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Looking for a new gaming keyboard? Want to build a gaming PC? How about some cool tech gadget's under $50? I gotchu.

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  1. ale

    i love u

  2. َباقر TM


  3. Groumu

    the roccat mouse looked good for $50 bucks!

  4. caleb miro

    I would love to have the roccat burst pro mouse, love the vids btw

  5. Michal Bochenski

    imagine butterfly clicking or drag clicking on this.

  6. Bigzley


  7. Eren Yeager

    giveway: Gateron Yellow Switches

  8. Michal Bochenski

    normal people: double clicking is a big problem! minecraft pvper's: double clicking the THE BEST THING EVER

  9. Harold Paul Bañas

    what app does he use for the screensaver? (background prior to the intro)

  10. Axaxaxaxaxen

    Giveaway: the mouse, my sister is using a red dragon that came with a keyboard and it’s just really sad so see

  11. LitzEdits

    The Dorothy brewer is easily my favourite item

  12. Lucid x

    FinalMouse: HA I GOT 58 Glorious: I am about to end this whole man's carreer Glorious Model 0 - : yo I weigh the same as you do and I got rgb with included software FinalMouse: :< wow

  13. PUPSY

    I don’t even get pocket money!!!

  14. Dhruv Narayanan

    3:14 how can a 3700x work with a z490 board isnt that for intel 8th and 9th gen???

  15. Somerled Xander

    Giveaway: Box Jade Switches. I wanted to get into building keyboards, this would be a nice starting step. 👀

  16. Job Dudok

    PS5 Darkplates

  17. RoastedAloo

    Giveaway: Roccat Burst Pro, WOULD BE A HUGE upgrade from my 125hz 10ips mouse and the sensor sometimes doesn't even work ;(. Proof: Mouse Model is Havit MS792

  18. Mikabur

    Def the coffee maker. Already got some great linears + am an xbox guy. I also love my current mouse.

  19. John Maynard Elec

    Giveaway: that linear keys for modding my guitar hero controller and also i like the series

  20. LucidGhost

    So could you use the control pad as an alternative to the elgato stream deck? Because that would be cool. And you could get or even make custom key caps.

  21. Dinesh Dass

    What did he said in the begning of the video?

  22. AJ Sweeney

    For those wondering about the display on the PC's side panel it is the Snowblind S case from IBUYPOWER. It didn't used to be but it is now sold as a standalone case. Be aware though anyone with a high power draw high temp build should avoid this case as it is a hotbox. I'd recommend paying someone to mod your case to project a display on your side panel. It's actually a little easier than you'd most likely think

  23. bene 351

    Since I´m the ultimate coffee addict, the cold brewer would be lovely to win.

  24. aidanlcb

    I'd destroy that mouse in a month from drag clicking so it better be cheap

  25. Mike TheMemest

    Im goana get that just to use the tropical pineapple and put the drink in the jar , telling people its Jarate

  26. Amar Chandi

    The colour coordination during the keyboard typing test was amazing.

  27. Latus

    too much good tec on here, had to sub

  28. SkyNikki

    Giveaway: i wanted to modify a razer keyboard to be hot swapable, so those Jades would come in handy... i wanted to use jades anyway for the build for those T H I C C clicks

  29. Zephyn M

    I might have to try a PS5 Controller just seeing you use one.

  30. Jimmy

    Dorothy Brewer is a big win for me! thank you!

  31. Pr0sif

    I wish more mice would use the honeycomb design with clear plastic, but easily my favourite.

  32. ogchungus47

    My favorite item is definatly the box jades I've wanted em for months

  33. ItzMorpher

    Give away: those box jades switches would be great for my new custom build

  34. Mysta Crooks

    What u said bout my mom?

  35. Erdenebulgan Enkhbayar

    give mee one !!!!! lol

  36. C0DE

    WHAT THE F! The v2x mic😳

  37. Anthony Issa

    Yellow switchesssss

  38. jtRipper12

    What’s the best chair for around $250?

  39. Miko

    you should add a pop filter on the mic otherwise its perfect imo👍

  40. Agent Lemon

    Key caps are always my fav!

  41. Mounir

    Giveaway: that cold brewer looking clean

  42. Isaac on Kovaaks

    Giveaway- gaterons. Been getting into keyboards and this would be amazing!

