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  1. Ryan Azevedo

    Bruh this dudes got an onlyfans account

  2. TheShadow_797

    And that's why I hate Jerry



  4. puff ball speaker box


  5. Jonah Conn

    Eric never ceases to amaze me 😂


    It's funny to know that more 3 million people that watched this video have never seem a house with people in it... Including me.

  7. Soroush Rohani

    He's The Goat !

  8. Mare Obleet

    DEfasts introduced me to this because I went on a Bob Ross binge I think. This is the greatest thing I've ever watched. My mental health isn't good today - but I watched this and it made cry very beautifully alone. Thank you so much Joe.

  9. A Casual Satellite Dish

    I wonder how they got a Tv in hell?

  10. Guy Jordan

    It’s just like the first four seasons only worse in every way.

  11. maniac cop 612

    The fact that this couch gag is 2 whole minutes is absolutely amazing

  12. Emmanuel

    Sony: Get a Ps5 Walmart: No -_-

  13. King Emerald

    I did not know that Ass was on the menu

  14. KMAC

    How is this a fair trial? Our lawyer is a Morty! What? No, I don't want to see your pog collection.

  15. Pepe Silvia

    Did the bird from DHMIS sing this?

  16. Morbid Chav

    idk who lizzo is but this was way better than snail down

  17. IM O

    She is lady 2 Chainz.

  18. andriod 16

    Scalpers..........I'm gonna ruin it.

  19. Yusephf94

    Morty, you're stupid forever jajaja

  20. cloudcolumn cat

    Japanese boy main character in a nutshell

  21. Sebastian Troncoso

    1:46 that guy looks so alike Ruben Rada xD

  22. Joshua Wijnands

    this will be analyzed in universities 100 years from now

  23. Mysteriously Creepy Man

    This is unnecessarily catchy

  24. Someasy name


  25. ole petter

    Sony: Get PlayStation 5 Stores near me: sold out

  26. Tonhomon


  27. Perronecia G

    now you got me

  28. XIII - TheBlackCat

    Nothing matters and we're in a simulation

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  30. Farmer Dang

    Quit being pussies and make a new season already. Mike Lazzo is gone.

  31. Dont Say it

    This show is amazing

  32. Mohith S

    Is that really Macaulay culkin?

  33. J Slabach

    Seemed more like dmt

  34. KingZ_of_QueenSt

    Is Gibbs supposed to be a character from a blaxploitation film? Cause i cant figure out which one

  35. John Doe

    that was really nice

  36. LexKul

    God I hate Jerry

  37. Reaver

    This was one of the best recorded live performances I've heard. Can't stop listening to it

  38. Chris Ellis

    Must not be available in my dimension.

  39. axolotlman73

    Oh mY gAwD loOk At ThE bAbY oNe

  40. Данил Никитин

    Speed 🤪

  41. summoners age

    i cant believe rick and morty sold out

  42. Jan Patrician

    Didnt know Brokencyde were still around

  43. Play station 1 Home entertainment system

    Modern society be like

  44. Bhris Craymon

    Too early to start calling it Morty and Morty?

  45. Jos Killer


  46. Cs Venom

    kill me

  47. Kush kung Vivo

    He had it worse than any guest on the show that ever walked out. Props to him.

  48. Pope with The soap

    Eric Andre is if borat was a tv show

  49. pedromedina93

    I thought he was interviewing Kevin from the beginning lmao who the heck is he interviewing lol no one knows this guy.

  50. Alan Aman

    Finally DEfasts will soon turn into a porn site This was really not funny

  51. Octopous MUSIC

    they should drop some dead sardines or something that would be fun

  52. slizy

    You made me buy it

  53. MEMES Corporation

    Best ad ever

  54. Mr.notspecific

    Terrible.. DISGUSTING

  55. Alvin Sy

    I hope you guys get Zach Kalefanekis and Borat as guests.

  56. Justifano

    Now I just need to find a reality where the PS5 isn't sold out and I'll gladly buy one

  57. Nam Nha

    When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

  58. David Cross

    Erection knuff said

  59. Rafael Verolla

    As long as they are seeing hot chicks they dont give a fuck about the bible hahha

  60. TriPy Once

    That guy isnt 12

  61. Robert Sopin2772

    Can we just have jontron make a vid on this

  62. Alan Poole

    “Cleveland Bengals” ??? 😂😂


    Should've mentioned "SONY" only made 20 consoles for launch

  64. Raion Kazutrash

    "use that anger"

  65. Gonk droid

    Like I actually want to know if the one on the website actually moves and stuff cause I want to get one for Christmas

  66. o ArogunZ

    now i what too buy some pringels no joke :0

  67. Andy Bernard

    The pageant is here *TOOO STAYY*

  68. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

    very cool!!

  69. Kwame Acheampong

    He kinda deserves this because of how fucking nuts he acted on the Bachelorette!

  70. Barnett Torelli

    Too bad they're all SOLD OUT!



  72. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

    very cool!

  73. CR Smoll_Man

    As a Xbox Player, this is funny as hell 😂😂

  74. Jonathen Weise

    I'm so far behind on the backlog of games to play. I don't intend to invest in a new console till mid 2021 and it's just gonna be a larger backlog of games by then. This is a "problem" most welcomed.

  75. Johan Buelens

    To know that Rick endorses a product is good enough for me! The guy is so uptight he could crush a lump of coal into a diamond with his ass alone, so his endorsement goes a long way!

  76. katlego masoeu

    Who knew lazerbeam was a voice actor

  77. Andreas Jamie-lee

    Damn that guy probably uses Rockso's as a condom! XD

  78. Cameron Jinks

    I feel like this is somehow the product of the fda not putting bans on the use of chemicals in foods. Foods that this guy has eaten a lot of

  79. Christian Silva

    This is such a vibe