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  1. Wounded MONK

    4:56 I guess I can't talk about it. Those are the rules...

  2. CheesyBanana

    Dottie is Arcanna Jones: Dottie’s husband in Westview Harold Proctor’s real name is Phil Jones, Arcanna’s husband in the comics 🤔

  3. Hero For Hire

    Is no one gonna talk about the Brad Pitt popup frame in this video?

  4. Esther Harms

    I would love to see Captain Marvel redone this way 🥺 the movie did not do her justice

  5. Alex Cloyd

    I stopped watching when you just described that she had amnesia and didn’t remember, and then the movie proceeds to have her remember or use that as a story telling tool throughout. Also, comparing a story arc between 6 films and 1- not particularly fair. Not sure that would qualify in any world as a reasonable comparison. And on and on.

  6. Chris Stout

    So, some of us never read the Captain Marvel comic. After losing her memory, her superiors are constantly trying to control her. They are simply telling her a lie about her real self to gain that control. They don’t want her discovering why she has the power or learning how to use it. And they have fear she will regain her memory. By starting from the middle, we don’t know she is human. We don’t know she is on the wrong side. There is mystery of why she acts the way she does. Not being familiar with the character, I liked Captain Marvel a lot. I enjoyed learning who she was without being told at the beginning.

  7. gato38

    I think Doug needs his own channel.

  8. Ginger Kays

    Fun fact about James Earl Jones: Darth Vader isn’t the only (semi) Disney character that he voiced who gave his life to protect his son. Hint: The other one takes place in Africa

  9. Gina Selim

    Didn't black panthers heart shaped herb use purple magic... maybe thats why they showed purple on him in the marvel opening. And thats a clue to agathas plant based powers. Just a thought that like purple is plant magic. Also she sprayed "lavender" on the babys... Thats a purple plant too.

  10. Christopher Beddoe

    Not all movies have good writing... Or good acting.

  11. Ging3rman117

    Can we get a fan edit of this?

  12. EE Ehrenberg

    A director's vision should NOT be completed if they've failed so spectacularly so many times, like Snider has.

  13. Buddy Pine

    Finally someone can understand

  14. aqdrobert

    Many hexagons appear in the LEGION series.

  15. Taylor Warren

    Bro that's clearly not a moth

  16. Eric Tapley

    What’s up with Brad Pitt from fight club in the video?

  17. Juddelis Villar

    "He's a friend from work"

  18. DJ Farver

    Not a moth

  19. John Tchoe

    Nobody talks about how time travel as presented in movies and fiction requires the prior invention of spatial teleportation without some sort of receiver at the destination, which would have dramatically changed the world first. Otherwise, when you travel to the past or present, you would pop up in the same space you occupy presently, while Earth and the rest of the solar system is either millions of miles away, or has yet to arrive. Not to mention you arriving at an occupied space and being hideously merged with a building or buried miles underground.

  20. JP Baley

    I always saw Steve Rogers as an arrogant ass. Not brave but stupid because his reasons to fight and continue to fight were ridiculous.

  21. Donnie Ray A. Geslani

    1:42 can also be Hecate ;-; The triple Goddess Mother of Witches.

  22. Joshua Okerson

    4:56 Brad Pitt photobomb lol

  23. bob matsubara

    best dcu movie is shazam for a long shot

  24. Andrew

    Joey “CoCo” Diaz in Spider Man 2, what a legend

  25. Bobby Machete

    Anybody ever had the thought that the Coronavirus was directly inspired by Thanos?

  26. Sean Foy Makes Movies

    loving these insight videos

  27. TheJohanLundberg

    Is that a Brad Pitt doll?

  28. Jamie Bachman

    Well I think I follow but to be honest, I don't really care what rules it follows I Love Agent Carter (sad they didn't give it more seasons) so I am happy that she and cap got their happy ending.

  29. Tyler Donath

    This man reachin

  30. Jobayashi Maru

    CM sucked balls. There was no plot

  31. Wakky Wabbit

    The Falcon is so annoying.

  32. Jo Cormier

    You know, I have the craziest feeling that this video just might be sponsored by squarespace.

