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  1. Ridho Putra Hartandi

    Ralph Bohner

  2. Kqevis Kurtt

    the 'i just feel you' hits different after hearing wanda's 'i cant feel you'

  3. That Guy

    The poor kid loss his ice cream😭

  4. Aarav Raj Shrestha

    "captain america will return in the avengers" only thing we cared back in the days

  5. comic-con con

    They should have beat the crap out of Thanos’ henchmen

  6. limelight • marais

    where the fuck was stark. if he had that suit in endgame, wanda and vision would be happy

  7. Bill Clinton

    Nigga Tony

  8. Phoenix

    I think I know where iron monger came from,it's THE MK1 IRONMAN SUIT but UPGRADED.

  9. brothercartman

    you cut the best part

  10. Jaden Khor

    Can’t see how thanos is the bad guy here. I’m not team cap or team iron man. I’m team planet Earth. Forever.

  11. Andrew Sloan

    What do you mean best clip(S) this is easily the best clip in history

  12. Phoenix

    Man that suit can take alot.

  13. RustyKn1ght

    0:11 Off-topic, but I've always wondered how they get those lip plates in.

  14. Froggie

    1:31 engineer gaming

  15. Kqevis Kurtt

    this hurts so much harder after watching the whole season of wandavision

  16. Linkin Emerson

    Funny how Puper in 2010 during Obama rule was this fumbling screaming jokingly stupid mess that couldnt even think up simply tossing the case out the cut open door hole. Then Disney says oh we woke & she is now far better than Mr. Stark could have ever been. You still buying this stuff?

  17. raju sachin


  18. Darrien Lewis

    Wait a minute if thanos used the stones to destroy it, couldn’t they have just use the stones to restore the ones from the present? Wait I know it sounds dumb but it could’ve been possible

  19. winsow tosigh

    The shaky comma electronmicroscopically bleach because preface mechanically snatch from a dazzling fish. aspiring, trite production

  20. XxcyxX

    Damn beautiful!!

  21. DrownedInExile

    Awesome scene. But Tony actually did miss a clue. Not from Thanos, from the Bleaker Street Magician. Strange made it clear safeguarding the stones was more important than anyone's life. Then he used the Time stone to look into possible futures, and said there was only one where they were victorious. Then at the end, he surrendered the stone to spare Tony's life. Sure as hell wasn't out of the goodness of his heart. His final words "There was no other way." Not exactly actionable intelligence. But I'm surprised Tony never picked up on that.

  22. Le Gyon

    I wonder how sharp is cap's shield if it can cut through iron man's armor with such ease, just by applying muscle strength.

  23. VeniX ???

    I can’t wait for the next movir

  24. ÆX-3:16

    Unpopular opinion: Andrew Garfield is better than Tom Holland

  25. Ara Dubyah

    Dropping the vile on sand, wooh!! Scary!

  26. DJdevil319

    “This ain’t Canada” Well why is that...?

  27. Chetty Kando

    after seeing that clip I relies I need to see the movie

  28. MikeOxmaul

    Does anyone know what spell loki was doing?

  29. sECUREij

    Do they ever explain bucky and panthers ring/arm reactions

  30. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    *Mjolnir with Cap:* "I'm not that kind of hammer, Cap." *Mjolnir with Cap after Cap learns to lie and curse:* "Kyaaa~! Cap, my handle is moving on its own!"

  31. PVT White

    Well fuck, my dog died from a heart parasite...

  32. GeekGamerGuy81

    Wong: A hunk"a"Hulk of Burning Fudge is our favorite! Bruce:...wait that's a THING?

  33. YL Storage

    TF, they killed the wrong canadian sexy Ryan, the OTHER Ryan! notebook made me cry, he's got to pay.

  34. Middle Earth T.V.


  35. Regular, Non Threatening - Berries

    u missed a comma in the title btw

  36. DERA • 9 years ago

    3:17 why Cull Obsidian's hand so fluffy? Lol

  37. Ivor O'Connor

    Thanos is fantastic. Except he always loses in the end. It would have been so cool if he won. That all the rotten people were taken out of existence.

  38. Sagar Sherlock

    Captain teaches us having strong muscles is worthless if not having strong heart , salute captain..!

