1. K-DAN

    The vibe of this song omg

  2. Johntravolta Samosir

    Just to be who you are Conan. As simple life like we see but it’s hard to do better life in future .

  3. Marcus Henrique

    I didn’t get the obvious message at the end that he doesn’t know her until I read the comments, honestly embarrassed 🥰

  4. beomflxwer

    i feel so single

  5. Uvinha12oficial

    He was totally the type of boy I wanted 👌🏻

  6. Yağmur Bozkurt

    i’m wishing

  7. Yağmur Bozkurt

    wish i were heather so fucking much

  8. Yağmur Bozkurt

    wish i were heather

  9. Yağmur Bozkurt

    how could i hate her, she’s such an angel.

  10. Yağmur Bozkurt

    i feel.. so bad.. please, help me. i don’t feel that i can be able to cope with everything anymore. i don’t feel okay. i’m so alone. i don’t wanna make my mom sad.

  11. Wevellyn Cristina


  12. kaejae santana

    aww no I love you

  13. Sunny Games

    This hits hard when you got dumped on the 3rd on December 🥲

  14. Derick Alberto

    I didnt see james anywhere

  15. luls gray

    pasaron 5 días desde que salió el mv y yo sigo sin superar lo preciosos que se veían

  16. Mariah Gunn

    My favorite artist

  17. stanley

    lendário e ICÔNICO. te amo

  18. Gabbie Bark

    NoW tiMe fOr tHe sWeaTers POV “I’m polyester..” “I WISH I WAS LEATHERRRRR“

  19. José Ortiz Villadiego

    1:06 Amo esta parte 😔💗

  20. Opossum Teeth

    "Songs where the drop obliterates ny soul" is a very appropriate playlist to add this song to

  21. Tadashi Yamaguchi

    my crush is my best friend and i get jealous when they hang out with other people... idk what to do ;-;

  22. Anthony Stevens

    So I'm not the only one who steps off their bed 0:16

  23. Jaislyn Aparicio

    who's here from p1harmony-

  24. Sofi Sky

    1- Amo la cancion 2- pudrete en el infierno, simon cowel 💚💙

  25. loset

    este video es mi lugar seguro

    1. José Ortiz Villadiego


  26. Borney

    there is no reason for Conan to be so good looking! GODD TOOK HIS TIIIIIMMMMMEEEE

  27. Juliane Melicia Cabral Buttechewitz

    Fui fazer minha tarefa é agora tô com depressão

  28. JusticeTheDoggo

    "why would you ever kiss me ? I'm not even half as pretty " Me a straight guy - bish you kidding me right ?

  29. Maria larissa Ribeiro

    Isso e Aquela atriz da Netflix né

  30. salome garcia

    el comentario en español que buscabas like si amas a conan

  31. Flo Espinoza

    is ✨aesthetic✨ ♫︎

  32. Alex Arcø

    I've been here since day 1 and I'm so proud of him. ❤️

  33. heidi

    hi bestie

  34. Camila Falconí


  35. Tina Doycheva

    This video is a work of ART

  36. Maria Luisa Pereira Coelho

    omg did u see the new girl?( continuem)

  37. salsabail


  38. Esther Zambrano

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  39. M. Hafizh Yahya

    this is the kind of song that we need 😁❤️❤️❤️👍❤️👍

  40. googleking21 the champ

    Yessssss I love him

  41. Gabriela Neculea

    what episode of euphoria is this

  42. Ngọc Diệp Trần

    This is so adorable

  43. AMANDA 777

    my god, because i think conan must be a friend to give great advice at the same time be very companion his songs are very good that will come to BRAZIL conan i just have one thing to say, thanks for existing PORTUGUÊS meu deus, porque eu acho que conan deve ser um amigo para dar ótimos conselhos ao mesmo tempo ser muito companheiro suas músicas são muito boas que chegarão ao BRASIL conan eu só tenho uma coisa a dizer, obrigado por existir

  44. Nakeyme riggs

    Hi Cone! Heather is here! I love overdrive! Thank you!

  45. Mariel Angel

    Soy el comentario en español que buscabas

  46. Albatross

    Dude I'm a lesbian but he's so freaking pretty ???!!!

  47. Thais

    garota de sorte a do clipe.

  48. Radwa Mohamed

    This is so relatable when you see a hot stranger and you imagine a life with them, especially when your listening to music.

  49. Emily tae

    Nobody Me: why is he kinda dressed like sapnap in a few scenes

  50. Vee

    do i wanna be with conan or do i wanna be conan?

  51. jessy Aguilera

    Amigooooooo esto es muy triste 😭😭😭😭

  52. Valeria M

    This musical video is art

  53. rosauro xddd


  54. martin


  55. Fernanda Marely Ibarra Baca

    2:40 amo los brinquitos que pega XD

  56. stxlk. s a t u r n

    Jsjsjsj I'm so slow I didnt realize the song was released like a week ago

  57. c0nan girl


  58. bri yay

    lets just talk about how good his song is and only his song , yeah?

  59. Mare Garcia

    Te la sacaste hermano👌🥵

  60. blackthornclose91


  61. blackthornclose91

    thatskirt suits him really good tho :0

  62. Rivaneide Torres


  63. Doyle The Chocolate Lab

    It should be a crime to be as cute as Conan. I honestly simp him way too much

  64. asheeqah marlie

    Can we just talk about how beautiful the female model is in this video ?? Uwuuuuuu

  65. Maria Concheiro

    Conan is that type of guy that can wear anything and make it look good

  66. Jesna M R

    Anthem of second main leads in kdrama 😌

  67. Joyce Laryssa


  68. Vitor Hugo Farias Oliveira Silva

    Drivers lincense olivia Rodrigo Gasoline haim ft taylor Overdrive conan Test drive ariana grande w h a t i s h a p p e n i n g h e r e ?

  69. Francisco J Carrera Cabra

    Conan Gray is my god <3

  70. Sonia P12

    Love this guy ❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩

  71. Francisco J Carrera Cabra

    Conan Gray is my god

  72. Aryana Wright

    conan is immaculate

  73. Nienke Eijssen

    Conan is the most attractive person ever!! I love his style

  74. KuroEun

    Someone wanna tell me where he get them fine looking clothes?

  75. PaL0 bRuHH

    PERIODTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! MY 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 TIME LISTENING !!!! 💅 😝 😝 😝 😝 😝 😝 OVERDRIVE!!!

  76. Aryana Wright

    I love how funky this beat is

  77. Aryana Wright

    this is so underrated even though it’s only 38 seconds😭 I love it

  78. Ehh? Mi

    does anyone else think conan gray's music slowly evolved and now its mostly more elecrtonic like maniac

  79. Peterson Diego

    Rondonia 💖💖💖💖 espace love

  80. [goodname.exe]

    You 🐷 were with 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 your friends , partyin' 💃💃 When 🕑 the alcohol 🥃 kicked in 🦶 🚪 Said 🗣️ you 🐷 wanted me dead ☠️ so You 🐷 show 🎬 up ⬆️ at my home 🏠 all alone 🧍 With a shovel ⛏️and a rose 🌹