That which is boxed must be unboxed. Unless it's filled with snakes. Don't open that.

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  1. Vill's Unbox and Reviews

    Liking this for the name of the case... no question

  2. raifthemad

    Last console I actually bothered with, was fed by a cartridge. After I got my first pc, never had any desire to go back to clearly inferior device.

  3. Shubhankar Dutta

    I can run at 3200 MHz...

  4. cantfindanamefree

    Would have been happy to go amd but unfortunately price and availability meant going for i9 10850k at £380 but totally please with it.

  5. AZ

    alot of ppl play apex and warzone on low though

  6. NameThat

    Broooo! 4:06 You jebaited me so hard with that 15% left......

  7. Barteczko 123

    "Welp that makes sence" XDDD

  8. Theis Jensen

    A question from a Console peasant. Why not just turn the psu 180 degress? No problem with the gpu, power plug, and power switch at the bottom, and most importantly the psu pointing towards the side mesh, where it can shoot all the heat away, and not just shoot it into the case.

  9. spiny mold

    Lockdown hair?

  10. Paul Bernhardt

    Where's the temps and performance analysis? Otherwise just low quality content.

  11. X40 616

    this church has a better pc than my gaming pc i think this is over kill

  12. Kamil L

    legend says hes still fighting cancer. RIVESTRONG

  13. SvenVG SvenVG1986

    Nicely but a very nicely high price

  14. GXT Jolly

    2077 mhz on cyberpunk 2077 lmao

  15. prdg

    His ex wife got his fade fucked up g

  16. Robert Sagar

    that thing costs more than my cpu and ram

  17. ꧁꧂Det꧁꧂

    "I Yapyap 9 minutes! Then I show little bit of a cat reacting to $500 Litter Box! Then I Yaypayp some more!" I fixed the title for you.

  18. Kristian Luli

    here in greece they sell 3090 s for like 2300 euros lmao

  19. R K

    The gpu itself i think if this was 5 years ago the price would of been 100 lower on the mrsp, its retail price of 329 would of been a high end price just 7 years ago and now its entry level for anything over 1080p. Performance wise its what i expected a new 1050 ti just at inflated prices and not large enough data bus to fully use that 12 gb of vram, its why slapping 4gb/8gb vram on a budget card like a 1650/5500 gets diminished returns. if its only got 128 bit bus thats the fastest the memory can talk to the card/pc the higher the bit rate the less saturated your rig is the more performance you get. so 12gb card with the same bit rate as 1060 ti would be an amazing card.

  20. Prateek Panwar [F]

    They added 512gb SSD cuz they thought you might already have a HDD from your laptop or older system. But they must had asked if you have one before putting that

  21. Plague

    Intel or Ryzen???

  22. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    I wanted my next build to be an AMD build but now the 10850k is the better deal by a landslide. You can pick one up for $400 on Amazon and BestBuy and if you're lucky and have one, $350 at Micro Center. Can't get a 5900X at MSRP if you tried. At least as of March 2021. AMD Unintentionally became what they tried to beat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  23. Asset

    I'll trade my 1650 for a 2060 to 2080 anyone down?

  24. Gregory Zimmerman

    1:53 Who else has Siri activated on there iPhone lol


    220 for a 110 motherboard 🤬🤬🤬 even 81 is too much it's worth only 30 it's totally a scam

  26. CyberM

    Salute to Fry's

  27. Raffy

    So hot

  28. narwhal

    I paid 800 for mine

  29. samuel fihaki


  30. Kris Osterhout

    Dude, we love you. Stay healthy, stay safe, and take care of yourself.

  31. Rybread 212


  32. ariana lol


  33. Butters Stotch

    Omg I remember that green alienware tower!

  34. finnish boy

    1:14 perkele

  35. Terry H

    what a joke!! thanks for this video. I knew amazon has a lot a problems with customer service to what they sale. Their products are not even Amazon related. Don't know where their products come from. Lucky that I know how to do pc build. Thanks again.

  36. riptide

    That's cool and all but how did you ACTUALLY buy a graphics card

  37. raventhorX

    6:06 in so far and I want to guess it's the power source. I was thinking it might be when the fan wasn't spinning though that could have been because the PSU wasn't heating up enough. Even though I have education in IT I don't have enough first hand experience to know if power sources that can detect when it needs cooling automatically exist yet and every power source I've used in the past thus far has the fan boot up immediately. Guessing part of the PSU is busted and can't supply enough power to the GPU anymore. Gunna post a reply to this comment if im wrong after watching the rest of the video.

