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  1. Ashcone¿

    Me over here with my iphone 6 like 👁👄👁

  2. ThePiter :P

    everyone: talking about apple skipping the 9 windows:...

  3. ericcornish1983

    Hey zuckerberg 🖕

  4. Thorsten Mohrdieck

    I bet this car will cost at least 100k I mean just look at the Mak Pro it costs up to 60k then this car won't be cheaper

  5. Bomez Gomez

    🧝‍♀️👩🏻‍⚖️im going tu create something foru thatll makeusthimkthistgerealwolrdsmkmm

    1. Bomez Gomez


  6. ericcornish1983

    Lol, this video kinda went on a tangent, I just got an iPhone 12 pro yesterday and so far I like it alot 😃 iMessage is pretty addicting it like text msg crack 🤣 mind you I still use my android phone yes that's right you heard correctly I run two phones the best of both worlds! I have also considered buying a macbook pro, I do have a Chromebook but theybare limited in what they can do, so I need something powerful to help me make music.

  7. Noor Humdan

    Cant you like turn it to make so you can make it in a tablet

  8. Tyui Momo

    6:04 my work and personal phone

  9. Tyui Momo

    1:23 my old phone

  10. Abednego Yakubu

    Contact *dinytoolzz* on Instagram he unlocked my Iwatch within minutes he's a genus

  11. da Potato

    ah, finally. the story of my FaVoRiTe ElEcTrOnIc

  12. Justin Schmithorst

    I never liked the overly-flat design, but the older design is never coming back anyway.

  13. vborovikov

    So he has nothing but his job. Fuck that.

  14. Rakshith D

    If Samsung and LG made Apple what Apple actually did ? They just overpriced for stupid people who standing on line in street 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 they are practical jokers

  15. GalaxyAU

    The first few phones app icons looks like the Samsung icons

  16. Rakshith D

    Believe me steve job is absolute genius 👏in marketing products and design by own creative ideas but he was also victim of kicking his own friends who questioned him & because of money sharing...

  17. Rakshith D

    You are absolute moron if you run this channel with out taking money from Apple 🍎 because they learned and upgraded but apple don't still fooling people...

  18. Rakshith D

    Samsaung laughing every where

  19. Rakshith D

    Please explain how samsaung and chinese smartphone prevent you from overpricing and not a best selling phone in the year...

  20. Anttila Anttila

    In school we have ipad mini

  21. Kpm Rashid

    Watching with i 12

  22. RandoCherno

    So basically the evolution of overpriced fecal material?

  23. Kashief Y

    I just need function keys at the top row

  24. Youtube Shorts România

    Waitttt 7+ is smaller than iphone xs?

  25. Diego Vega

    as of 2021, all my classes are paperless and online only :/

  26. d4njEl 8 ball pol

    1:20 it's my phone

  27. Bob Bob

    When I here notch I think of Minecraft

  28. Bob Bob

    Nintendo is much more secretive

  29. vrtxte

    An iPhone, an iPad, and a Windows computer. Also a samsung smart fridge 😏

  30. Kaibigan Network

    THIS CHANNEL: *Why Apple Hasn’t Made a Gaming Console * APPLE: *WE DID! APPLE ARCADE*

  31. Slap Woods

    keep it simple every android would look like a blackberry without apple

  32. ThePiter :P

    history of airpods 1. headphones 2. cut the wire 3. airpods thats how they were made

  33. kairy k

    Me having iphone 4 : welp ok

  34. avxaaa

    I have a IPhone SE and a iPad mini 2

  35. Nooby Yuri

    *Buys car for $80,000 and gets a box* Box: “car sold separately. buy the chassis for $10,000!” Me: *bruh*

  36. Bekzhan Tv


  37. Samuel Chertoff

    Windows 8 and 10 don’t have shutdown sounds

  38. Samuel Chertoff

    Windows 2000 has wrong startup sound and shutdown

  39. Samuel Chertoff

    Windows 1.0 and 3.0 don’t have sounds

  40. Steven Peacock

    Tim crook a day in the life of a legalised theif ! Watch as we show you how he came to steel billions off idiots called isheep !

