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Ocean Conservation Namibia is dedicated to the protection of Namibia's marine wildlife. OCN is a non-profit organisation started by Naude and Katja Dreyer in January 2020 to create global awareness of ocean and plastic pollution and its horrible and avoidable impact on animals and specifically seals. OCN is based in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

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  1. константин костин

    Хорошее дело делаете. Молодцы ребята !!!

  2. константин костин


  3. stephen roche

    I am sure that seal said thank you.

  4. Angela Davanzo

    Ma non avete un pochino di disinfettante??? Povere creature.. Che male😭😭😭😭 Ps.. L'odore del sangue.. Attira squali e orche... 😵😭😭😭😭

  5. Cecilia G

    Another saved seal ❤️

  6. Zeusbolt

    so cute

  7. Blueberry Pitbull

    That's not a seal… That's a sea lion. There is a difference…

    1. Coffee

      Some people like me black. Some very light. Some people like me bitter, others sweet. Congratulations!!! You've won a cup of coffee.

  8. SemPron

    Sow cool the Baby

  9. GetReady4LiftOff

    Lord Jesus ur word says whatsoever U ask in prayer believing U shall receive I ask all protective gear needed always paid by doners & already available in their possession. ThankU king of righteousness

  10. rudy balbon

    These people are so nice they loved their animals . You need heavy duty scissors to free this very very afraid pups .

  11. Astera Nightshade

    Hmm, using our natural affinity for hunting and catching animals in order to help them, evolution didn't see that one coming

  12. GetReady4LiftOff

    15 seals rescued in 1 day is a record !!

  13. Cannibal_Hulk

    god bless you

  14. GetReady4LiftOff

    Lord Jesus send a host of angels to keep away all big seals + little seals from rescue mission. Paralize seals temporarily till rescue completed. Give men's legs speed as lightening. I ask in authority of ur name wonderful besutiful king of righteousness

  15. Black Anaconda

    GOOD JOB ❤️

  16. google user

    The pup seems to understand that you guys are helping seals like him, very heartwarming. Thank you for what you do.

  17. Jay Whoo

    They musta caught the beloved class clown

  18. cynth0984

    faith in humanity restoration videos

  19. Сергей Архипов


  20. GetReady4LiftOff

    Lord Jesus release angels to calm all seals caught and all the seals on beach as the men run for them. I stand on ur word whatsoever U ask in prayer believing U shall receive amen

  21. GetReady4LiftOff

    Lord Jesus send ur guardian angels to protect these rescue men jobs, bodies w hedge of protection release funding, go fund me account sore to unbelievable Heights in Jesus name amen.

  22. Ольга Киселёва

    Bravo cпасибо👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕

  23. GetReady4LiftOff

    Lord Jesus bless this operation allow it to continue with all materials, supplies, finances, vehicles, needed in Jesus name + by the power of ur holy blood release angels to do the work amen

  24. Lola Incarnate

    There's a special hell for people who discarded all these rubbish and harming these animals

  25. zara pari


  26. Zarmah

    Thank you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Anonimul


  28. يوسف المصوعي

    Wow i always wanted to know how you can spot them

  29. Ιωάννα Χαραλαμπιδου

    Could it be an orphan? So cute 💕

  30. Lakshya Yadav

    the earth needs more people like him

  31. Random Commenter

    I dont know how I got on this video but this is sad knowing some people just throw their trash away like this

  32. Yaylalı

    I'm very grateful for what you've done for oceans of the world ❤️👍

  33. Ajda

    go fund what? to watch you watch dying baby seals starving to death? I am disgusted by your actions and I don't know how this channel exists to horrify people and suck them into your bull shit savagery of saving a few seals to watch hundreds starve

  34. Toracube

    I'd love to do this.

  35. Alex on the Edge

    His little pals all waited for him! So cute!

  36. Subha Mandal

    Good job brother ...

  37. Maximus Williams

    I only like outdoors because of cute things

  38. Akif Hussain

    You are god gifted man

  39. Joana Dark Oliveira Dos Anjos

    Muito bom o que vcs fazem mais nao puxe quando for tirar ta cortado tire girando o animal

  40. Елена Добро

    Жаль что нет русских субтитров

  41. Nihal Regmi

    Your da best I love seals dammit I subbed just so I could watch you save my favorite animals

  42. newmexicowriter

    I think they should make nets with more and better zippers 👍

  43. Dinesh Vaidya


  44. Nihal Regmi

    ONG I LOVE SEALS if you killed a seal or hurt one I might have screamed and spammed at DEfasts's email to delete this channel BUT ANYWAYS YOU ARE RESCUERS SO YOU WOULD NEVER HURT A POOR INNOCENT ANIMAL ESPICALLY SEALS

    1. Nihal Regmi

      Oh wow in 1 hour somebody already liked my comment

  45. RoseMarie Hogan

    QUOM is STEALING YOUR CONTENT. Several of your rescues are being shown on their channel.

