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  1. Skull Pumpkin

    So this is like a PG-13 Cannibal Holocaust?

  2. Xero Tenshi

    zombies start to attack. grabs the knife. zombies starts to hear boss music.

  3. Jerry

    Nerd explains vs cinema summary! Fight!!

  4. King Fish5874

    Cinema summary then:Let’s just show real dead bodies on screen it’ll be fine. Cinema summary now:holy crap a gun na get that outta here.

  5. Gamingwithzain


  6. Micah Witzlsteiner

    Is this rec• 2.0

  7. ivysaurplayz

    4:30 my girlfriend LOL

  8. Pam Harper

    The quaint cloakroom focally yawn because rule byerly flow aboard a lewd coal. outgoing, blushing name

  9. chandrani Mukhopadhyay

    18 on #trending. GG

  10. ivysaurplayz

    Have you watched the anime?

  11. Jun Jun

    The way I would beat Death Note is by killing people outside of my country for like a year, lmao

  12. • ArÖn •

    whos the actual bad guy in this movie , the robbers or the veteran?

  13. Ryan Yoo

    hearing this man say "exscape" over and over again jars on my bones... its pronounced escape

  14. Jen’s Violin Worship

    Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you❤️ Never give up on your life!! 🙏🏼

  15. Alonzo Hernandez

    Could you please make a a video about Day of the Dead and tell all the mistakes in it

  16. It’s Permafrost

    Can’t you just kill the demon by using holy water 💦 or burn the book

  17. Random channel

    Are u sure it’s not a dream

  18. Jun Jun

    I haven’t seen the anime in so long so take this with a grain of salt You know what I find funny? That L knows everything without actual really REAL evidence The only good one I’ve seen is that L tricked Light into killing that guy pretending to be L

  19. Toxic Raincloud

    He didn’t hack the police data till he already had it but it can always be perfect

  20. yueshijoorya

    What do you mean "beat" Death Note?

  21. A S

    -30? In Yukon we call that summer time weather

  22. Emmy Fordyce

    She’s not a virgin she’s just not used to talons being shoved up there

  23. Trevor Salinger

    Anime looks better than this

  24. BIGDON1992

    The error Light did was to accept L's challenge. He should just think twice, know that he's under investigation and change modus operandi just slightly. I would experiment with it, like... is it possible to write an scenario and then write down a list of names? If it works I just get to use it once in a while, I would get as many national and international names and faces as possible. Write an elaborate mass death scenario. Something like... "The criminals felt their chest about to burst screaming out - A new God is here and knows your sins! repent! REPENT! Before it's too late! - after those words their hearts stooped leaving just corpses with horrified faces and their names were: (The list goes in here).

  25. Darragh Montgomery

    How to beat deathnote? You don't. You play the game and play it intelligently.

  26. Shadow

    Light year 2100 peaceful death after a life of no trouble

  27. Erlinda Bitong

    Is this real im scared

  28. chive s

    Imagine trying to explain to the teachers that you can’t go on the trip because he heard John Denver playing in the background

  29. sameer munshi

    Light Yagami started out with good intentions but the power to kill anyone corrupted him to have a god complex. This is a classic case of someone trying to kill corruption only to become corrupted themselves. Power that can decide someone's life is a power that would corrupt anyone. Honestly, if I ever got the death note, I would definitely use it for my benefit, it's just human nature to covet power and benefit from it.

  30. Pijus Karal

    What i will do is get out from the windows and hide somwhere secret where nobody knows about and wait til the batery of that engine dies and then text the police

  31. Dillan Phillips

    I was actually on the veterans side till the woman in the basement part

  32. who am i

    You gave me tips

  33. who am i

    I love this

  34. nyte

    How to beat death note: Step 1: Don't have a name

  35. Orang


  36. King Fish5874

    Better idea for strat 6.When you wake up just push everyone of there circles and get back on yours by leaving the person next to you on so you’ll know where yours is.then just push them off and everyone dies.This would only work if everyone was asleep to of course



  38. TheTrueMorse64

    Is there gonna be a part 2?

