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  1. V is for Void

    I can eat durian, belacan, century egg and pickled herring, but natto makes me gag. Props to Ben and the boys for soldiering through this.

  2. lynndec22

    Savo(u)ry pizza with ham & pineapple!

  3. laxxboy20


  4. Joseph Rasputin

    Savory pizza! And you never get pineapple on the pizza.

  5. Anton Gully

    That paella magically went from burnt at the edges to perfect.

  6. Anton Gully

    That pizza dough looked terrible as a calzone. Might have been better as a pizza, or if it had been left out longer to get to room temperature. Really disappointing. But nobody called it out.

  7. Paul Trahan

    Andoullie is a french canadian/ louisiana sausage not italian.

  8. Sarah Newman

    Ben: Saffron, innit?

  9. Ezura

    Ben stroking the unicorn made me uncomfortable... 😨

  10. Garry Williams

    great work

  11. Balu

    Can you make your own pizza dough and freeze it or does it require some industrial freezing methods?

  12. potato off doom


    1. potato off doom

      it’s gross

  13. Balu

    Hottest one I tried was a Habanero. And while I was used to the heat at that time, I was really surprised how it started getting hotter by the minute. My standard reaction to that much heat is violent hickups.

  14. MsTammy55

    This is the most hilarious one yet 😂😂😂😂

  15. N HW

    To date one of my favourite sorted recipes, it's sooo good!

  16. Prachet Agarwal

    if barry's meringue was in 5-star restaurant, you would say it's a genius

  17. lil bow_peep

    I feel like im watching a cooking version of british bake off and i love it

  18. Megan Palmowski

    3:06 shoes in the kitchen??

  19. Rafael Cole

    Sooooo, Ben's is a deconstructed french toast pizza? XD

  20. tom partridge

    I can't watch this, it's just too funny

  21. The95Genni

    Did... Jamie just cut up a freaking Silpat ?!

  22. Victoria Clemente

    I just wanna say, I'm here 'cause of quarantine and I'm from Brazil, and I'm obssessed with these videos. Thank you for reminding me of a time when the world didn't see the disgusting president we have today. We are happy people, with amazing culture and food, and we can be respected again. Thank you.

  23. RobinHood3000

    Does the loser of the chef skills challenge get demoted to Little Alex Horne?

  24. Sapphire

    The combination of BGM and 3 men panicking reminds me of the game Overcooked!! So much fun to watch

  25. William Brannon

    my dip preference is ketchup but this recipe all seems interesting

  26. Lynn Bowers

    Objects to the cost of the vermouth but says nothing about the saffron. I love paella but saffron is prohibitively expensive for me.

  27. laxxboy20

    4:06 😱

  28. Webrat Jen

    frozen sweetcorn, frozen pea always in freezer. When i am organised, i don a pair of swimming goggles and chop a whole bunch of red onions. great for throwing in pasta or stew or soup dishes.

  29. Gtin Mmme

    What's up with James's red nose 😆

  30. MaddenedMoose

    everyone else: "oh, Barry is crushing the garlic." & "That is quite an interesting talk on frozen seafood given by Ben." Me: "Ooh, they use Global!"

  31. fluffymitten

    I keep frozen mixed berries in the freezer along with crumble mix (home made!). I have some single portion ceramic dishes into which I'll chuck a couple of handfuls of berries, a squirt of honey, and some creme de cassis or Chambord, and then top with a few tablespoons of crumble mix. Chuck in the oven for 20 mins and that's pudding done!

  32. Gtin Mmme

    😆😆😆😆 couldn't stop laughing! Amazing! Please more

  33. xydoit

    Tel aviv is the best city in the whole world

  34. xydoit

    You are more salted than sorted

  35. xydoit

    Barry can't eat pineapple. Stop doing that

  36. JoblesSaintsfanFTW

    Can’t believe they opened the fermented herring inside, mad men 😂

  37. Dicoterra


  38. Kenneth2413

    I keep bags of sliced frozen onions and peppers in my freezer. I use them for quick dairy free fajitas, dairy free philly cheesesteaks, dairy free omelets, and soups.

  39. Dean Lyew

    It was great to see you guys do Jamaican food! However, Ben, IT’S ACKEE AND SALTFISH NOT SALTFISH AND ACKEE 😂

  40. amengl1983

    So I want to cook one of these recipes but I’m having trouble navigating the apps? Is there a specific cookbook these are from?

