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  1. Michaela Wurzbacher

    “Wilhemina Venable” reminds me of “vitameatavegamin” from I Love Lucy 😂😂 I liked Roanoke too (it wasn’t my favorite, but I liked it). My thing was more of just the history and mystery behind Roanoke itself. I love history. Hotel was probably my least favorite season. Only because it wasn’t very “AHS” to me. I can’t explain it lol

  2. Miranda Clapp

    I would divorce you for making me watch this

  3. Miranda Clapp

    Movie sounds like black mirror on crack

  4. Star Peepee

    "Are u lost bb gurl" EW EW EW GET AWAY FROM ME

  5. Lia van Stevelen

    @10:27 is that a storm going on and the cops are completely dry?

  6. Sean Gannon

    The sad thing is this movie probably win tons of awards at some Uber chic foreign film festival, and was praised for being brave and groundbreaking.

  7. Marcus Anthony

    Gordon RAMSAY is Scottish not English you wanker!

  8. Pain Exotic

    and it's funny how this dude is painting guys as the bad people but women as the victims. For example, when there's a stereotype of a woman being presented, he runs to help them saying "not all women are like this".. But when there's a stereotype of dudes being aggressive, he says "harming women isn't funny", completely ignoring that they are stereotyping dudes.

  9. Nana Masaleni

    You disgust me

  10. Files Organized

    10:20 i want this movie to be turned into comedic movie so this scene where they're fighting there'll be a lot of people shushing each other to die quieter "ssHHshh shh shh shut up the vest is near, please choke quietly!!!"

  11. Pain Exotic

    I find instagram comedians cringe but you seem a little overreactive, no offense. I love dark humor and make dark jokes with my friends on race, gender, and other nonsense stereotypes. You seem to be looking too deep into this stuff and are getting overly offended. Makes me glad I don't have easily offended friends.

  12. Nicholas

    I saw this movie back when it came out. The director was supposed to make the Hellraiser reboot. This movie was unbelievably sick. I remember everything about it. I watched it once and would never watch it again. Absolute insanity...

  13. Andreja Zivkovic

    I once made a review of the Unfriended movie which is by far the one I hated the most. But to my disappointment it got deleted. Interesting enough it haves a sequel so I guess some people liked it

  14. Trippie Hippie

    WtEntire 🤯😳😅

  15. donald bell

    This whole season makes it so I don't rewatch any of the seasons because of how it all ends is that bad

  16. Mathieu Leader

    Samantha looks like Peter Griffin

  17. susan homison

    oh god

  18. Emma Tran

    Elvis I love your content but after this. Ima no more internet for a while.

  19. Zarus & Ceebee

    Mileena be like:

  20. Joseph Percy

    A scientific company that tortures people to near death so that they can transcend life. So basically they're Murkoff from the Outlast games.

  21. I'mASham

    this movie belongs in the weird european movie lineup, along with Human Centipede 1, Human Centipede 2, and Human Centipede 3.

  22. EnderalPhantom

    This was oddly wholesome

  23. Sourav Datta

    "ami" means "I" in bengali language.

  24. ##

    And I thought Shane Dawson was terrible just because he is untalented and painfully unfunny...

  25. SamSabers

    Imagine this film but they factory reset there phone and it’s gone

  26. Sam Witherington

    the 1.1k dislikes are all from channels run by Keanu Reeves.

  27. Stratiotes

    Was taking a shit while watching this vid 😙

  28. Kanjiru Sama

    So like...imagine if red ate a hand full of that demon jelly...


    Yes ai laic fackt muviz 🙂😶😡😠

  30. Chickenugget


  31. ParkuristTurist

    The entire "scary" in the movie is loudness.

  32. Youdonotcare

    It Follows but it only appears when trope

  33. William Rogers

    You are right. Enough is enough. I have seen worse a movie based on a true story that really pissed me off. Sorry, the movie was fake , but a .... Never mind. Amityville horror , a movie I will never watch again. No way , because of the circumstances is why , or the exorcist.

  34. LocoRoco2009

    "She hung herself with the door handle." Aw :( "She also killed her child." That *fucking BITCH.*

  35. M TK

    Interesting concept for a movie but executed horribly.

