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  1. Connor Newbill

    My watch dies a lot. I’m using the series five with watchOS 7.3.1. I exercise a lot but that still shouldn’t make it die almost every day by 9:00 PM

  2. -Sunflowerlxmon-

    Imagine how many phones this guy has.

  3. Mr Johnson

    I’m str8 I’m waiting until the public version come out no more betas that shit messed my phone up had to switch back to my 8+ until my new phone arrives

  4. Armaan Khokhar

    I’m honestly gonna by the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 don’t got the cube for plugging the charger in (forgot what it’s called)

    1. Armaan Khokhar


  5. Small earring business Ran by a 12 year old

    My airpods diconnect from my Apple TV a lot

  6. Small earring business Ran by a 12 year old

    So basically I lost one of my airpods and I’m waiting for my other one to break or something to happen to the other one or the case so I can buy new airpods cause I don’t wanna buy new AirPod if I still have one left

  7. moonpetal

    I have a first gen iPhone SE and was planning on upgrading to the 12 mini because of the size, but the OLED screen with PWM is making me rethink this because I have sensitive eyes. Will probably end up going for the 11! Who'd have thought.

  8. DEE Malik

    when are they going to release an update on Apple CarPlay

  9. Revo

    How about a Instagram for the iPad finally 😂

  10. TexasVet72

    For those with wireless Apple CarPlay causing Apple Watch to stop ringing when receiving calls, I have worked with Apple for a couple weeks and they finally told me that they are aware of the issue and have had numerous complaints. However, they don’t know what to do about it as of now. That’s what I was told last week.

  11. A Cast

    Had to make sure that the Tesla app was right there so EVERYONE could see

  12. Dennis Nguyen

    The best tip that work for me is to not using ur phone while charging!!! I have tested this out with 2 iPhone 11. The iPhone battery health that I use while charging came down to 98% after 3 month of use while the other iPhone is at a healthy 100%

  13. A Cast

    ..wonder if this dude is an Apple fan? 😂 I’m the same way though. Only thing I don’t have are 2 iPhones

  14. John Jones

    I'm coming from a galaxy A20. Is 64 gb alot of storage

  15. Stephanie Vogt

    Worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

  16. milky blue Roblox!

    The magnetic part is annoying bc for some reason the three dots avoid the thing on the iPad and idk how to turn it on 😭

  17. Kay Millan

    It’s tha iPhone 12 Pro in gold fa me 🥰

  18. John Jones

    I currently have a galaxy A20 and I'm thinking about going to the iphone 11. Are there any huge differences between the 11 and 12

  19. Ed Jupp

    Great vid, great explain, great voice to hear. thank you for making this.

  20. Damian Brathwaite

    So every time I leave the house and come back it tells me my wifi password is incorrect. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  21. Martin

    So is there no way to recover from a USB stick? You have to activate it? Jeez...

    1. zollotech

      Kind of but you would need another computer or need to make it first. That’s harder than doing it this way. Which is pretty simple really as long as you have an internet connection.

  22. aggeliki bruh

    ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎

  23. محمد ابو عبدو

    I got 11 last month Which is the wrongest decision I've made I'm damnass

  24. RA Babor

    can't wait for two years to be able to afford an iPhone 12 just like now that I just bought a Xs haha. But man this Xs still feels that it's just got released yesterday.

  25. Biggie The 13th

    how Final Cut Pro would perform with the 8GB RAM?

  26. Moriah’s Life

    I’ve been having issues connecting my airpods once I updated 🥺

  27. Devin Baeten

    You can export all photos and even icloud drive to a zip file. just not on the TRANSFER screen 🙈

  28. mikolaj frisch

    What about IPhone Notes? Is it possible to transfer to Android?

  29. shouko

    me at 64%: he said to ignore the number

  30. Bill X

    Nice video, can you also show us how to install it when no connection is available? Installing from usb?

    1. zollotech

      You can’t really on an M1 unless you had another Mac you downloaded the file onto.

  31. Anthony Perez

    could you use 50% alcohol ?

  32. Porky Seal

    I use tooth picks

  33. Cole Man

    Aaron has the best “Hi, everyone “ on DEfasts.

  34. Amira Monica

    *breaktoolz* on IG just got my iPhone 8 fixed what a gunies it again think you should give him a try ................

