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  1. Jesse Downham

    If Zhongli is Xiaos father this would be zhongli just telling the story of his epic demon killer child

  2. LiuZer Metoo


  3. Pepsi Man

    The fact that this video already has gotten over 350k views within an hour just shows how much people are simping for xiao

  4. iju

    0:21 Zhongli: Miasmas Me: Your Asthma?

  5. Zero Yohanes

    plot twist: Timmy's dad is the 4th yaksha lol

  6. docomomo

    I kinda like how he slashes mobs, but doesn't directly look at them at all.

  7. Jake4Smash

    The fourth one is probably Timmie's Dad.

  8. Sanil Jadhav

    We already know the name of the last Yaksha guys, remember the quest "Yaksha's wish" ? There was an inscription written on the ruin tablet, it said: "My name is Bosacius, one of the Yakshas. I followed my Lord to fight against and contend with pestilence. Yet though we Yakshas had great might, we were bound by our duties, and stained by them..." "...Liyue is now at peace, but of our number, none but Alatus and I remain. And for my part, I wish to depart, to be done with this world." "...My wealth I leave here, sealed by my arts. If you are fated to do so, take them as you please..." Xiao's constellation is named, *Alatus Nemeseos* source:- So the one that remains is *Bosacius*

  9. OωO

    Play this while summoning for xiao

  10. Crimson

    People says venti isnt good with xiao is that true, and why?

  11. Dar Catdown

    So the fourth one is Ganyu or atleast related to her? The BLUE one look carefully, the horn and dress except for the mask. Maybe she's related to her somehow.


    ITS 5 THESE MUTHAFUCKAS???!!!!!!!!

  13. Sir Bookers The CuckLord

    0:36 screw Xiao, i want to play as that Chad Thundercock

  14. Brian Lam

    Wild guess but the new boss is gonna be the Yaksha that went missing


    shut up and take my pity right now

  16. Jose Khaled

    Holaaa, te dejo un servidor de Discord relacionado con Genshin Impact recien creado pero muy completo, puedes buscar gente con la que jugar, preguntar y responder, todas las builds de personajes y mucho mas!! animate :D

  17. IcarusRising

    Please for the love of God and everything holy tell me that the other four yakshas will eventually be playable I have legitimately never been more excited for anything else in this game ever

  18. Clarence Munsayac

    A future yaksha character for the miasing one guaranteed

  19. The Violet Alchemist

    hang on xiao lemme buy wangshu inn for you first

  20. Gabriel

    then there will be a character with four arms.

  21. Blendy Blender

    So there's 3 who died and one who lived. From the yaksha quest we know Bosacius is his name. I found this archive from Google, it's from the Bible I believe. I think the fourth yaksha is still alive if I'm reading the text properly. Like he wanted to die and kill himself, but perhaps he's still alive and spared? And now he has nothing to him and wondering around just like Xiao? Tho Pastor Bosacius, who scorned to live And see his brothers die tells how he went, And found him in his cell, prepared to give, With radiant joy his body old and bent. Long I have prayed the Lord the old man said, To take me from this world of sorrow sore. Ahd lo ! He heard me not, I must be led. To feel some pangs our Blessed Saviour bore. It was His will that with my ninty years, I should go from the scaffold to the throne - Leave all this misery, all these bitter tears, And be at rest forever, God alone, Knows in my heart I have no sinful thought, Nor ever had, gainst the dear laud I love. Dear Master, in the faith that you have taught, I die, and we shall meet above. And as he stood and waited for the call, Upon his crutehes, with his white heat bent, In prayer for the souls that unappalled. With fearless faces, to the scaffold went They held him out a pardon. „Would he say. That he had erred, and thereby save his life ?** But sternly the old man said „Go your way. Ye devlish tempters, that but seek out shife. Heaven breaks upon my view, should earth awake. One vain regret. Nay I am glad to die, A martyr, for my land, and my faiths sake. Christ will reward me, tis to Him I fly." Then slowly walking to the fatal block, The brave old man knelt down upon the floor. „0 Lord my God, Thon art a very rock. In times of trouble. Christ be Thou the door. Through which I enter on the life divine". The executioner paused, he could not strike, That bowed white head, although the given sign, Was given by the judges all alike,

  22. Corazon


  23. Cris Arl Galing

    Just take my money already

  24. SmokingPEPE

    looked like one of them was ganyu...

  25. thang vu

    Come to me, Xiao

  26. Miguel Angel Echeverry

    I spend every primo I had to get Ganyu, and guess what. I got Diluc. I don't even think I will get Xiao since my pity was restored. Pain.

  27. jason gonzaga

    i think on the old times xio almost died fighting the evil demons, notice his ultimate drains his health points the longer he is in battle and when he is about to die venti saves him by the use of a flute i guess(dunno about the power of the flute tho). being save by another archon is kinda a disgrace for him so he became who he is a lone wolf that dont want any help from others.

  28. Clayton Rga

    Dos cinco Yakshas, três morreram e um desapareceu sem deixar vestígios, e como o Husbando Zhongli disse no vídeo, um dos Yakshas sucumbiu a escuridão...Para mim está claro, é o Tio de Electro, o de 4 braços, ele deve ser um boss, Inazuma? Chasm/Abismo???...Curiosei agora....

  29. iSeEyOu

    Lore pog

  30. False Propecy

    Now i want that Flame yaksha MIHOYO WHEN?

  31. 4ibik

    I swear, that electro dude who disappeared will be a boss in Inazuma

  32. Anna Baylon

    xiaoven confirmed

  33. Saf Jamailah

    2:21 "incandescent Ode of 'resurrection'". Does anyone find it odd, that the title involved resurrection? The Pyro Archons name is supposedly 'Murata', like hiniko Murata from HI3. Hiniko dies in HI3, so what if.. she was resurrected in Teyvat as an archon?

