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  1. Pretty Bear

    A question to all Spanish speakers. How's Selena’s accent? I'm really curious because I'm trying to learn Spanish and also I think she's not a native speaker right?

  2. Nurmuhammad Ataev


  3. Hills Gaming

    She deserves someone better

  4. Dilan Yılmaz

    I love you selena 💓💓❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Bibha Socia

    And Last night was the last time

  6. Bibha Socia

    My past life got me here

  7. Jhon ariza

  8. a b

    Who is here 2021🙌🏻🙌🏻

  9. a b

    I am in LOVE with this song

  10. Матвей Макеев

    У тебя волшебный голос Селена, я восхищаюсь твоим талантом и дольше! Привет из России :-*

  11. sedat kalan

    Ahh ölüyorum

  12. Sonam Choden TDK.

    Love u selena

  13. Jeon Jungkook

    It’s his loss lol

  14. Ketil Danielsen

    Tried killing all those in needing of being nicer/kind, but then 12,8&5 years started to fuck up/fuck away. Wistle wistle, with you baby

  15. Yudhisthir Singh

    waw... wow... woah❤️👍😎

  16. BornWithBass SK

    Anyone After The Vaccine Is Created Successfully ?

  17. Efqan Imanov

    Azerbaycana selena gommez❤

  18. Rórzova Meduza

    I love that Selena creates song with actual text and deep music instead of one word repeats for 4 min

  19. Efqan Imanov

    Azerbaycana gel selena gomex❤❤

  20. Seul Mego Arellano

    I want to stay with you, Selena, please, please. I love you, Selena.

  21. Ndey Kani

    May God bless you selena, you are indeed a strong woman may you find a good man who will love you unconditionally 💞 God knows the best he knows y he ended your relationship he always do what's best for man kind have faith sister❣️we love you so much 🥰💖🇬🇲

  22. Efqan Imanov

    Azerbaycana selena gomez❣

  23. Russel Jane Faner

  24. Russel Jane Faner

  25. Russel Jane Faner

  26. Russel Jane Faner

  27. Nz bitcoinme

    Love your videos and photos and music 2021

  28. Russel Jane Faner

  29. Russel Jane Faner

  30. Berna

    5 year? İ'm crying

  31. Russel Jane Faner

  32. Russel Jane Faner

  33. *Bass Music*

    *Selena parece una diosa 100% latına* 👇💃

  34. Russel Jane Faner

  35. Russel Jane Faner

  36. Franciele Patricia


  37. Russel Jane Faner

  38. Russel Jane Faner

  39. Russel Jane Faner

  40. Russel Jane Faner

  41. Rórzova Meduza

    “but then he make me feel crazy, make me feel like it’s my fault...i was in pain.” I had the same situasion. I talk about it after 4 years in therapy now for a moth... It's hard. I want hug Selena so much

  42. Dabda Mayane

    Before the release of Revelación on March 12, we need to reach 100 million views

  43. Dabda Mayane

    Antes del lanzamiento de Revelación el 12 de marzo, necesitamos alcanzar los 100 millones de visitas.

  44. Kira Boxill

    The way their voices harmonize. Beautifully 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. khivya sajjan

    love u baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Drew House fan club india

    Gomez u know that this is a hit song💥💥💥

  47. Dabda Mayane

    Antes del lanzamiento de Revelación el 12 de marzo, necesitamos alcanzar los 100 millones de visitas.

  48. Dabda Mayane

    Before the release of Revelación on March 12, we need to reach 100 million views

  49. ayush kumar

    Idk why when she sings soflty its just send me to heaven

  50. Dhruv Rawat

    Wow..... beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  51. Teresa soto Soto


  52. Karime Sánchez

    Music perfect and 2021

  53. Dhruv Rawat

    I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️. It's my favorite 😍😍😍

  54. Eli Camp


  55. mz. kany

    Блин ну сколько можно, опять песня о бибере где она нашла себя и исцелилась

  56. Dhruv Rawat


  57. Bhargavi Kuruba

    I don't know I feel like this song is drug which I addicted

  58. Eli Camp

    Selena and Blackpink Forever

  59. karla mdz

    She's so gorgeous is unbelievable.

  60. kitsy ruth

    Oh goodness I love the way she screams 😂😂 soo cute!! 😍😍

  61. Teresa soto Soto

    Hermosa chica que bonito canta en español bravo

  62. Жандос Абдрахманов

    Без лифчика

  63. lady the hedgehog

    Muy buena la canción esta súper cul Selena vas a llegar muy lejos Saludos

  64. Sevgi Secgün

    So ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ beudeful

  65. pritam gogoi

    Getting high on selena gomez

  66. Life Hack


  67. Arian Barahona

    Eres muy hermosa como una diosa 💖

  68. Daniana Farfan Sanchez

    Yo veo las canciones de selena por la serie los hechiceros y la peli

  69. João Pinto

    this music is great for SUMMER

  70. k.c. 61

    The good ol' days

  71. FY • 9 лет назад

    *I needed to lose you to love me*

  72. ss s

    Ulan resmen 10 yil olmus vay amk

  73. Sherry Arora

    Can anyone pls tell that in thumbnail which font is used to write- *BAILA CONMIGO*

    1. Sherry Arora

      @KEVIN ya but have u seen it in other videos??

    2. KEVIN


  74. Maryan Omar


  75. Gab By

    I really need this song right now and i wanna comeback here saying "i dont need this now i just to listen to this materpiece" i will comeback here i promise

  76. Elisa Divine

    Les français vous êtes là?🥺❤️ Je me lasserais jamais de l’écouter ça me déchire toujours autant le Coeur de savoir qu’avec Justin il n’y aura plus jamais rien😭

  77. The.warrior


  78. Anastasia I

    I like this video more

  79. NEON

    singers will never like fans comment haha sad

  80. Celebrities Style America

    I love her