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  1. Jonas Haugen

    This was prime youtube

  2. MynameJeff 08

    2:39 it looks like the knife from subNautica it’s a game


    Typical Japanese food ,light ,compact ,concentrated goodness .

  4. Dark Gaming6009

    The dogs want their eggs. LET THEM EAT

  5. Michael Rennie

    Crazy Russian Hacker Voice: It’s probably been cooked for hours and hours🤣

  6. krnekipac1


  7. Ethan Nguyen

    Haha 0:28

  8. Mego 420

    5:00 so awesome so easy i just can do it with two hands

  9. Dean Waddell

    Did he fight a tree before he filmed this?

  10. Aleksandar Milenkov

    Does somebody know what's the exact name of the music box (with the electric waves) ?

  11. krnekipac1


  12. srabon hasan

    Bro what are you punching!!?

  13. krnekipac1


  14. man pizza

    this man is still at it, wonderful

  15. WhatAshleyKnows

    How did I end up here?!

  16. Karen Neill

    "One, two, three, go!". Someone has been watching Vivian... 😁

  17. Drew Rogers

    Maybe two pinches. Ok three pinches. Made my day



  19. Diane Grenke

    The little warmer or any small electric appliance would be good to use In your car or truck all you need is a power converter.

  20. Jordan T

    9:42 bruh he kept putting them facing up😂

  21. bonita groy

    the first stirrer is for eggs the second is a potato masher

  22. YB E

    It's a nutmeg grinder!!!

  23. Noobie

    I feel like....the salt has something to do with it

  24. dakota dud


  25. just me

    I love your dogs.

  26. Lucas Kunkle

    R.i.o his table

  27. Tyler Floyd

    Soap lol

  28. eminem

    i miss the experiments

  29. LucYfYre Arch of Twilight

    All about safety here hahahahahahaha

  30. CNN Sucks!

    Why would i want energy right before i go to bed??

  31. LucYfYre Arch of Twilight

    Seems only good for someone without a stove available. Pans would be easier for cooking and for cleanup.

  32. AhdikaPutra Pribadina

    taras main in Jepan

  33. AhdikaPutra Pribadina

    love you

  34. DrunkenMonkiee

    Safthy is namba one praorithy - Russian guy

  35. Vince Carnevale

    Nice video,but I think a cutting board is needed.

  36. crispy bullet

    this guys was born during the soviet union

  37. Periklis Vriniotis

    Where do I get one of these things

  38. xacluxo jr logo

    Cc: tool butter gajic

  39. Besjan Ramadani

    12:50 parkinsons

  40. Noah Alicea

    Yesss the intro is back

  41. Subhradip Das

    you have cool pets 1 like for them

  42. Lesný Muž

    last two is for garlic i think

  43. Ivan Calape

    I realized there is a grenade behind him lol

  44. Ivan Calape

    I love this videos

  45. 912-PIZZA


  46. Panzerkampfwagen Ausf VI Tiger 1

    9:34 And then there's Putin

  47. Kwstas O trelos

    Taras is the uncle we all want

  48. Cinnamon Roll sin pasas

    Australia's Knife 0:40

  49. my hand

    Run forrest, run!

  50. 38 HAZZ

    why is this in my recommendation now?

  51. Bobby's Sneaks

    The late building aetiologically squash because quotation unknowingly whip a a longing point. evasive, venomous wrinkle

  52. Фургончик с молочком

    базарь по русски ёпта

  53. Harpo 911

    Looks pretty shite.

  54. Robby Fierens

    thank god Zyklon B isnt easy to buy over the counter anymore

  55. Megan Starnes

    “Looks like we got 5 matches” Anyone else see 6😂

  56. Brandon Phenix

    Very unique lock...on every Spyderco ever made

  57. Rawya Momani

    If I fits I sits ❤😂

  58. peteok

    i always used that technic without knowing from your video

    1. peteok

      i tryed anything

  59. MrJoeyable

    You need new friends!! Boom

  60. prodigy


  61. Ivan Leterror

    Riced potatoes were a staple at our house.

  62. Asia Star


  63. Ivan Ushakov

    Try use those shredders for the garlic

  64. bobby galyon

    Russian hacker: that's why this knife is awesome, because it's easy to clean.(spinning knife) Me: really though is it really easy to clean? Regular knives you just clean. Spinning knife just unpop this, lift this hatch and get the blade now you can clean it. That seems like a few to many steps for it to be called easy, rather than a regular knife you just idk clean right after use.

  65. ARSHV33R

    Why does this guy’s hand shake a lot

  66. Kshitij Dhapse

    He should do like a mukbang XD

  67. Nathaniel Golesh

    I like this a lot it’s so cool

  68. GM Wizard

    I think the lid stops it from mixing maybe magnet

  69. Graciela Torres

    An American teen laughs at russian for his accent every 2 seconds

  70. VDH


  71. KN Gaming

    Russian bomb maker

  72. Rudy Joaquin

    Magkano yan ano adress nyo How to buy Riffle enterested ako me

  73. Brennen Lathrom

    You should do an ozark trail knife unboxing @crazyrussianhacker

  74. Liz Nielsen

    The cheese shredders are actually for nutmeg.

  75. Rafael Brandão

    crazy Russian hacker's lab is a home theater and his PPE is some cool shades 😎

  76. Szczupak Szakur

    Bardzo ładne pamiątki zabytkowe

  77. jimmyb524

    I wonder if Katherine goes to get a can of what ever she’s cooking that night and you used it fir your videos lol

  78. frank jarzombek

    Anyone here try this

  79. krnekipac1


  80. Brian Wilson

    What happened to his knuckles??!! Is he also the crazy Russian Boxer??!! 🤣😂🤣