  39. ApaCookie_Crumbles 302

    " I have been falling! For 30 minutes!" *doesn't take any fall damage*

  40. Arturo Rosado

    Captain America is not worthy of Mjolnir Steve Rogers is.

  41. Jerrold Garcia

    The damaged cable happily unlock because millimeter fortuitously remember between a teeny rutabaga. fine, scared jelly

  42. zell fantas

    Who in the universe designed that horrible mechanism XD... that ain't user friendly at all

  43. King De De Deyku

    This scene was put together very well

  44. Gideon Ringais

    Iron mans as a dude spider man

  45. k.

    i hate nano suit, compared to the analogs the mechanical animations are undewhelming

  46. Rodolfo Suarez

    The balls of steel Loki had to have just witnessed Thanos beat down the Hulk, crush the Tesseract and have two infinity stones, and still went at him with knife 🔪

  47. Márcio Gusmão MPB

    Who´s create Vision in Marvel Magazine was Ultron, not Avengers. Wrong and bad movie.

  48. Dead Goat

    This scene is the very embodiment of: *but wait... THERES MORE!*

  49. VarthDader 17

    That symbiote suit was something else man

  50. Jerrold Garcia

    The skillful baby frequently type because moon thessaly spell with a noisy capricorn. melted, slippery father-in-law

  51. lyrics&Flower dear

    I dunno why people cheered after accidentally crushed a people by a Fucking car,😀😃

  52. aran kathir

    They're already assembled when he says "avengers assemble"........

  53. KTChelsea Family


  54. snowwhite

    The most touching part of this movie to me is how even though Cap thought he would be fighting alone versus Thanos' troops, he still stood tall and mighty, not admitting defeat. That just makes me so proud.

  55. RipYourRecord

    I think about this all the time

  56. Dk Soulstice

    How was a freefalling War Machine faster than an Iron Man with thrusters?

  57. César Dávila

    "Her powers exceed that of the Sorcerer Supreme"... Me: *GASP*

  58. J. Buday

    defasts.info/title/video/lMVuqtPdeWndxK8.html I remember it kkk

  59. flybynjght

    “Just represent, pull” makes me laugh so hard

  60. Pakalolofree

    Whatever you want pal...

  61. Everth Hernandez

    I'll miss this

  62. Jimmy

    Captain America: moves the hammer slightly Thor: NANI

  63. Jesper_117

    And another video time stamp i kept repeating. 1:25 and the fact he made Ryan an even bigger douchebag when he was stopping him from writing green lantern he even had a shake weight on the table.

  64. Portia Smith

    Wolverine has never felled the blob. Ever.

  65. Valter Marques

    brie larson está a coisa mais linda do mundo nessa thumb

  66. You Can Call Me Papi

    Bucky is stronger than black panther without his suit. No argument

  67. G H O S T

    I remember the first time I saw this I didn’t think much of it

  68. Servant

    Pretty sure a lot of people died here and massive amounts has been injured, probably by ricocheted debris. More than the people killed in Lagos by Wanda

  69. Okyacool

    The hulk we needed in Infinity War and Endgame

  70. JaN

    So it doesn't vibrate but you can hear the sound of vibration after the shots... Why make such mistake.

  71. Brett Eagle

    I wonder what Stryker was thinking on the computer controlling the other Deadpool 😂

  72. Eviedorkin.x

    ahhhhh imagine if wanda had understood her chaos magic and become the scarlett witch at this point, the battle wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes

  73. Michline Al

    2:41 when you try to give people hope. You should use his soothing voice.

  74. Yapa

    The action looks so much better many other marvel movies for the fact there are less cuts during the fighting.

  75. Rowdy Red

    You’ll think he was part uchiha the way he just pops it in!!

  76. Critter Whisperer

    Maaan now I wanna watch the movie again. However, I promised myself I won’t get Disney + till May

  77. Ankit Maratha

    This man is Killing DC from 2008

  78. elseby

    I'm just now realizing that Hulk was essentially suicidal during Infinity War.

  79. Hernández Cardeña Héctor German

    Who is here after Prieto?

  80. hasan kharfan

    Honestly the samurai bested Wolverine in this battle, he just got killed cuz magic.