  36. hannah

    wonder what your thoughts are on Hard Candy

  37. Awesome

    Watching this 2021... all the issues he raised Epic tried to fix, but went too a bit too far with it... the old fortnite might be one of the best games ever. RIP

  38. Chelsey Seevers

    Do The lilies Wonderland movie it’s just like so much other movies like like the game five nights at Freddy’s

  39. ortho balloune

    ... it was so bad

  40. Jugger naut

    hes looking for logic in a left feminist propaganda? yeah, good luck

  41. Matthew Russell

    The camera man also has a twin brother so they can get both sides and they just edit the other twin out

  42. GreenThing

    would she shit out her mouth i am concerned even more

  43. Tristan Duane

    The only scene good were the emotional ones with her and steve

  44. Mikzy

    &:48 I was waiting for stinky flamethrower igniting her father, I am disappointed

  45. Brentlus

    Its even more realistic bcs you only bleed if you don't cut deep if you cut deep enough there won't be much blood

  46. Kentucky Wildcat

    Ju-On was the best

  47. Ice Breezy

    it would've been more intelligent if Godzi said that all white people are orange

  48. JTRipper 00

    She meant that everyone on social media thinks their opinions matter equally even to someone clearly superior, like how you always have dumbass people trying to correct scientists

  49. Alexander C Beaumont

    I enjoyed the film but it was unnecessarily sexual. Liked the surreal nature of it and the aesthetic

  50. Dr Quantum

    Its a good movie! Though I had anxiety for 24 hours after the film..

  51. Erin Jessica Bennett

    Am I the only one who keeps repeating the "selfies from hell" part at 3:07? 😂

  52. Thea-Fox

    when you hear someone clearing their throat... it means "dude, stop" D:

  53. Kairu

    Woah now Fred was a goated movie

  54. Uhm Sally

    I love this movie

  55. Drue Odin

    I watched this movie instead of the show skins when it was trending on TikTok and oh my god was I confused

  56. Generous G

    The scene with the robot looks like 1980's stop-motion animation.

  57. ridge

    The only "makes no sense" part of this movie than could be explained is the part where she sees steve after he tells her it's actually him, it could be that she inadvertently uses magic to see past the physical body and look within since she's a goddess or whatever

  58. kenneth troutman

    Or maybe she wanted to rush off to the afterlife

  59. glad filigree

    You should review midget porn

  60. ridge

    Damn, this movie is cringe, its worse when someone takes time to reasonably point out why this movie is cringe

  61. dickens Dickala

    I watched this movie to the halfway point and i decided to delete it

  62. Jace Johnson

    Why did a picture of jschlatt appear during the birthday scene

  63. Shrongoes

    fight fire with hell

  64. Auz10

    So the girl has two mouths down there?

  65. MadamFoogie

    She reminds me of a healthier version of Watamote.

  66. Breenanaberry

    Oh fuck this is actually a movie. Eww

  67. Jerboa TV

    He looks like Britta from community

  68. Ruxis256

    Watched this with my uni flat mates and it turned more into a horny comedy than...well whatever the fuck they were going for

  69. ph0tò

    Don't have a wife? Use a pool noodle

  70. Alexis Baron Castro

    I can't stop watching this video from multiple times. your video too good to watch.

  71. Toby Baldwin

    i definitely cringed through this film

  72. Brendan Watt

    I may be watching this late but this is amazing How you make it funny it makes it easier to watch

  73. Giorgos Christophidis

    this is living proof that humans don't need brain to live

  74. xy Ares

    in some angles elvis looks like pewdiepie

  75. glad filigree

    Take a bowl RIP elvis

  76. ph0tò

    The thing that never works on a Phone Calling 911

  77. Connor Sinclair

    I wanna die now

  78. Scripte

    11:20 Oh no I don’t wanna know what it looks like

  79. Scripte

    10:43 Are you fucking kidding me Why didn’t he just take the stairs

  80. My penis is small, but

    Its sad but he's giving racist assholes videos that they can take and show to their kids saying "look. This is all black people ever. Black people are like this, so grow up, have the same mindset as me and possibly influence your kid to be racist and continue the racism cycle" And I wish he didn't do that because being an asshole to society is a stupid thing no matter what you are.