to continually improve products. I've also been using Windows since Millennium Edition. I've used Apple stuff a few times using friends/family devices and it's an odd experience for me. iOS doesn't feel intuitive to me. They tell me Android isn't intuitive to them when they've always used iOS. Weird right?

  13. Iván Faigenbom

    Love this vid and your voice andrew. Hugs

  14. apominoz

    that's so true i don't want to be put in my box thinking i did not try something i want to do. thank you andrew.

  15. MC Exuberman

    I produce on Android bruh...

  16. Russ Kalen

    Good video, I recently upgraded my iMac to get more cores for running virtual instruments. I found there is a reasonable market of slightly used Macs so you can get the power and stability without the enormous price. I also repaired my older iMac to upgrade it with an SSD hard drive for a very reasonable price. My issue with Apple is the OS has too much nannyware built into the newer systems. I had to dig thru obscure and unintuitive system preferences to get my audio interface to work with each program separately.

  17. Lautaro Ruiz

    I like Apple, I just dislike Apple users

  18. Arete Development

    I'm going to have to agree. I grew up on Windows and PC and still use Windows to this day. I got my first iMac in 2014. I just got a new Lenovo laptop a few years ago and the audio drives me crazy. I get a lot of glitching and crackling on Ableton Live, Sibelius, Muse Score, Band Lab, and much more unless I use Bluetooth. That is just unacceptable.

  19. Lordofthefood1

    I think you need to do a part 2 with making the best of what you have. also part 3 of 'when' you should upgrade -- or what motivation to upgrade.

  20. Scotty Maxwell

    What the heck is going on here

  21. Nitreon

    needs ott

  22. Buddhadeb Sarkar

    Because apple sponsore money is better...😂🤣

  23. Sebastian Alvarez


  24. Minh Le

    Chords are 3 or more notes played at the same time.

  25. Ledgerwood Creative

    How the hell could somebody dislike this video? Incredible wealth of knowledge here. One of the few people who actually helped me understand this stuff.

  26. XZyrex Music

    now this is content

  27. Albert Nicolau

    Video was going great until you mentioned pc vs mac!

  28. Impressive Media Solutions

    As a Dj and a music fan no one care if you use Mac or Pc. It is ridiculous to believe mac are without problem, when they do freeze and crash just like windows. When you have large amount of track you do get bad latency on a mac also. That is why everyone is buy audio interface with dsp and mix knobs. This guy just want to sell an app and hopes by bringing everyone into mac jail he will make a ton of cash. Just get a machine and make the music you love no one ever ask what it was made on only tech nerd worry about this. Video like this should have a disclaimer nonprofessional advice. too many ppl buy the cheapest pc and try to compare it to a mac. To end buy a good spec mac or pc and you will have no problem. Just create that is all that matters.

  29. Just1Mohr

    I left a Like on the video because I agree with most of the evidence. I will also never own another Apple device as they are today. Both, their policies and their devices, would have to change unrecognizably for me to have any interest. That doesn't make me blind to the facts. I just don't foresee myself needing a solid portable experience or playing live shows. Desktop PC is all I need.

  30. blargiefarg93

    The TLM's highs are incredible.

    1. blargiefarg93

      also, I love samara(?) seeds. ("helicopters") I have such nostalgic memories of them!

  31. Gustavo Sousa

    thirteen thousand dollars, converted to brazilian reais, plus shipping and taxes... okay i'll have to make a lot of money before i even dream of getting my hands on one of those

  32. Jas Bataille

    I use both Mac and Windows, I'm a pro audio engineer, and I agree. Whether you like Apple products or not - I hate the new ones, I've just been constantly upgrading my 2012 MacBook pro so it still boot Mojave in less than 10 sec - the fact of the matter is that native Windows audio drivers suck. Realtek is pure garbage, and so is "high definition device", although a bit less of a pain... sure, you do route through ASIO4all drivers with you DAW, but it's well known in the industry that Windows drivers are just not as stable as Core audio. Most pro studios still run on older Mac Pros, even pre-trash can era. Not saying that using Windows is wrong - not at all - but if your living depends on it, you see... there are reasons why you won't see a single Windows laptop at a DJ booth.

  33. Missing Legs

    soooo... for every key, there's a triad cord that derives from every letter? So for example in the C major key, you can play C major, D minor, E minor, F major, G major, A minor and B minor, right? Edit: oh wow, I got it right! you talk about it in the next scene Edit 2: Wow this is actually so amazing

  34. Sandro Francis Miranda

    Bloopdance doesn't work on my Bloop machine :/

  35. Patrick

    thank you for destroying my eardrums with that intro

  36. Dirk Lamb

    Andrew, you should do more mini-docs/video essays. I know this is presented as more of a "consumer review" type deal, but it's clear that your production team (maybe this is just you? idk) can effectively research and present information about a contentious topic.

  37. Dave W

    home rig was always a PC, but for live shows always used a macbook pro. makes sense.

  38. Makun

    Who the f*** makes music on a tablet/cellphone?

  39. Marek S

    Well, I would argue about some points in the video. But I will not. It' your opinion.

  40. Billy Murphy

    You need to replace Google play music with DEfasts music in your bio. 👍

  41. ManOfDoodle

    PC vs Mac: IF you‘ve got a Pro Windows system, it very holds up vs. a Mac and costs atleast 30 to 50% less! I‘ve seen soooo many crashes on Mac and W10 is fire! This windows is buggy myth is just a myth from back in the days. If you want to pay much more for the same result...go Apple. And: Plugin Developers Warnings for every bigger Upgrade are included. Apple Users are just soooo blind...

