"two brothers changing one man at a time"

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  1. Jerry C

    Most guys fail at the diet, if your not a large developed physique, you don't eat 5k-7k calories a day.

  2. Connor Lyon

    So this entire series of yours is just a low budget rip off of Buzzfeeds “Worth It”? Cool

  3. Just a Simpleman passing by

    Me: Do eye contact. Girl: grab her phone. "911 operator, what is your emergency?"

  4. Nicolas Carroll

    Big props to this man for keeping these comments up 🙏

  5. cheese roach

    If you look in the back she feeling that Dior more

  6. Ricky Pickles

    this dudes such a douche...probably gets no play...in other words dont buy his clothing is what the women say

  7. Aaron Castillo

    Girls: I loved it! Girl with red: I hated it Everyone: no one asked

  8. Baymax


  9. Mitch Liam

    Didn't realize this was an Ad.

  10. Juan Uscanga

    Compadre no te olvides de estilo de hombre

  11. Eunique D

    can I work on you guy's sound production? That echo is horrible and it sounds like the guy doesn't have a lav on.

  12. viper3636dr

    Confidence is testosterone. Have a doc check your levels.

  13. Sarah Kerns

    Just from the first few seconds he reminds me of Dallas from Degrassi. Cocky as FUUUUCCKKKK😭😂🤣!

  14. LEGEND killer

    14:30 man's got stretch marks

  15. UnlistedHacker

    hey... this isn't related to what i've been watching....

  16. Carlos Andres

    That's what I need how can I hire you

  17. Manoj Chavan G13


  18. Raghavraj Singh Bhati

    3:30 now I get it, why my teachers used to punish everyone like that

  19. ampedwales

    Calling a Vincero a timepiece is like calling a Hot Wheels a sports car. Both are toys...

  20. NK

    Nonsense 😂

  21. C y l r i n n Auldra

    I came here to ....

  22. Haggis O'hara

    What happened to the views man?

  23. jihed tagorti

    Title : 7 personal care habits you are doing wrong Jose : naaaah 7 is too much i'll only do 6 🤦🏻‍♂️



  25. Ash Rahman

    That boy never had a stuttering problem 😂

  26. Cj Style

    I don’t like glasses no offense😂😂👏😟😊😜

  27. Colin D

    I thought the 3.0 was the newer better version but that could also be that since this video is a year old or technically two, the 3.0 might've just come out in 2020 or 2021

  28. Muhammed Limbada

    Bra i went to Egypt on holiday. In the bazaars they sell 100% oils and they’re affordable.

  29. J.R J.R

    The link for the trimmer doesn’t work

  30. Henrique brustolin

    5:12 she trying to hide from people that she get mad getting denied

  31. Aniq Harith Aqil

    Very inspiring ✨

  32. Corrupt


  33. Super Saiyan

    The tall girl in red is the most physically attractive to me but they are all what most guys would consider hot. The Asian girl had the most interesting personality to me for noticing how these superficial conversations are so cliche'.

  34. Zebruh

    now i can pull all the guys 😀

  35. مفتح باللبن

    The ugly ones always give low rating even in real life , but sorry some of these guys are just lame , shy and awkward. Like the first guy in the Jeep , He walked in and immediately turn around to show them his shiny belt I mean wtf , Others just stand for a sec then leave , Can't they just stand and say Hi and present themselves better than just a shy smile and a lame hand signal . I mean come on .

  36. Anime Paradis

    If you get left on read I swear to god you better get out of there

  37. Jason Smith

    Who averaged the numbers? Not accurate at all......🤔

  38. MB4LUNCH

    I drive my Lambo for fun. I take my Subaru Forester on dates.

  39. MB4LUNCH

    Only one out of 8 would even consider banging a Mustang driver. Golf cart with trash can did better.

  40. Angel of War I am

    rule #10 .. remove the watch b4 taking a sh*t or not ??

  41. Sk abdul Jasher

    I watched your video about "10 wardrobe essentials" where you mentioned chukka boots to be one of them. Now I'm hella confused 😭 pleeeease make one more video for wardrobe essentials.

  42. Damian Roth

    Funny. Etf are exactly not managed by people. Idiot!

  43. Islam or Christainity ki ma chod ne wala

    Aise behave kr raha hai jaise rat ko khane mai sirf or sirf sukhi mirch kha li ho ab ga nd mai 🔥 lag gai ho 😂😂

  44. Declan Horne

    Jesus that chick at the end had the most to say about every guy🤣


    Wait wut?? He said most guys these days are “Beta males”..... yeah thats not our fault. Thats because the modern day women are too harsh and set their standards so high that they push 90% of us men down. Its not our fault some of us come out as “beta” its women thats our problem not us men. Thats all part of the stupid feminist movement that is still pushing for more rights that Men don’t even have.

  46. Ozunation

    Wonder has joined the chat

  47. Brock Daunton

    girls laugh at guys for having a car that isn’t very expensive but they don’t know what his home life is like.

  48. Laura Umpherville

    He said to match your shoes with your pants right when he started to talk about watches you could see that he's clearly wearing black pants with white shoes

  49. Nahid

    When do you got to sleeo is the maiin question

  50. James Oscar

    homie go back to school

  51. Rapid Joe

    I honestly don't know how jose does it but thie guy is freaking awesome .....everybody in this video is so good looking epecially the gal 🤔hope to meet him one day

  52. Alex

    Just buy a jbl as speaker

  53. Rapid Joe

    What d hell is it just me or does this guy look like Seth Rogen

  54. Holy Diver

    Umm, if you have to try so hard to sell it, why isn't it already a common cure?

  55. Alessandro Zuffi

    Nah man, if she's not interested she can go her own way, it's her miss.

  56. Parker

    Nah definitely drive a Japanese car

  57. Facebook frame Maker

    It’s not good to talk with bad words like that way you talk

  58. Luka Sekerija

    Bro just watching him getting bigger, better and more succesfull makes me so proud

  59. Tony G

    Dude spraying 10 sprays of the Roy Royce Jose : 👁👄👁

  60. Akhil Thomas

    2:31 the eagle was live

  61. Andrew Brown

    So it’s a luggage commercial?!

  62. woodstock16996 II

    Not having breakfast increases your chances of getting diabetes by 27% Eat your breakfast.

  63. Grails On Foot H

    Go to the old one plz

  64. Santhosh Vinothan

    Plot twist: Jose only showers when he talks about it in a video.