  33. FR34K0

    man your break down and rebuilding the scenes made the movie seem like it could have been so much better and understandable if it was done the way you say with captain marvel. but yeah captain america was way better cuz of the way they did marvel

  34. Darren O'Brien

    The only issue is the double turn with the kree\skrull good\bad dynamic. If we know from the jump kree are evil then we don’t assume that the kree are freedom fighters against the shape shifting threat of the skrulls. If means we need a whole second act or in the revised story 3rd act. TBF an interesting arc regards the skrulls could easily be written but it’s not as easy as changing the sequencing of the movie.

  35. jerichorayel

    People who don’t read comics have this audacity to compare extremely different characters. But sure, you want it that way. Captain Marvel (the binary one) is more snotty in comics. The movie version is a lot toned down. I bet y’all will flare up when they used the original captain Marvel. You can’t handle that with your misogyny.

  36. Broadway Goat

    Did anyone else notice the mailman? When Sparky was “missing”, he mentions that Wanda won’t let Sparky get far, letting on that he knows that she is somehow in charge. Then, in the 7th episode, when Agatha walks over to comfort Wanda from Monica, the mailman was there as well, and he begins following them. Yes he could have just been delivering mail, but, I think he may be important in a later episode. Please don’t hate me if this theory is wrong.

  37. B DAWG

    Yeah bro you could of saved a bunch of time by saying, "The film failed because they brought in some alt left super Karen to play Captain Marvel" =/

  38. Dante García

    Why did you put Brad Pitt on the “for the children” scene ???

  39. Corey Hutton

    The Cool Hand Luke of Superheroes? You're a Putz. Cool Hand Luke was Cool, Tough and Awesome. Rogers was none of those things. Compare Rogers to... Yourself.

  40. Dave Burgess

    CAPam was an origin story, Captain Marvel was not. The cat is a Flerkin & houses a pocket universe (MIB totally copied)... point is you didn't even get 1/3 of Captain Marvel's origin in that movie & it was done purposely.

  41. Cauã Vinícius Guedes

    Captain America: first avenger: Shows and don't tell, origins of the character, character taste and about his ideals, good storytelling and character development before gets powers, super hero montage, storytelling about war and villain, good side characters and action-adventure-drama-romance movie. Captain Marvel: Tells all but don't show, Confused Origin, Bad main character set up, Boring Robot untold Character with no emotion, Bad Storytelling, Bad set up in war of races from space, retcon timeline doenst make sense, stupid jokes characters, no drama, no romance, no adventure, yeah big cgi final fights but not so great.

  42. Javier Ramirez

    There is one important question we must ask: Can you enjoy the Infinity Saga without Captain Marvel? The answer is, yes, yes you can

  43. Gabby Gronkowski

    Agatha was also the only one who knew about the avengers, other than monica

  44. Nomadski

    It's a great pitch, love it. Main problem as I see it is F4 is just not appealing to the mainstream. We've seen this right from the start with less than stellar box office turnout.

  45. Alex Mosher

    I thought the emotion thing was the whole point. She’s not actually that out of control with her emotions. They’re just gaslighting her the whole time.

  46. Brotherhood of The Tofu

    i love the brad pitt popups it just makes my day

  47. Bowl of Tofubyul

    "Agatha is the only one without a driver's license. Hinting she's much older and takes the bus" LOL

  48. MrMitchDollaz1

    Well then.. that's sums it up Agetha is behind everything now we jus have to wait and see, why?

  49. Lucifer Sapphire

    I think captain marvel failed cause they cast an unattractive woman and made her costume manly so the homely actor looked like a butch lesbian. Honestly she was so unattractive and the costume so manly that I didn’t even bother watching it I couldn’t get passed how badly they screwed up in casting and costuming. They had millions of dollars and they hired a basic actor 😂😭

  50. Alexander Barrera

    she killed Sparky, so kill her

  51. Adrian

    But Agatha had nothing to do with the kids growing fast while Wanda was pregnant, so how was Agatha accelerating their growth there?

  52. shadowscreamer1

    Because she can’t act (bad script to). Rambeau’s version on wandavision is better and more impressionable. Danvers never struggled and grew

  53. tacobread3

    It was so boring though. It wasn’t CPT Marvel or Dark World bad it was just.... bland.

