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  1. Laura Guijarro

    Hay my last name is Gomez TO 🤯

  2. Elipen

    "turn your phone around" *me who is watching on pc"

  3. Agustin Lucero

    All are one big Ilution 😎

  4. O P

    Android user: 😑

  5. Eden Tabasqueño

    Everyone talking about his his magic trick and i just see the title says worste

  6. Kaylie Sanchez

    Oh my gosh that I just tried that and then it worked it it actually turned into a cake I already know that you're faked it but it actually works for me

  7. Molasses gurl

    When you have a android lol

  8. QuincyBeGaming1

    My eyes

  9. Tyghar Prayoga

    Making gaming channel please🙏

  10. Wet Shoe

    Professor is mad skilled.


    Jokes on you im using an android

  12. Nick domino

    Oops the ball bounces on his head

  13. Jeslyn

    My eyes ⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️↗️⬅️↙️⬇️

  14. Hassan Jamali

    I just got freakin’ shokkkkkkk

  15. spazz ._.

    Seriously im androud

  16. Troy Jerron Bautista

    I often see looped videos on DEfasts.

  17. If u like my Pfp then sub

    I’m so confused my brain is hurting 😩

  18. Max is pog

    At least it went in 😒

  19. Rejath Raman Nair

    This is how we would be if we defied gravity, and Zach is proving it by doing magic! I wish I had anti-gravity boots so I could move freely without having to walk, run or jog.

  20. Gaurav Kakkar

    I still couldn’t get it

  21. Andre 3000

    Lol, That's one of the funniest I've seen him do.

  22. O.C. channel

    We all fans want a behind the scenes of this video. Please zack do this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ From india

  23. SKY gaming

    I watch again and again cause im confuse

  24. Zero-San

    That mess is giving me anxiety

  25. Miracle Mullings

    Where is the child???

  26. Kazz41

    I was about to click it then I remembered I’m actually human and use dark mode

  27. Ninosca mariel Romero ortiz

    😋🍫🍫🍬🍭rico los dulces

  28. Shawn Playz RBLX

    People who still didint understand how they did it | V

  29. Memeater

    Wow lol!

  30. Jean Tartine

    I didn't get fooled, i have an Android lool

  31. Diamond Ignited


  32. Marto Spidey


  33. Carter Mccann

    Is that a live hack

  34. DeAnna Terry

    Everyone: Wow that's so cool! Me: He let go of the poster... WHY DIDNT IT FALL?!

  35. Garv Sharma

    What the fu*k

  36. Bella marie

    *me trying to figure out if that fall was planned or not*

  37. Sal Vida

    Kaget banget

  38. Neena Panwar

    He gave the gravity control to us

  39. Luke Stevens

    *Take on me beat plays*

  40. Owen J. Mayer

    BrO He BeAt ThE SyStEm

  41. slender foe


  42. Leonardo Sanchez

    When im acually at 5 percent lmao

  43. Munhtogs Sodbileg


  44. Iñigo Tort

    Zach i really have no idea how you did that, it was mind blowing

  45. camila mariman

    Porque tiene mataste

  46. Mr.Balobaloba Tv

    Stop I thought I ACCIDENTLY pause but si the video! I keep pressing and pressing cause of the pause

  47. britton 2399

    When I saw this, I thought this was a blooper

  48. Opt1c Xr ツ

    The people that didn’t turn there phone upside down😳

  49. Amaury González

    I know how it’s fake

  50. Amaury González

    Ugh all of this videos are fake everyone dislike

  51. Farzana Kausar

    OMG you need two hands to take any sweater

  52. Tekeon

    The cat is a great actor🤣

  53. Xani

    He realy a ghost now.

  54. keka galindo


  55. Kathleen Amattahir

    On one thing you fail...her voice

  56. oof oof

    Bro everyone talking about how good his vids are BUT THE WAY HE PASSED HIM WITH THE BALL

  57. Headless Alien

    Wow cool collaboration

  58. Charles Leonard


  59. joe hdz

    I like your videos but I hate when wasting food

  60. Teetoo Teetoo


  61. Pengo Mode

    now use the mirror in the black room 🗿🗿🗿

  62. Sulaiman Sahi

    WOW 🤩😍😚🥰🍔

  63. Jdubb FTW439 Welsh N.Z

    That's a ice idea lol

  64. ITZ __ELI

    I thought my phone was a 5% lol xD

  65. isREEL delaCUUZ

    Dark mode uses rn 😐

  66. kirt beckstead

    What a cornball !!!

  67. Mr_Kevin

    Genial, premio doble!!!!

  68. Clouder_ Life

    How you wish lockdown would be :

  69. Ian Victor


  70. Mayra Medina Lucas


  71. Railos1GamingYT

    How tf y'all make this edit omg Brilliant 👏🏾😍❤❤😜

  72. Saxon Addy-Andrews

    The editing so good

  73. Reyna PEREZ

    Was it real tho

  74. Splatnoux

    XDD i'm french and when he Say "bon appétit" its sooo funny the english accent in french 😂

  75. ghost samurai

    Wen you have a Samsung

  76. A co cię To obchodzi

    I was to lazy to do that :/

  77. hi.i'mnotafurry.

    Uhhhh... what kind of witchcraft is this?

  78. retromei

    please....no more.... not the cake.. im in pain... one day im going to wake up and i was sleeping in cake this whole time, then i find out my house was cake, my family isnt even real, theyre all cake, ive been an orphan for years, and then.... oh no... why is my blood sugar high??? why does my skin feel mushy, no, please, no

  79. Maggie Brandy

    That’s so awesome

  80. Nic Ablett

    U son of a