  42. Bjorn Vagen

    smile music = molly music

  43. ManOfDoodle

    man 10 minutes for iOS vs android? Yes for sure iOS is better. But most of the customers are paying a shitloat more money for no more performance they can use... So if you donˋt need high end smartphones but completely overpriced products, go for android

  44. NPC007

    I would never use a Mac these days lol there’s just absolutely no reason at all, PCs are more powerful, cheaper, better interface, better programs, better games,

  45. Bat9000

    I used to have a Casio Sk-1, it broke..

  46. HerrSaturn

    I agree 99% here... but moving a mouse cursor, in my humble opinion, can be as sensual as any musical instrument. Love to you ANDREW anyhow..

  47. Randy

    this seems like the opinions of people who dont know how to turn windows update off lol. windows will always be better than mac if you know how to use it. if you dont then yeah mac is ok.

  48. HerrSaturn

    Gotta be tasty!

  49. Unreallystic

    I won't ever buy a mac, but what I do give the mac...AGGREGATE DEVICES. Using ASIO4ALL isn't a great solution.

  50. Peter Elfman

    I clicked on an Andrew Huang video and the first ad to play is Andrew Huang shilling for Phase Plant. What is my internet world become.

  51. constantG

    I feel that you are being extremely biased when it comes to Android devices. This en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_digital_audio_editors shows that of the 5 available DAWs for both Android and IOS, only three are available on Android devices but of the two that are IOS only, Garageband is by no means a premium product and Multitrack doesn't even get a mention in the plugin support section so I question its' abilities. Yes you are correct that because of the myriad of devices it is harder to ensure that your software is able to work on all of them but lets face it, what percentage of people are trying to make music on inferior hardware anyway. Oh and the anecdotal evidence gained from your musician friend Laura bears no meaning as the last time she used software outside of the AppleSphere, was when she was learning her craft, which I presume was some time ago. I'm not saying that Apple products are better or worse than any other but you do need to be unbiased and provide relatable statistical evidence. ;)

    1. constantG

      Other than that, it was an entertaining watch. ;)

  52. Kevin Joyce

    thanks for nearly breaking acai's computer, he was scared like hell lol

  53. ChipperSwitch

    If you're into legacy Midi 2.0 controllers, macs are a no go.

  54. Doug Wedel

    June 2012. How time flies. Hope ur doing well! This tune still ROCKS!

  55. Tommy Gun

    Ok i say it.... Andrews kickdrum is horrible!

  56. Peter Elfman

    I don't know if you realize this, but you basically created a visual, digital punch-card reader. In theory you could make a video with specific color patterns that would cover songs and make new tracks, and it would function like a punch-card and reader.

  57. Владислав Охріменко

    Horse destroy the universe

  58. T S

    Beautiful use of the instrument!

  59. Patrick Goddard

    I mean, in a way, aren't we ALL living on one giant, round spaceship? ;) In any case, love the vid. Someday I hope to deep dive into the world of modular. Really helpful info here.

  60. J Marley

    It's not about better or worst. It's about what you can do with one but not the other. And there is no such thing. Just price and fancy hat. 🤠

  61. t y

    Laughing and learning yup I’m in the right generation

  62. G G

    This is one of those Facts don’t care about your feelings... topic

  63. G G

    That has been my experience

  64. chri chri

    c´mon dude, your singing is great!

  65. Jose Hernandez

    Clicked here because of anomalie but left amazed with everyone

  66. Nero Denney

    Mate within the first 2 minutes you said you like singing. I think that's all that matter right? Why stop doing something you enjoy 🤙 keep it up

  67. Andrew Hartwig

    Hey man, I developed an iOS and Android app, and you made the right call. Just my 2 cents.

  68. Asher Saipe

    Im a pc user and one of the main problems I have with Mac is the inability to customise it. For example add more RAM or change the graphics card

  69. Boris Barroso

    I agree with iOS and Android but PC vs Mac that doesn't make sense for me, I own a macbook pro 2019 and I have used Windows, generally you get more power with PC than mac I think this will change with M1 but right now most of plugins and DAWs aren't optimized.

  70. SeanPerrin

    Instead of a pencil could I use my... ...pen?

  71. Philippe Alves

    Shout out to you guys who put your voice out there. I haven't managed to go over my fears yet and would prefer to be in a choir rather than alone. - The SMB7 sounds more muffled, as if you were in a box covered with foam. Compared to the other two, you can feel it's a lower quality.

  72. Puck Ciaran

    It just works....... I had to get a macbook for my audio engineering educ. the no driver thing was the main reason. 1 year in i had a... Driver conflict!! between ProTools and Traktor. i also had 2 liveshows go bad cuz of mac's no driver shenanigans. Lack of control can really bite ya in the ass

  73. Puny Human

    Honestly if an apple pc wouldn't be twice the price of my pc I would consider it, 3000 dollars for a unit I will use for only one thing feels a bit wasteful

  74. SeanPerrin

    Some say he's still using this computer.

  75. David Bessell

    gah so annoying!

  76. Gooseman616


  77. usual atoms

    She deserves more recognition. Great of you to mention her :D

  78. Tim Burlingame


  79. JazzAnarchy

    I see Andrew Huang wants to end his own career.