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  1. sepoman

    I love hearing people talk about things they love

  2. Pluo yaldnil

    just a suggestion... electric motors are noisey .. put some rubber maybe 1/4 thick between it and the wood that should help . this is why good record players { like bang and olfson} mount the motor seperately then run a belt drive to the turntable

  3. Cameron Rye

    Please make a oogie boogie costume!!!!!

  4. Fuzzycat

    Jokes on them. Mando toys are not hot anymore.

  5. Vanessa Thomas

    I love the sound he made when the camera fell back

  6. Techpriest

    I find Adam's use of Placeholder words, but with whistling really interesting from a linguistics point of view.

  7. Janica Aclao Janssen

    As soon as I saw him half wrapping the poster over the pipe, I knew he was making a similar thing to those fake fish tanks for kids with the moving bg. Dope!

  8. KAZhasBandaids


  9. _

    I will never understand man children playing with kids toys & consuming media made for children. Disney owning star wars is all that's needed to be said. Klyo-ren is as Disney villain as you can get. Don't understand the point of watching media when you know how its going to end (completely safe storyline)

    1. Boozhi

      People like things for more reasons than who lives and who dies. The creativity and imagination of the story, memories from their childhood and relationships with family / friends, the process behind creating the media, and I'm sure a number of other reasons. I'm not even particularly into movies/tv, but I can see why others are.

  10. Halidon

    You put felt, it made me so happy 😜👍

  11. Mauro Genova

    don't forget to put out mirrors,tv,paintings,cover any glass that can reflect, and keep your finger crossed to do the sensor tracking....

  12. Todd RF

    A lesson in backer board to prevent tear out.

  13. clarkkenttheman

    hey adam did u think about just weaving that stuff instead of zipstripping it all...or would that not have worked

  14. beatchef

    I come from a metric country and I still nod and don't quite understand the exact measurement when Adam so happily talks about things in 'thou'. I mean I know it's 0.0254mm but I don't feel that in my soul😂 In fact when he kept talking about 'mil' at first I thought he meant milimetres not a thousanth of an inch.

  15. Don Beary

    I love that box, and especially the upgrades ... Wrenches Compartment .. might need a top or they may come out of their compartment when you move the box around

  16. Nomadd UK

    Leela needed bigger love lumps.

  17. Ricardo Meertens

    Boycot disney like they boycot people for having their own opinions Adam is watch you since 2003 I think when I was a little kid I like everything you do but if you brush this over you lost some respect. I'm very disappointed also don't forget the slave labor in china they used to make Mulan Disney is definitely not a great company.

  18. Joe Oggier

    Maybe instead of using a brake, use something more akin to a clutch?

  19. Fedeykin War

    I wish i was him ^^

  20. Hyss

    You need to write at less of an angle with your rapidograph pens for the best ink flow and precise line width.

  21. Oscar ZetaAcosta

    Adam savage is the GOAT of dad's!!

  22. fill 101

    Want to see the Cara Dune figurine

  23. Sophie L

    Ahhh that's scary I didn't know that a steering wheel could break like that 😱

  24. Wee Gee

    I don’t wanna be that guy but have you ever tried to take out a nail with a hammer it’s not soo easy and he did it with no effort, I’m scared of Adam now

  25. Yt _FortniteDude

    27:00 me when school gets shut down

  26. Butterfly

    Nevermind the monitor I want that funky ass keyboard!

  27. Rhaen

    I wish you'd use understandable units of measurements every now and then Adam =/

  28. Dani Riot

    Watching the monologue at the beginning looks like the older and wiser Adam gets. The more he is like Jamie. 😂

  29. SLAM gd

    That Would be a Rover ON mars

  30. Dan Brown

    Starting a video with a Simpsons quote is a sure fire way to earn a like from me regardless of the rest of the video.

  31. allen R

    why dont you mythbuster about if mask work or not

  32. Frank Joosten

    Adam needs a tablesaw fingerjoint jig from Mathias Wandel

  33. DeathDfyd

    I laughed when you were talking about the tiny zipper in the back of the suit, and began whispering "do you think they have tiny sewing machines?" as if you were afraid of offending some tiny little gnome sized people from Hot Toys that were hiding in the next room listening to you. Lol.

  34. cozmicboy1

    oooo when will you convert to metric!?

  35. David Barker

    Hey adam, being a welder my self this form of join is called vulcanization, using a chemical bond to mate 2 of the same materials...

  36. Glen Beestone

    The small drawers are a neat touch but they need lids, or they where they slide into needs to be enclosed. If the box gets tipped the small tools will be rattling around inside the box damaging the bigger tools. also some small "turn buttons" to stop the drawers from sliding out love this sympathetic rebuild. Massively improved everything without spoiling the history of the piece.

  37. Spikey

    Hello? Im soo confused how did i end up here well while im here hello to any time travelers =)

  38. Glen Beestone

    1:13:52 Blows out the back of the first hole ( ouch. you can hear it pop) 1:13:54. Learns lesson. Supports the second as it's as drilled.

  39. Eric W

    at what point does it just become easier to just make a whole new box?

  40. Kevin Persinger

    Im surprised the comments aren't already flooded with anti-sw comments... Give it time...

    1. Ricardo Meertens

      Yeah children in slave labor camps for example

    2. tam

      Never mind that, think of the kids. A lot of people who work at Disney think of the children ALL the time...

  41. Patrick Koelzow

    I'd love a Cara Dune figurine!