  35. Amira Monica

    *breaktoolz* on IG just got my iPhone 8 fixed what a gunies it again think you should give him a try ................

  36. Jolene Elias

    how did you know I needed this?? thank you!!!!

  37. Sunhay Seam

    Really helpful and understandable video, well done!

    1. zollotech

      Thank you

  38. dumi

    me with an ipad 7 with a bigger gap:first time?

  39. Lughie Charles

    im getting one till my dads business blows up but I'm not able to be hopefully i can get it next year and i was wondering I asked my friends there's 3 for teal and 2 for white and so i need your guys opinion

  40. Bruh

    Anyone noticed he has the Tesla app

  41. Royal Ghouzz

    My Siri doesn’t work on iOS 14.5 beta 3

  42. bewhee

    New icons are not new FEATURES

  43. glen moss

    The iPhone may put background apps into a suspended state until you need them without using battery, but aren't they taking up RAM in the process?

  44. M. D.

    My ipad pro 2020 (ipados 14.4) has a slight stuttering issue and also there is a lag on pencil with notes app. Even though on goodnotes and procreate everything is fine, pencil has a highly noticable lag while using Notes app.

  45. mardig hagop

    Is carplay fixad ?

  46. Ultra ali1

    I have iPhone 8 plus after update 14.4 my mic not working in messanger and Instagram and snapchat but only SIM calls working Siri working too before the update all was fine

  47. Eric Brett

    Can I do this the same way with a 1997 IBM PC with a Pentium with MMX technology at 233 MHz?

    1. Eric Brett

      @zollotech WRONG. this is windows 94. My team is from a parallel dimension. My team is still on that product. An asteroid impact slowed world growth.

    2. zollotech

      Ugh…based on you mentioning the specs I think you know…I think you should bust out that windows 95 cd and have at it.

  48. l

    The only reason I went with iPhone this year was due to better privacy. It sucks that Android apps never go through security and privacy review similar to iOS and now it is causing some serious privacy issues. I still have previous note as a backup, which I use from time to time but never ever use Android apps for banking/health. Apple does have better privacy practices overall.

  49. kaliq17

    I love Google and android for the creativity and features of their OS. I also hate them for how they handle their releases. In watching this, although hehas the latest update installed, there’s so many features that he should have but can’t even review for whatever reason. Also, I hate that certain phone receive updates prior to others getting their releases.

  50. Jeff Hale

    👀 Very helpful! Blessings on your day 👍🏻👍🏻

  51. Carlo Rodriguez

    If you pay more than 250 for an 8 plus, congrats, you played yourself

  52. thevacdude

    This is very helpful. Thanks for the video, Aaron.

  53. Mike Bobrowski

    Is 96% battery condition in 20 months old iPhone XS Max good?

  54. samhel6

    its not relevant but is apple pay extending to some countries in this version?

  55. V Martin

    I currently have a 7S+ and would love a better camera and video upgrade. I’m thinking of getting an 11.

  56. Swanand Shukla

    I hope green tint is fixed in this beta.. otherwise apple should replace devices with this issue

  57. Maks Sir

    My 11pro max dropped from 92% to 88% in 1 month🤷🏼‍♂️

  58. Jeremy Slegg

    I also found a “TV Provider” in this Beta.

  59. Sirh Bliss

    Where you able to login to your user after setting it up?

    1. zollotech


  60. Franco Barrera

    I think this is legitimately the first time I've seen someone actually use the wire to transfer data. I've personally always WIFI and a Smart Switch App to transfer data between phones.

  61. JT Ray

    Do I hold the power button on the M1 Mac mini to get to the utility screen as well?

    1. zollotech


  62. andrew cairns

    has anyone watch on 7.3 literally take a full day to even charge my series 3 is fucked now on this version it has 86% battery health left too

  63. christer karlsson


  64. Andy A. Isaza


  65. Arjun S

    Thank you so much Aaron!

  66. Dan Mills

    if you going to sell or give the M1 away after you wipe, you need to make sure you’ve logged out of Apple Music and deauthorized the computer.

    1. zollotech

      This will log all of that out for you. The instructions are per Apple.

  67. Adrian Video Image

    Thanks for a detailed unboxing video. I am watching so i know what to expect when I unbox mine soon.😃

  68. Timothy Ricca

    How is this different than doing it from DFU mode with another Mac?

    1. zollotech

      You don’t need another Mac. That’s really the only difference