  41. Steven Peacock

    5 billion on a building ! If apple was such a caring company as it says it is they could of built a 1 billion building and give 4 billion to charity or create jobs for the homeless or help save the environment ! But nope Tim crook wanted a big frisby ! Disgusting use of money !

  42. Mr Sol Gaming

    Apple is good as its

  43. TED NG

    Android and apple fighting Microsoft Windows: I am right here

  44. Steven Peacock

    It's all glass so management can keep an eye on employees ! Tim crook is watching you !

  45. Eshaan and Pravar

    Perhaps he never told us he had cancer like Steve Jobs.

  46. Hybrid 225

    0:55 the time is wrong Disrespectful

  47. Gabriel Pais Silva


  48. Robert Kaspar

    Simple devices for simple people

  49. RokoPlayzX X


  50. Rayyan Shaikh

    From iPhone 5 then all phones are launched in September

  51. 헝그리 크랩 HUNGRY CRAB

    Because they are Samsung, they will mock apple for doing something then will follow suit after that

  52. Anir Anni

    😳 wow 😳

  53. Anir Anni

    👍🏻👌🏻Samsung galaxy 🌌

  54. Anir Anni


  55. Anir Anni

    iPhone 📱 11 good 😊

    1. každému Dávám odběr za odběr

      I have an iPhone 6E 2020

  56. Leon Hall

    Im asking for the iphone 5c blue it will be my first ever iPhone

  57. Joan Osorio

    Should've just incorporated the feature and let app makers and users decide the best uses for it but of course Tim Cook had to find a way to fuck up and get rid of a great idea with tons of potential

  58. Joan Osorio

    3d touch seemed like a cool idea, since phones lack any actual buttons games and apps could've used it as an extra button, like to shoot by hard pressing anywhere. Copy and pasting on text and stuff like that, it's essentially another "button" on the touch screen by a hard press but who knows.

  59. Internatube

    Talks about device fragmentation and how Google can't have a device optimized to have Android. Shows a picture of the (at the time) latest Pixel phone. Me: "Ummmmmm....☝️🤨"

  60. Nathan Hunter

    4.45 the sales begin!! Skip this whole vid

  61. Camsters_Cool

    0:13 your right

  62. school is a test

    2:07 u can actually get a beast PC or a. laptop with that price

  63. etamlous

    How many a year does he work? How many days of vacation and how often does he go on vacations? How does he spend billion dollar net worth? Public image of him is that of a lonely workaholic with no personal life.

  64. theNeorax

    Well, I really, *really* like my Apple TV and I am glad they are still updating it.

  65. Isaac Lacang

    The shutdown sound of W8 looks like air but has a sound

  66. yallipop

    What if this is really a spaceship

  67. lilmoris1

    Because it's Android. It's quite simple really.

  68. Jack The Ripping Hedgehog

    6:06 giving me serious Sonic cd cover vibes right there.

  69. Marcelino armuelles gordon

    01:48 "At Apple Park, karma´s a b*tch."

  70. Donut Gamer Dan YT

    I’m still using a iPad 3 and I’m upgraded to IOS 14 and has like 60 gb so u don’t have to my a new iPad every year

  71. It’s Fun Time

    Wait you said iPod 📱 that’s good 😌

  72. Frank Schoenfelder

    I just realized the best iPhone only has 6gb of ram and Samsung has like 16

  73. Dakota Martinez

    What the hell Chinese Citizens don’t get a choice to boycott or not. It’s a communist country.

  74. Kallah Classes

    you typed in si and i saw that you had the siddur app on ios 3

  75. Kallah Classes

    are you JEWISH

  76. Aiden O'malley

    First tim cook as ceo and now jony is leaving, and all their stuff is overpriced and the new iphones are ugly and the os has looked the same since ios 7 its outdated, apple is screwed they'll die again like they did when jobs got kicked out of the company and they had Gil Amelio

  77. GAMINGSQUAD 3000

    Schools: “Our tech is the best and it helps our students learn” The tech: 0:04

  78. Alexandre Sabbag

    Basically: Buy what you want, what you prefer, what makes you happy. Don’t waste your time hatin’ other companies, because with that time you could be earning and saving money to buy the product you’ve always wanted😌😁

  79. Uknownna

    Watched on 8th gen