and err
and err again
but less
and less
and less.

-Piet Hein

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  1. Luke Perry

    Upcoming makita mij vs mic shootout?

  2. Aaron -

    It has the exact same internals as the DTD171 sold here in Australia. The older DTD170 also had the 40A fuse and nice Omron switch. This model is the top tier in their 18V impact driver range and is sold as the XDT16 in the US.

  3. Muktar Al-Habass Ishram

    I’m ghey

  4. Gradysmokestoomuch

    As a chef who buys his carbon steel straight from Japan I am not surprised. My favorite came out of the box able to push cut a ripe heirloom tomato paper thin. F***ing beautiful!!

  5. Can am FOR LIFE

    Oh an great video eh thanks for showing the world how we are getting f#$%^ on another platform other then taxation Vise wit me balls securely squeezed lol

  6. Hector Lozada

    where did you get that makita from Japan?

  7. SevenandForty

    About the board for the hall effect sensor: E248779 is apparently a UL file number for a PCB mfg in China, so it was probably made there; 94V-0 is a UL plastics flammability standard. 紫赤青黄白黑 is just "Purple red green yellow white black"

  8. D-13

    Are you comparing the same models? They have 3 or 4 different impact drivers. You cant compare the 151 to the 171 and claim that one is better coz its made for japanese markets. They have different price points, torque ratings and obviously buuld qualities

  9. wade fallat


  10. Calom

    I kill and burn tools . Im a charpenter that my jobs . Milwaukee have some problem with reliability but they are the high performance cars . Makita is the toyota , they last long and dont break with a great performance .

  11. Ynnel?!

    Toyota: kaizen! Improvement over time! Japanese tool makers: *interesting...*

  12. Stormin' Norman

    So.. uh.. where would a person look up items such as this?..

  13. Clyde Wood


  14. Roger Gill

    Whats the model number ?

  15. Toronto Transit Channel

    3:44 That's Kanji that refers to the wire colors (L->R Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black). It can be both Japanese or Chinese, but given that those details are on the board, I'mma assume Japanese.

  16. D Lewis

    3:38 Chinese or Japanese. Chinese: Purple, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Black. Yeah I know, the wire colors don't quite match up.

  17. Mike Stambersky

    I had bought one it was only 59.99 and looks better quality than that one saw suckers coming lol

  18. copasetic216

    8:06 Lmfaoooooooo

  19. Piecrustyumyum

    Gib link.

  20. Steve Coleman

    Oh hell yes, much better, I am ashamed to say.

  21. Santos Speed Shop Day Care & Assisted Living

    "All the handwork makes for a good finish." Indeed.

  22. gvelez389

    They keep the best for themselves, sell us there step children for more, and smoke their Cuban Cigars.

  23. Dan and Yong

    What's even funnier is you were trying to read "the Chinese characters" upside down

  24. joseph-mario pelerin

    so... what kind of plastics are we inhaling tonight?

  25. friendlywhiteguy

    Why burgundy though?

  26. resignator

    I know what I am asking for on X-mas.

  27. Jeong-hun Sin

    Uh oh, English side ruined. Must read Japanese instruction.... Impakuto doraiba? What the hell is that?

  28. George Shaw

    Unlike the Chinese, the Japanese care greatly about quality. They taka extreme pride in their work.

  29. Brandy Ellis

    Missed these old jokes

  30. joseph-mario pelerin

    i like drinking beer, watching your brilliant video.... and bitching at the smartest of your peanut gallery commenter... my Saturday night covid delight ;)

  31. davidbrennan5

    Ill take a case of them.

  32. Thomas Malcolm Macleay

    @3:42 the kanji characters are just the colored for the wires. Black white yellow etc.

  33. Thanny

    03:35 Japanese uses the same characters as Chinese, which they call Kanji. They also have a phonetic alphabet called Kana. The two are intermixed all the time. In principle, you can translate Kanji into any language, because the symbols don't correspond to words but to concepts (which is why China has the same written language for many different spoken languages), but the interspersing of Kana makes understanding actual Japanese words necessary. In this case, the characters just say purple, red, blue, yellow, white, and black. It's just the colors of the wires connected below.

  34. frank molloy

    Well good god damn and other such phrases, i havent seen a vid like this in ages. Keep up the work Uncle bumblefuck, we'll learn what your teachin with any luck.

  35. imspacedout

    Tool made better at home to keep them out of their landfills. Tool made worse for export to increase sales and profits because they'll break and need replaced.

  36. Stephen McGregor

    Next, review a decent 8-way power board by like Thor technologies or something...