  39. Dancing cat

    Good lord the CGI looks bad

  40. Nicholas Johnson

    Bro this one is soooo much better then the Netflix one


    This live action is a disgrace to this franchise

  42. Rick Guevara

    I know this is based on the live action adaptation, but i cannot help but recommend you to check the extent of the actual rules (i.e. the first thing you proposed wouldn't be possible because there is actually a rule against killing people who do not have much time left to live anyways)

  43. Sabitha

    make a part 2 please

  44. Clydendor

    That one quiet kid behind class:

  45. Akira evanglion Ultimate alien

    I like how they make Naomi More Villainess

  46. • ArÖn •

    how to win this: Dont be deliquent

  47. Rain Ashlee

    I'll turn myself into a kamikadze when my collar beeps.

  48. NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel

    L kinda looks like George not found 😂😂

  49. Ochako Uraraka


  50. meme lord

    so basically the host attitude are like monopoly and mr beast way of attitude

  51. Steph Lewis

    Wait why the live action 🤦🏾‍♂️

  52. Storm Jordaan

    Death note 2

  53. TimeIsSketch

    I know this is just a movie but god did the scene with the woman KILLING HER BABY make me so angry because there are people that ACTUALLY EXIST and do this to their children! That woman just wasted a human life she most likely chose to give birth to! What's the point of having a child just to kill it?! Its disgusting and cruel. Sorry for the rant I just didn't realize how mad I'd get lol.

  54. Akira evanglion Ultimate alien

    Light is my favourite anti hero

  55. Paul Coe

    The my ex girlfriend is so funny

  56. Affettato prosciutto

    Young dr Phil

  57. ThFewThProudThLEGIT

    Hindsight 20/20

  58. Mak Mak G

    Cool video idea: How to beat Diablos in "Monster Hunter" 2020 Movie

  59. Michael Stroud

    Hey you should do rim of the world

  60. Anime Boy

    Chloe was tired of singing so she decided to torture her self to get money

  61. Justin Arneth

    He literally teaching us how to get away with murder

  62. King Fish5874

    The thing that suck is the fetus dies either way.If the mom dies,the child dies.If the baby is voted,the baby dies.There was no way out of it.

  63. Jack Raedden

    Just make someone from the police department pull out their gun and shoot who they believe to be L and then shoot themself.

  64. cronut

    isnt there a theory where alejandro is actually dead, but a tribe member actually cut out the skin layer of his head and is wearing it like a helmet?

  65. humanoid kid

    If there was an apocalypse, I’d go with this guy

  66. Chakra_SSE

    I'd argue the biggest mistake to make is arrogance, that's how Kira lost in the manga and anime if you think about it.

    1. Ijneb1248

      Yea after beating L he felt like nothing could stop him and he let his guard down

  67. Ijneb1248

    They did ryuk dirty with that cgi

  68. david williams

    It’s the colored women for me. They were beautiful Black women, it’s ok to say that

  69. NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel

    No dude where do you find these I thought you were gonna Watch the Netflix version

  70. DaarkMare

    Magic does exist Its also kind of easy to do But its pretty much a vip ticket to hell

  71. Alfred Animations

    Man. Netflix had me thinking L was black😔

  72. Zanila Aton

    Basically Final Destination Random item will fall will cause death. Something will crash. Sometimes a fire death. Something would hit someone. Something will choke you. That one person who cheats death.


    Can you do zombiepand

  74. Erlinda Bitong

    Bro is this real im scared

    1. chive s

      No lmao

  75. • ArÖn •

    can someone give me the music that cinema summary uses?

  76. Be Vin

    The live action is so bad he can put the whole movie in here with no worries 😂

  77. mizuhonova

    There's no many logic gaps in your suggestions that I feel like this video would have been better just as a summary without trying to one-up the original writer For example Killing a billionaire and randomly inserting yourself into their will gives up your name immediately. Who would believe Kira would randomly go into a police station and give himself up. etc.

  78. its cassandra

    Please do more japanese movies please..i love these japanese series from you and i love your videos❤❤

  79. its cassandra

    Love your videos❤

  80. Calibur

    Part 2?