    1. raventhorX

      Previous comment edited due to typo.

    2. raventhorX

      Seems I was wrong though I feel some form of testing should have been done for the PSU anyway to fully rule it out as an issue. Since a majority of the parts were swapped out anyway however its probably a non issue anyway, though I do hope these upgrades were done for free or discussed with David's dad. If I were in his situation unless I was looking to upgrade anyway I would be pretty peeved if a lot of extra crap was thrown in that I had to pay for without my permission. As for the motherboard issue I almost feel that wasn't done properly either due to the uncertainly about which pins to use to start the computer. Its a good idea to document where everything is and also a quick Google search can usually help you find the info you need as well. Editing magic might truly be to blame however. I look forward to more of these videos as I like to try to guess what's wrong before too much in the videonis revealed ^_^

  38. Luich

    Greatwall Is a good brand of PSUs. Is OEM

  39. ThatGlizzerKid

    Bitwit be like: this video will only include nivida geforce and and ryzen only Intel fans be like: im gonna end this man's career

  40. Mirza Md. Muzahidul Islam Nahian

    Ah back when a single 1050ti didn't cost over $1000. Good times

  41. JayCapalot

    Can I play gta 5 on pc without graphing card?

  42. Kids Bahhur

    cpu isnt plugged in

  43. Super Man

    RIP riser card cables squisherino flaterino.

  44. Chaosme

    At least he wore his safety glasses

  45. scipher99

    One year later Fry's closed all of it's stores.

  46. Petru Alexandru Tătaru

    Pff, why is everything so cheap in the US of f America? Is like they are so poor that the producers need to keep priced low so that people can afford to buy sonething lol. And here where i live everything is the same price as in usa but in euro, and plus the taxes and the local dealer's added value plus VAT, it goes to hell :) Oh well, i just found an rx 5500 xt for like 250€, plus a ryzen 5 2600x for like 150€, a mb for 100€, a 100€ 16gb kit of 3000/3200mhz ram, probably a 70€ ssd of 500gb and whatever i can find case and power supply i can build a pc here for "cheap". I bet the prices in usa is half :)

  47. RYZEN 11

    THANKS my boy really helpful

  48. Mikki Hintikka

    not supporting amazon anymore

  49. Sloppy Mechanics

    i like the hair brotato

  50. Jhon Mike

    F for frys

  51. esc818

    Sorry to hear this news, but you will heal. Been through it so I know how this feels. If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson you will continue to grow. Surround yourself with family and close friends. Stay strong brother!

  52. Custom Coin Rings USA

    Just when I think I can't take anymore pandemic crap, I remember to rewatch this video and it makes everything better again!

  53. Wolf Crespo

    that’s not even okay :/

  54. MARK GIL

    who's the winner?

  55. Lord Pegasus

    11:09 subtitles

  56. Lord Pegasus

    U may want to get some Amazon higher up on this.

  57. ASBESTOS Fibers

    this is what happens when you fail to innovate. everyone only cares when it finally dies. yet who actually went here regularly... right...

  58. RVH MON

    ...and at the close of the video the last frames show Lyle entering his crypto mining warehouse funded by Kyle's credit card. The REAL reason you can't get graphic cards...Lyle bought them all for crypto mining!

  59. Apollo36

    You could have gone with a less fancier case that would probably have better temps and could have gone with a 650w psu and you could have gotten yourself a r5 3600x

  60. Don Quijote

    Great build. This is almost exactly what I would like to build...when the silicon gods allow. I even like the case form factor. Thanks for uploading.

  61. Xe_gordo

    more lyle

  62. Six Lowa

    For the graphics card we have... nothing because as of right now it's out of stock or out of budget😭

  63. Daniel Medina

    The deserted replace electrophysiologically deliver because lentil ontogenically tap anenst a impartial lizard. inquisitive, quick army

  64. fi5ke

    Wow dedicated!

  65. Vicious One

    Kyle.... no thermals included? c'mon bruhh... you slacking.

  66. T. B.


  67. Tommy Bernardini

    we love you buddy ❤️🥰

  68. Malum Mors

    In my PC the power supply is mounted to the ceiling of the case, and the cables are managed using bread ties.

  69. Darren Gao

    The cpu was more than the original budget

  70. NJG

    Can’t find an RTX GPU for under $600, and I’m genuinely sad.

  71. Sr Marky

    Wish I had a pc💔😔