  37. diGritz1

    It's a shame when the expected becomes the exception. I remember when I was practicing my trade at the Toledo Jeep plant, Last of the CJ line. When Japanese would come through for a tour and no sooner did they leave I would have to listen to ridiculous stereotyping regarding build quality. All while you while both company and Union (not everyone but enough), would be busy chewing sticks of gum one after another. Gum you ask? Yes gum. It was used when something small would not want to stay on gum would get it through inspection. And yes I am dead serious.

  38. CCC

    Nissan, echo, makita. The brands this Merican boy trusts

  39. Just Me

    Nice Flord

  40. Michael Meredith

    I got one of these little compressors and im a plumber i love it for smaller tests its perfect for pumping up 1 inch or smaller lines but does not like big tires like for a full sized truck. I love it.

  41. Robert M

    `Let us know where you purchased this tool.

  42. Kevin Kevech

    “Hard as a wedding prick” 😆

  43. kush killer

    Its revenge for the obvious

  44. Nipplehook

    That'll rattle your fillings from the inside.

  45. supersmurf64

    Young Doc: No wonder this circuit failed. It says "Made in Japan". Marty McFly: What do you mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan. Young Doc: Unbelievable.

  46. Wholly Mindless

    I watch AvE for a higher grade of tool.

  47. Joe Sevy

    Chinese language on the board. Color coding for the wires.

  48. Matt M

    That’s a skilled operator lol.

  49. Stain less

    That Kanji characters are colors of wires attached. Purple, red, blue, yellow, white, black in Japanese

  50. JustTulsa

    Sheez... Viton. The difference in $.40 and $4.00... from a cost perspective


    At 3:35 it’s Japanese and each letter is the colour of the wire soldered on the board below

  52. WillieRants

    This issue of quality is in my humble opinion due to the Japanese culture being obsessed with quality.

  53. stv 1234

    Xdt16z you do not need to buy it from Japan.

  54. Vince nunia

    I have the XDT16Z, which appears to be the same model, with the speed and drill type options and that button above the trigger which supposedly you can set to a combination of options you frequently use, i say supposedly because ive never tryed it.

  55. Zachary Clarke

    thassa crank, not a cam

  56. scofab

    I've lived in J-a-pan for 30+ years. Came for the gals, stayed for the tools.

  57. Wayne Hartt

    if you can get your hands on it state penetrant, its the best stuff i ever used.

  58. ErGravit1

    You sound like the Canadian version of Cliff from the show Cheers.

  59. taro ellis


  60. NexxuSix

    What are they thinking? If they built them as good for “us” as “them”, they would probably put theirselves out of business.

  61. Docta Jon

    I usually try to hold my breath until you say "TIME". I may be in trouble here.

  62. Skipper Gilligan

    I threw my Makitas out the first year. Its a good name for a cat. Not for quality.

  63. Mark James

    What was that translation app that you were using? Fukin cool!

  64. sandeep Singh

    Made in china

  65. Robert Richard

    Somehow youtube unsubscribed me to your channel. Im back now. I love your videos.

  66. Mike Calvert

    Came for the comments and vidgeyuh, left with my intestines in a grocery bag from laughing my ass off.

  67. Upex

    And without the theft deterrent color mind!

  68. hxhdfj ifzir st c

    I'll take ANY product made in Japan, SIGHT UNSEEN, over ANY product made in China. You know I'm goddam right.

  69. Caseyzero

    Hang on to your lug nuts everyone, here comes the JDM crowd.

  70. Vincent Bui

    Fuckin’ weeb

  71. razzy marcus

    I don’t know why but when he says hall affect sensor hall an oats popped in my brain

  72. vdubbin64

    For sure. Along with many, many other things. Japan is Chinas daddy to me. Still loads of dog cruelty though. 😔

  73. Eric Kauppila

    Your the best. ,great narration !!!!!

  74. Uncle Deez

    Japanese do pretty much everything better.

  75. N A

    Japan’s manufacturing industry operates in a very different way than many other countries. Young ppl start to work early as apprentices in workshops and usually stay in the same job for the rest of their lives. Superior craftsmanship is highly appreciated and infused into their traditions. Japan is powered by hundreds of thousand such small companies which usually just have less than a hundred to a few hundreds of workers.

  76. Mels Lenstra

    That little “hand button” cycles through the speed settings with your index finger, makes it so that you can change speeds with one hand without needing to let go of the tool. It’s great. It does exactly the same as the “blow”/“strike” button on the control panel thingy.

  77. willysnowman


  78. Caroline R

    Milwaukee has been donating their chynese made products to DEfastsrs for more exposure.

  79. Doug L

    Are Japanese tools better than Chinese. In a word. Duhhhhhhhh. Of course they are.

  80. Jamesb Baylis

    Hitachi did the same thing. Send north America crap and will keep the good stuff.