  41. narmoture

    Surströmming is one of those things in Sweden which people either love or hate (I HATE it....)!

  42. Ishraq Zamee

    So the latte Ben has was only 23p ?!???

  43. Michelle Garant

    Cherry pizza, awwww so good!

    1. Michelle Garant

      Or Apple fritter calzone.

  44. elias strand

    That first pizza did not look good. It looks like something from the supermarket. The second looks as bad

  45. Peter Davies

    I grew up with those candy coated almonds, the ones I had were white, pink, and baby blue.

  46. K BG

    Can’t help thinking Barry’s would have turned out even better with a bit of colour on the onions? They looked rather anaemic.

  47. bella _f

    Jag har nog aldrig ätit/gjort en prinsesstårta med tårtbotten över vaniljkrämen🤔 är det bara jag som inte har gjort det?😂

  48. Linda Hickman

    Maybe it is something that reacts to some people and not others? I know my mother, one sister and I have extreme reactions to MSG, headaches, explosive “digestive issues”, etc, but my other sister and brother has no reaction. Just a question.

  49. Jemima1377


  50. Burndt Bread

    How about next video they try different kinds of bugs... From larvae to tarantulas..

  51. FabulousKilljoy917

    This is the best mystery box ever, y’all should do more of these again😂

  52. Evan Puterbaugh

    YES THEY DID THE SUPER GEEK BIT!!! I'm crying laughing

  53. Monique Monique

    "It's only Western palate that couldnt handle them" Sometimes I wish some historian can make a book on this. What made the change or difference? 🤔

  54. Dan and Oliver

    I need a baz maid in my life

  55. Jo Murgatroyd

    savoury pizza!!

  56. Sarah Chew

    Lemon oil! Maybe dust citric acid on it.

  57. Sarah Memmott

    One of your best videos/series ever- how am I just finding this?! Love you guys

  58. Liam Guy

    What's the silver thing in the end of the chopping board? Is it a speaker?

  59. Playana Kobi

    7 years later, Mike make more music!!!

  60. Chris Wilburn

    If Jamie didn't want his burger cut he should have made 4 one for each person.

  61. Dev Phone

    Hate everything about this. The algorithm at work again...

  62. Amy Hatto

    This is my favourite battle I think. So many proper laugh out loud moments! All the food looks delish! The big NOPE as Barry is trying to explain chicken is hilarious!

  63. Eva Matthäus

    I mean this looks very good but isn't there quite a lot of fat?

  64. Rebecca

    Thank you for putting Mike and James next to each other so I know I'm not making one up.

  65. Shannon Dean

    I dunno where this may fit in, (maybe a battle?) but I’d ❤️ to see you elevate a chip butty. #bestillmyheart

  66. Wired153

    Savory with pineapple. just to spite ben

  67. Joshua Hill

    Can we please, at least here at SORTED, do away with the absurdity of arguing over whether pineapple goes on a pizza? It's food. It's entirely subjective. And no matter what dish you're making or eating, there's always room for subjective choices.

  68. Buttered Toast

    I love how open the team is to vegan meat products. Here in America many people I know aren’t willing to try them at all, and Jamie ( who has the most “American” view of meat) is so supportive of them as products it’s great to see

  69. Dan O'Shea

    ...Christ, Barry is a dick sometimes. The napkin, the bell... Ugh.

  70. rudeboystu69

    £90 sphericator or £1.50 squeeze decide.

  71. Jayant Yadav

    The delicate minibus contrastingly describe because meal beverly request an a ill-informed caterpillar. gabby, witty fact

  72. Indzai Tinay

    I'm sorry, honestly I am not updated on this channel. What happened to James?

  73. Jayant Yadav

    The two puffin strangely own because truck fascinatingly multiply between a ill-informed piano. broken, voiceless rule

  74. Iglika Gencheva

    Savory pizza 100%

  75. Martin Bower

    Where can we buy frozen gyoza in the UK?

  76. Kaitlyn Tilton

    I think Barry’s just not an auditory learner... 🥺

  77. RipheartStudios

    I actually like century eggs

  78. Christine Cuneo

    Berry at 4:06 I'm taking a leek.

  79. L C 0328

    I absolutely love these challenges

  80. Yolanda Gumede

    Yum, this video has made me crave so many things