  54. John Szalay

    I honestly enjoyed Captain Marvel. I don't see where the hate comes from. It was a fine origin film and great special effects. Not the top Marvel movie, but nowhere near the bottom either.

  55. Andrew Demarest

    It's sad how it took a small DEfasts channel one video to reshape a multi million dollar movie into something that could have potentially made a profit... but the multi billion dollar company couldn't even get half way.

  56. Vitacal

    "The death rate of single men is twice that of women", Vision died twice in Infinity War, Wanda died once

  57. Sulliver Vittles

    Rather enjoyed Capt. Marvel but it certainly had flaws.

  58. Bobby Fuesz

    I keep rewatching the scene with Thor crashing down with led zeppelin blasting.

  59. Chewi Lockhart

    That NIN shirt, ripped jeans, and Docs! **swoon**

  60. Blondeboy wonder

    Revenge of the sith didn't come out in 2015. It came out in 2005 lol

  61. Ricardo Lúcio

    I literally don't remember of anything after Gwen's death. For me the movie ends there

  62. James Williams

    You absolutely called the Agatha Harkness reveal 6 episodes early.... wow

  63. Violet PinkPanda

    Spider-Man 3: Stay at home 😷

  64. Peter Conklin

    between the 4:56 and 4:57 mark. A picture of somebody flashes in the bottom right corner. Why was it added?

  65. Alexander Baerg

    I agree with Doug.

  66. Andrew Hatley

    Captain America has strength of character, Captain Marvel is just strong.

  67. Dante Mingione

    I got a DEfasts ad in the middle of the Audible ad...very meta Screencrush...very meta.

  68. MzConcept13

    I didn't like who played captain marvel

  69. Gavin2508

    Why does Brad Pitt flash on screen at 4:55

  70. Igor Stupar

    Maybe this is a filming mistake but also it could be some easter egg. At 15:09 Billy's bangs coming from left to right, but on 15:14 when they sitting on the sofa with Agnes his bangs coming from right to left. But all that time Tommy's appearance not changed. And Billy is the one who has more conversation and was the center of attention. Maybe that one Billy shown to us is fake, maybe he is aware of what's going on. And made his copy before... But in the end, this is just my theory.

  71. Frances Chewy Bear

    Uhm some aren’t Easter eggs, some are just recalls of sentimental moments & repeated lines are apparent.

  72. Noah Park

    What if the demon she is working for is Ralph. She always mentions Ralph but we never see him.

  73. K G

    I love your assistant manager. Too adorable! Also dope transition to the sponsor.

  74. andrea piro

    captain marvel was a 5 , 6 at most as a action movie, it looks more like a feminist propaganda than a marvel movie. and she has basically the same expression for 90% of the movie, except a few scenes in which she smile. "strong independent women" its screaming. Instead of "look at how cool the story of this character is" Wonder woman, the first one after the marvel movies, was way better as a movie. Even tho the protagonist was a woman, it didn't smell of propaganda.

  75. Icewind007

    I like your version so much better.

  76. mister x

    Snyder's cuts aren't perfect, but they're a lot more cohesive than the theatrical hack job. Turning a D- film into a C+/B-

  77. BlackMamba 0824

    You can tell this dude is a casual marvel fan lol

  78. Zeta PH

    4:56 what was that

  79. Caroline Adams

    OK the primary colours that make every other colour are red blue and yellow

  80. Faizan Hassan

    Here's a theory. If we're thinking harder, we all were wrong about Wanda being the villain. Agatha has been the manipulator the whole time, creating(or dragging in) the fake Pietro to ask questions and bring in answers, so she could attack Wanda's mentality. Then, while she tricked Vision into leaving, Wanda would expand the Hex, therefore, weaking her, allowing her to make her move. This is when her kids were captured. But I don't think they'll be gone. This would make Wanda a literal murderer. Also, they're new characters. This would help Marvel, from both a business standpoint and storytelling standpoint. Vision, however, will have to die for Wanda to accept his death. But Agatha will try to bring Mephisto in to... do something. This is how Doctor Strange 2 will happen. Strange will come to save Wanda, but Vision and Monica will also save the day, with Vision dying to save Wanda. Also, this could show which the next villain of the Strange sequel, but maybe even the MCU. That's what I think will happen.