  43. MaskedFPS

    I am into specialty coffee and have been learning about that and brewing methods. if you only drink coffee for caffeine and you take your coffee with ALOT of creamer and sugar and use stale cheap coffee like starbucks does their drinks then yes the dorothy brewer is good for you. However if you use expensive coffee and drink it black to enjoy it's amazing flavors then DO NOT get the Dorothy brewer!! let me explain. this brewer uses a swirling technique which is bad since it creates an uneven extraction of the coffee grounds which makes it bitter or sour and ruins the amazing flavors and ruining those expensive coffee beans. here is what i recommend. half gallon glass or rubbermaid jug or whatever that has a wide opening and a reusable filter bag. place 4oz of freshly course coffee in the bag, seal it and put it inside the jug and use half a gallon of water. do not put it in the fridge but the unfortunate part is you have to leave it in room temp for 18-24 hours. yes, the wait sucks but if you drink it black or with very little creamer or milk the flavor is WAY better than the Dorothy brewer.

  44. Peter Parkour


  45. Jaber Alsabah

    0:01 that the nicest thing i heard all day. a bleep

  46. Lady Zeatrix

    Gateron Yellow switchessssss

  47. Diego Rendon

    This guy is probably my favorite tech DEfastsr

  48. Rafael Flores

    I’ve always wanted to try box jades!

  49. Bonny Babu

    I wish for Robocat Brust.

  50. rmSX13

    Hi Frank, can you make a video wherein there are options for vertical monitor mounts?

  51. Madison Schlief

    Loving the Yellow Gateron switches, I've been looking for Lavender switches but they're all out of stock ): would be great to have some linear ones to switch to as I'm running clicky blues right now

  52. EDM718PR

    $700 headphones

  53. jyosh

    Giveaway: Gateron Yellows, cause i like butter

  54. NoLoaf

    My favorite item is the kailh box jades because I love keyboards but I am 15 so I don’t have money so it is a great budget option

  55. Lord T. 702

    Nice video, I really like to win the Roccat burst mouse 😊😅


    if you EVER wear a NASA shirt again i will unsubscribe .... imagine a gov agency that taxes the F out of us and doesnt even go to space ....

  57. Zac Weber

    Throw. Away. The Folgers.

  58. Jack Adamska

    4:50 you can also upgrade from 7.1 surround sound to THX spatial audio on the V2 X. not sure if the headset is built perfectly for that but they do let u just simply buy the THX spatial audio software from their website and you can use it on any pair of headphones just like how you can buy the 7.1 surround sound and use that on any headphones as well.

  59. C S

    Imagine being in 2021 n just finding out about wallpaper engine

  60. Atlas_317

    Giveaway: I would like the gateron yellow I have been trying to get some silent switches for my keyboard.

  61. Violinja

    Alright, who tf has a PC and doesn't know what wallpaper engine is???

  62. christianm

    my favourite is Roccat Burst Pro because itd be nice to have a mouse instead of using my crappy trackpad

  63. Gwynneth

    where can i get frank's wallpaper?

  64. Kaushik

    Yo frank! whats with the language at the starting my man!? Tone down the expletives !! This is a kid friendly PG channel 😮

  65. Dave D'Antonio

    Giveaway I haven't had the money to replace my mouse

  66. NotVictor

    Giveaway: the Dorothy brewer is awesome having kids makes making cold brew an easily forgettable task lol

  67. JustTJ


  68. Aleks Tobias

    Giveaway: bruh if u dont want the brewer u insane

  69. Alehandro 91j

    Yellow switches!!!

  70. Navid Haidari

    Anyone know what the speaker mounts marijan is using, please link it for me thanks

  71. Paeton Laturner

    What is the topographic one you have?

  72. Jacob

    I know that this comment is kinda late but ace had speakers on the ground if you look at the last picture

  73. Spam Seagull

    Burst pro looks sick

  74. Alex Yu

    Box jade clicks are nutty

  75. carmel darry

    What keyboards are those at 5:32 ???

    1. carmel darry

      5:22 i mean

  76. Paolo Ablir

    Acky! here! Thanks for featuring my setup!

  77. Tom Morphine

    Id prolly go for the mouse, i have a razer but it seems kinda inconsistent with its accuracy if you dont have a razer mousepad to go with it, which i do not

  78. Fardeen khan

    Some of the shots were 👌 Giveaway: I would love the box jade switches since I bought my first mechanical keyboard recently and never customized it

  79. ineedhealing

    I bought 70 jade switches for 30

  80. Michael Lopez

    Mic feels too soft my dude