  34. TigerLilyLix

    Is it possible to still get Zhongli? I’m new to the game so I wasn’t sure how the banner stuff works 😣

  35. Tomas Phipps

    00:36 of course there's no Dendro Yahsha

  36. Electric_Bulu

    WAAA THIS LOOKS SO COOL!!! Now I want xiao but I already farmed everything for the re-release of Venti :'D I'm loyal I wont roll but It doesn't mean he doesn't look really cool XD

  37. KEN AN

    Plot twist: the fourth was timmie's dad

  38. Schinak

    The missing Yaksha probably became a Harbinger. Mark my words

  39. Keys to Grandeur

    Barbara your journal is a 3 star, it's not special...

  40. anthony quirante

    The 3 Yamaha died one vanished and one survived the 4th Yamaha will be the villain in xiao story

  41. Maho Nishizumi

    truth is if you take a teeny weeny peak, Jean is the entire content Barbara's journal.

  42. Thayana G.

    Ohmygosh if miHoYo does more of these with other characters I will sell my soul to the gacha gods. This was so cute. I wonder what one of these would be like if it were Diluc...?

  43. Adrianmark Jesudass

    3 died 1 vanished and xiao protecting... The the other one which unknown will be coming Maybe end of the year. Could be war against xiao.. So ill save my primogems for the other yaksha.. YESSSSS

  44. SoJinxed Hunter

    Oh yes. . . Geo Dad narrating this is a blessing to my unworthy ears.

  45. Asufiku

    EYY Daddy talking bout his favourite son

  46. woko

    Sadge, i thought i can made power ranger yaksa team... but nevermind 3 of them are death...

  47. Tiara Mitta

    I wanna get this edgy boi

  48. not so berd

    Zhongli: "move over dain this is my job now" Dainslef: "...wh-" *"In anceint times liyue-"*

  49. Rezin

    just venti sitting there

  50. Princess_Chloe_Roda

    Mihoyo stop tempting me pulling for xiao, I don't want to sell my kidney-

  51. Professor Nasus

    Wow! All of the Yaksha looks so dang cool, if only we could have them as playable characters... if only?

  52. Yasmine Belaid

    Xiao im here, come to mommy soon okay?? I hv lots of almond tofu for u 🥺💜

  53. Rieval Nathanael

    I sense far cry 3 blood dragon in the beginning


    If Barbatos have wings as a god. Morax have literal stone hands as a god.

  55. Male Vera

    What if the fourth one is Dainsleif

  56. bsma Mikan

    Pity ke reset ganyu😭😭

  57. Jackson

    I love how venti is always the one playing music in these videos It makes me feel like venti is the one playing all of the background music in game

  58. Marselinus Leo

    Oh baby pls come to papa all you need is me and my wallet

  59. Joel Bbuku

    So Xiao is basically the Red Hood done right. Good to know

  60. docomomo

    MiHoYo, please give Albedo-sama the look he deserves. He's far from that appearance in his in-game look.

  61. Lol Lololol

    Why is venti everywhere? In the livestream in the preview for Xiao? Why?

  62. AiAlMu :3

    is there wallpaper engine of this?

  63. Raf H

    This has got to be the best trailer we have ever gotten from Mihoyo.

  64. Abrar Ahmed

    Future 4 handed electro my wallet

  65. eiiesig


  66. vaddokx

    0:35 the electro yaksha is literally asura lmao

  67. kasakyashii


  68. Ana Florencia

    MiHoYo.... How many times are you going to save my life? This only video made my horrible day shine a little. Thank you for Genshin Impact, thank you for everything.

  69. Teuku Habil

    wait what venti use flute ? mihoyo approve that xiao meme ?!

  70. Zero

    i guess one of the yaksha was xiao partner and was dead

  71. Neil Patrick Canlas

    The fourth yaksha is probably Timmie’s dad coz they never came back 😂

  72. Mafileo Fua

    This is just a theory but what if the last Yaksha that escaped was the Geo one and his identity being Albedo. Albedo has a secret we don't know about but he is the most intelligent citizen of mond, just like Zhongli being knowledgeable of many things because of the many years he's lived. Albedo may be trying to restart life but his past is unavoidable and is stuck with him.

  73. dandelion vermillion

    for those who haven't played the "Yaksha's Wish" world quest in liyue, the 4th yaksha was named Bosacius, he and Alatus (xiao's real name) were the only ones left. Bosacius committed suicide for he can no longer bear the weight of everything they've done to protect liyue and it's people. xiao is struggling with the same problem, he is constantly afraid of being corrupted and succumbing to the grudge of the ancient demons they've slain, he fights his inner demons everyday, he hears all the screams of distress and the dreams of everyone in liyue. if you think he is rude, then think again.

  74. Stephen I Comedia

    And there on the Far away... where the *Storm is Approaching, Provoking, Black clouds in Isolation.*

  75. Kabashi Gasim

    Nice spear you have there xiao, ( cries in f2p )

  76. Alex Walker

    Xiaos 2 saviors the two oldest archons. Big Dong Zhong saving him from a evil master and femboy alcoholic bard Venti saving him from the voices in his head.

  77. iiSmiley

    Why is no one talking about Zhongli's Archon outfit?

  78. evankhellう

    Hahah, totally not going crazy because I know for sure I won't get Xiao with only 38 wishes

  79. Nagito komaeda

    Suddenly I’m rolling for Xiao

  80. A random bird YT

    "I do this for Mora"-Zhongli probably