  42. D.mushroom Hunter

    Hey Adam.. I think what you have done in the last year of this global issue, has been absolutely spectacular. It would be hard to find anybody that has inspired more makers or seekers of the scientific process than you. Not only what you do, how you do it, but how you explain the tools you use! For instance that center punch you use with the big red ball handle.. that is one of the first tools I bought when I was young and got a job at a electrical control shop building panels.. one of the other things you use all the time is cable ties/tie wraps.. there is a gun that cost a lot of money (brand new Panduit in the 1990s) I think I paid $250 for my first one back in 1992... I still have it and use it every time I use a tie thing I ever bought for doing cable tie work! It tensions and cuts off the tail end in one squeeze of the handle, very similar to the way automatic wire strippers work!! There's really no way to express my appreciation for your completely unique skills for entertainment and education other than to say thank you for showing the way to D- students to A+students (by showing them that TV is not real and science and physics are indisputable) because of that they have an interest in something they care about. Thanks again and keep doing what you do so well!!! You are by far the most, influential, and approachable, man of science and technology in the last decade or two.. If it came to a noble prize in expanding young minds and encouraging explorations in the science world I have no less than a thousand people that would vote for you!!.... If there were ever a call to arms would you wear the crown...??

  43. Collin Morrison

    I got one from for $70

  44. Stuntman

    I see you sneakily trimmed that clasp in the way of the drawer!

  45. Klaus Schmidt

    Adam, you should mount a latch for the drawers so that they dont open unintentional!

  46. Front Desk

    Hey Adam, use a hair dryer to remove paper from old acrylic

  47. Roger Whiting

    I cant find his rust treatment recipe

  48. PCSD

    Me: " Let me just have a look" - 1,5 hours go by and I'm still watching :D Great Guild! - Also: Did Adam forget to mention that the right drawer came a bit too close to his clasp so he had to modify it?

  49. kritaan1

    Makes micrometer stand then uses vice on table to mark micrometers lol

  50. Franz Dietrich Engelhardt

    das erinnert mich irgenwie an den 3 Teiler " Narnia" den Fantasy Film

  51. Lutonian 79

    I love norm from tested and he does some brilliant figurine displays as well 👍big fan !!

  52. David Gambler

    Nobody wants to watch you play with your dolls.

  53. RadicalxEdward

    Wow. $850 isn’t even a lot for a model of that caliber. WAYYYYYYY worse quality and smaller models are in that ballpark.

  54. Jardine Stirling

    lol I thought you were just out there with that mic stand when you had drilled the hols...and bolted it in place lucky :) well done...

  55. RadicalxEdward

    I’d love to know how it’s even possible to make that. Like there’s so many little pipes and things that look like one piece. How would they cast/inject that?

  56. Shubham Bhushan

    I could watch Mr. Savage make boxes all day.

  57. Rainer L-H

    For occasionally use I have this one allways at hand: Ok, maybe it is not good for to prototype the whole planet, but to fix something in this special moment it comes handy.

  58. floriel1

    Is it just me or are the clouds moving against the wind?

  59. Hyss

    Next, you need a surface plate, a height gauge, a cylindrical square, pin gauges, and gauge blocks. Then you can start scraping in your ways on all your machines so they are perfectly flat.

  60. Alf Iversen

    Enjoyable to watch, obviously enjoyable to do.

  61. Pawel

    Whoever is editing these videos, you need to stop using the most obnoxious and atrocious music.... You're ruining the videos by playing these painful, garbage and shit excuses for "music" with repetitive sharp clicking, popping, snapping or high hat like noises. Lately its been so bad im considering unsubscribing forever. Choose something mellow and consistent or get rid of it all together. I enjoy what Adam does a lot, but you entirely ruin it with garbage music.

  62. Kerrin Addis

    I found it "delicious" also

  63. V T

    Amazing work! Scratchs the anally retentive part of my mind ass. Needs some pads buffering the mocrometers on the static end. I'd suggest some small pieces of memory foam.

  64. Leo T


  65. RadicalxEdward

    I find it hilarious how Adam will just smash down the papers and stuff on the table and then take out the foam nice and carefully and gently put it to the side.

  66. maxine hardy

    is anyone else irked that he uses the terms calipers and micrometer interchangeably,,, and then proceeds to use the calipers wrong,,,,

  67. Weihuang Ren

    The main difference here is he got it sent to him for free as a sponsorship, whereas we have to pay $150 for it

  68. steveman1982

    Half-life: Alyx ruined those yellow tape measures for me...

  69. Yannick Vandereycken

    What's the song you use at the end of the video, when you're writing the dimensions?

  70. Conor Fitzpatrick Design

    44:00 You could use an oscillating multi tool. They have a thin blade. Probably wouldn’t be as neat though.

  71. Azeyzel

    Watching you struggle with that bandoleer was painful, I'll admit it.


    Adam watches This Old Tony! Awesome!

  73. armr6

    Sets door to inswing.

  74. Richard Cave LBPPA

    could you give a talk about inches and measuring for those of us who are metric users as i have no idea what you are talking about.

  75. James The Kitty

    Mythbusters was my childhood

  76. Big Smoke

    I would just glue some medium density foam into the lid to stop the Mike's moving around ,be a short video though.

  77. Alex R

    Fucking imperial units....

  78. twisted mind

    His name is grogu not baby yoda please

  79. Niels de Leeuw

    This build is just pure soul food

  80. Andrew Pratt

    Careful Norm, your ATEM is messaging the aliens.