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Thanks for that, we are aware. 🙏 🙏

  46. Levesque Emily

    that little one that came up to you was starving, it was in need of desoerate help as well

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Without a proper rehabilitation facility there is literally nothing we could have done for the little one except hope that its mother finds it unfortunately. It makes us sad to, but we can only do so much...

  47. Rui Ayana Cui

    They so chonky

  48. bokul katha

    We should still take it off... A huge heart 💕🙏🏼

  49. june freeman

    Wow! Don't know how I missed this.wonderful rescue. And such a team and family effort. Bravo!! If every community had families and people like you, thus world would be a lot closer to how our Creator intended it to be 💛🌻💛

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Thank you so much!

  50. MasturBakur R

    What’s in your mouth when you’re running around?

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      GoPro harness.

  51. Vincent Degrasio

    “Hey hey cutie little guy; now keep your phucking distance...”

  52. Rakesh Kumar

    You're doing great work out there. Keep it up.

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Thank you, we will!

  53. andrew and martha sinclair

    Well done guys, you are awesome 👌👏

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Thank you so much 😀


    Great job brothers 😍 😍

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Thank you!

  55. Алексей Фралов

    Благородное дело ребята!!! Человек пришел в этот мир и принес много бед ,без слез не глянеш,дай Господи вам всего!!!

  56. Tanya Tiedje

    Another awesome rescue! You guys must be sooo fit by now

  57. Arlete De almeida


  58. Danko Nešović

    One young life saved.

  59. Reverend Fry

    I have a hard time believing 78 people disliked the video.

  60. Владимир Авдюхин

    Он потерялся и ищет мамку, кушать хочет

  61. BeRZerkeR

    U totally stole its hat😠

  62. Wo bin Ich ?


  63. Md Zaid

    Nice video

  64. Jordan White

    So for all you eco freaks and evolution non believers, that dolphin was attempting to walk.....jk

  65. Любовь Шатрова

    Сколько много !

  66. selçuk aydın

    I almost whatch ur every videos, and theyre awesome! U guys like an angels who saves animals for their future 😇

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Thank you so much for watching! 🙏

  67. Rainbow Skittles

    That last pup was so cute. Seemed liked he wanted to snuggle. So sweet!

  68. Любовь Шатрова

    Мусор надо убирать .

  69. Alicja

    jesteście wspaniałymi LUDŹMI

  70. Plain Jane

    I think it’s interesting that it’s often the baby seals that try to come to their bud’s rescue rather than the adult ones. Maybe they don’t know enough yet to flee danger.

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Maybe, or perhaps because they are still too small to flee fast enough so band together.

  71. Thomas Lee

    Thank you

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia


  72. bokul katha

    Deep cut and salty water always!!! 😭 How much pain she suffers

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      So sad, but rest assured that the sting from the sea water alone is already a massive improvement from when she still had the entanglement and that it will soon heal up. 🤗

  73. Kevin Higgins

    Excellent rescue again!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Thanks again!

  74. April Smith

    I don't know why I keep coming back to this story out of all of the OCN videos that I enjoy daily... ...but this little seal troubles me every time I see it... first thought was that the pup's sight was impaired... I have no grounds or knowledge on which to base this feeling...I just cannot shake it off... 🇿🇦

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      The pup was most likely starving and hadn't seen it's mother in some time. We couldn't actually be certain as it was unusual behaviour which is why we interacted with it for as long as we did trying to understand.

  75. Monica

    Another animal freed ! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  76. Zeynab Uthman

    ....I don’t know if I’d be able to leave that beach ever again. That’s one cute sea pupper.

  77. Yifan Wu

    The bite mark on your arm man.. thank you 🥺

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      Worth it!

  78. Yifan Wu

    There are 1.8k thumb downs? Really?

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia


  79. Kace vang

    You are seriously so admirable and such dedication. Bravo.

    1. Ocean Conservation Namibia

      😊 Thank you, we appreciate it a lot 😊

  80. Barrack Osama

    The seal was a Noob