1. Jaylen South

    I love these two together

  2. Ashley Ramirez

    Nessa I love your music omg la di or la die

  3. ZENA

    ok but like THIS SONG IS BOMB

  4. Маша

    Кто с ТТ??😅

  5. Letizia Oneto

    Loving this talented duo

  6. Joy Joy

    I don’t know who they are but the song is fire🔥

  7. Алиса Смородова

    Невероятно талантливая девушка❤

  8. •sofi alanis•

    Es normal no parar de escucharla?

  9. rx see

    Люди согласитесь это шедевр, у этого клипа будет миллиард просмотров

  10. Haus of ASMR

    Wait this song is amazing!

  11. Kalyssa's World



    Wait did she said I'll be dead at 27 only 9 years to go? Hmm i smell 27th club

  13. Lindita Petrovska

    Our talented

  14. DA G.O.A.T

    This is acc good

  15. princess peach

    this is so good dude ♥️♥️♥️

  16. Landon Knox

    no bc this deserves 100M+ views

  17. Camila

    yes nessa <33

  18. Hafsa salamate

    it's kinda the 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999th time i've liste to it like it's so perfect i don't get why ppl stay hate her she's so georges i love her soo, her and jaden what a good duet

  19. Tameisha Andrade


  20. Lucy Wilke


  21. Alicia Aranha

    This is a treat

  22. arifairy

    omg her voice is so pretty

  23. Jerusa Klug

    the fact people say she only sounds good is cuz of auto tune but look up her singing without it she sounds the same stop assuming it gets annoying

  24. Carolina Zas

    Girl you killed it this is my favorite song now I love you so much❤️⛓🖤🤟

  25. фигня Какая-то

    OH MY GOD THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm from Russia and I don't understand why there are no such songs in Russia ☹️ proud of you! 🤪💞

  26. Rehaan Sharma

    Dixie's song was so shit in front of this

  27. Bohdanka Mukha


  28. ژینا هاشم پور

    This is fireee

  29. Its Eleen

    Почему все говорят только про Несси,а про Джпйдна никто не помнит🤔😐

  30. Tolik ы

    Da ba dee or da ba di?

  31. Kriszhel Lorayne

    Ur actually sooooo gooddd asf

  32. Therese Auler

    She is so pretty

  33. doire aintu

    my favorite part was when jaden said "my depression makes me question" when the mirror broke thats LIT

  34. cinnamon crossing

    Shes a bi icon (:


    Nessa your really talented and I keep playing this music video i love itttt :)


    Почему слушаю эту песню слезы так и скатывается по моим щекам..... 💔

  37. Wonderful Alyssa !

    Omg they are both talented This is my favorite song

  38. paly hybatka

    예 예 훌륭합니다

  39. aisha zhumash


  40. Совунья Совуньявич

    Why the heck is this in my recommendations? I wont listen to someone who THROWS IT BACK TO THE QURAN, and LYING about being Muslim.

  41. Mia

    She has a real talent! I love her songs / music it's amazing

  42. Hatice Karasoylu 08

    I swear half the views r from me

  43. Sarah Sun

    i thought nessa had green eyes- 2:19

  44. Beatriz Henriques

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa perfect

  45. rachkate

    They did really well on this for two people that are still so young

  46. destinyvfx

    pls i only listen to jxdn's rap

  47. destinyvfx

    how'd i miss this

  48. ceovaI

    new favorite song no cap

  49. LuckyLi

    This song seems like the best song I've heard in 2021. The "La di die" part is just perfect!!

  50. v10l3nt_l0v3

    i still dislike her, even if she's pretty and has a nice voice

  51. nassir spinelli

    this is her best song

  52. Janaadel Zakaria

    I am obsessed with this song

  53. Tugba Afsar

    the song is really great

  54. Иван Самохин


  55. Амина Семенова

    very good🛐✊

  56. Lavendx Gaming

    she sounds like billie eilish

  57. inkarimsol 4


  58. IndecisiveGirl

    This made me cringe so many times 🤢🤮🤮🤮

    1. IndecisiveGirl

      @Ulises Silva sorry. It I don’t support a racist.

    2. Ulises Silva

      Then keep it to yourself and leave.

  59. Suzanne Suzanne

    this is really REALLY good

  60. Elizabeth Beklemishev

    you are so pretty

  61. Hana

    The message in this music video is beautiful also

  62. Thaina Motta

    Isso tá tão perfeito

  63. Manishika Jain

    Nessa is very talented and beautiful

  64. Lol Somethin

    Ngl not bad but... not the best

  65. арина

    а я из рашки

  66. char

    WOAH dats all i gotta say- kidding imma say more cos bitch i can THIS IS AMAZING WHAT THE HELL SUCH GOOD SINGERS

  67. Anna Frolova


  68. Девочки Припевочки

    тем временем русские тик токеры :"ля какая,ля какая"

  69. Hana

    Nessa u just earned urself a sub🥰

  70. مريم *_

    الاغنيه تفوز🥰🥰

  71. only blink.


  72. Cullin McCormack

    Better then Dixie

  73. davii_ th

    dixie wishes she could be this talented

  74. Gedion Solomon

    What does la di di means in english

  75. &Печенька& :3

    Мои уши побывали в раю..