1. georgiopoulos _

    Hide with me in the comments

  2. Alex Markwick

    Sidmen Need to react to funny stump mic

  3. CloudOnYT

    That weren't no freestyle lmao

  4. Amy S

    It’s early I’m late is a throwback and a half

  5. Miles Turner

    Come to Africa if you wanna see half of the animals on this list

  6. Haaris Babar

    How did i think of that tlc line before jj 😂😂😂

  7. Jo Cully

    all of them are girls lol

  8. Krzysztof Grzechowiak

    Guys was it just me that was looking for the last 3mins of the video at JJ's camera :D? Just to see his face falling asleep Love You JJ <3

  9. Henry Young

    Vikk and JJ- Wow this is amazing Simon- Imagine doing hide and seek

  10. youssef bastawisy

    what the dog doin

  11. NadiaR.

    They were so horrified, meanwhile I'm here "Where were the pear of anguish, the breast ripper and the upside down saw?" 😅

  12. Toper Sabelo

    Anyone here who is annoyed on Tobi's big lips and big nose, I wonder if he's out of the sidemen

  13. Adi umair

    Why is phil jones is not in here

  14. Alex Rich

    I wonder how they pick who's gonna be In each video 🤔🤔

  15. Shabana Shamim

    Jeff bezos :

  16. RoyalLionguardBoy

    Best trio ever honestly

  17. Elizabeth Smith

    Josh def for looks for me.. hot. Then Ethan! I love his laugh brilliant

  18. Krystal ball

    I was struggling to breath while watching this video

  19. Daniel smith

    i swear vik hates ksi. Look what happens when jj makes a joke completely belittles him

  20. Elizabeth Smith

    Let's vote guys.... sidemen rank lol

  21. Alex Venthem

    4:07 sounds like when you die in lego star wars

  22. Bread & Butter

    Classic jj just falling asleep. Oh boy reddit you know what to do

  23. ImWavy

    How is it a freestyle if he wrote it

  24. Mr Rapidz

    yoooo tobi is baked in this

  25. Amina Kazi

    Hey they did the 20 v 1 with Harry and it was banging

  26. Jay Shoo365


  27. FGIP

    4:40 *Well damn*

  28. Adrien Pinard

    The oceanic certification hisologically spray because kangaroo coincidently fit at a sudden hamster. tawdry, overconfident gore-tex

  29. D S

    React to behzinga rages

  30. Hi Buddy

    The lighting guy could be Thor

  31. Afsana Khanom

    harrys quotes always inspire me😩😩

  32. MS Emzy

    I'm taller than jj and I'm 13

  33. Adrien Pinard

    The secretive danger spontaneously listen because colon exemplarily surprise within a ten color. enormous, super secure

  34. Terra011

    kinder eggs isnt banned we eat them all the time in UK

  35. Your Happy

    Shut up Vick plz

  36. ya marge is leng

    who here after Harrys version

  37. IshchildTM Entertainment

    Brother, this song was good. Jj is just butthurt, although I don't like jake and defo on jjs side, this song was good. He is acting the same as he did when he reacted to insecure.

  38. Monisola Adeyemo

    JJ- Imagine if we said no chinese-speaking people in our bars When I'm older, Im done for.

  39. Wild Crocs

    Sidemen react to reggie couz👀

  40. Cameron Murray

    i can’t take him seriously saying he kills opps with the hallow tips

  41. Terra011

    this cideo got 346k likes where is that video of u guys eating toxic waste

  42. Genesect Gamer

    My ears are bleeding because of this song

  43. JDS

    the crying guy one with the 2 guys comforting him reminds me the racka racka ash vlogs stuff.

  44. HF

    If you're a P0rn* could you insure your thing uummmmm?

  45. Caleb246Beast

    Anyone else thinks that Tobi most of the time forces his laughter and then that becomes cringe ??

  46. NadiaR.

    Them "predicting" a virus isnt that weird. Every 100 to 150 years there is a virus that infects most of the world. Scientists have been warning us for years about the next one coming, but nobody listened to them and now we are stuck like this. Not sure if the "corona" part of that prediction was real or edited. But a lot of viruses have corona in their name, its because of the shape of the virustype. Thats why "news outlets" have been making clickbait articles of different animals having "corona", its most likely not covid-19 but a different corona virus. So if the picture was real, it wouldnt be very unexpected either.

  47. Izzie Lassiter

    0:39 Harry in 20 women vs 1 Sidemen. 😂

  48. bruh

    They couldn’t see the entity beat up the boxer because they aren’t Stand users 🤨

  49. Daniel Simas

    Can't believe the child in the supermarket wasn't on this


    i got 24

  51. goldy chhabra

    2:01 bro he is the CEO of the company which created the COVID vaccine in India, which was further distributed to other countries

  52. Tumelo Malatji

    We need a ksi ethan and harry video

  53. Robin Singh

    i got 30

  54. matieking

    3:00 this is a popular april fools joke in Holland, put a teabag inside the shower head.

  55. Anita Klūga


  56. R.L. B

    Thanks to the sidemen Im not sleeping in a while now


    He’s saying nothing different to most rappers nowadays, don’t hate just cus it’s jake. Forget that for a min I mean fuck the dude but if it’s a good song. Allow it

  58. Babatunde

    Nobody: KSI: Give me that snake fam

  59. Kian Lynn

    His laugh gets me every time

  60. Kian Lynn

    Made my day especially vik my man

  61. Fire_Hero_14 NK

    Who else got the KSI VS lamar ad? xD

  62. Pritom Kaneria

    These guys deserve a beating....for days

  63. Kinggames

    Title : Was vine better than Tiktok Me : Always has been

  64. poopet.mxster

    And my friends call me spoiled for getting a PS5

  65. popa biatch

    I hate it when jj talks like hes from roads

  66. - Apollyon -

    No-one talking about Mark in the thumbnail

  67. Sushruth Surendran

    Love the thumbnail

  68. Big Fryer

    Sorry can we talk about JJs face at 8:36

  69. Jude Moore

    You know your dumb when Jj instantly laughs at you Steve: Name a boys name begging with H Constant: Jose (Hose 😂 ( JJ *Instantly Laughs 😂* I really wish Ethan was in this video because I genuinely don't think he would be as dumb as the people in this video

  70. Sonny O’Dare

    Does any1 else ever just realise for entertainment we are watching other people watching something ?

  71. Besta Conforte

    What on earth is JJ doing in England?

  72. Anw - Yt

    Momo is that u

  73. Daniel Thompson

    americans:we are not fat also americans: 1 L I T R E C O K E

  74. Jakob Watson

    Bruv how tf does JJ fall asleep so easy

  75. DELTA blitz YT

    Sidemen react is the best financial decision ever made

  76. Fisher the Flaming Rocket

    The thing is cops do amazing things for people off camera like saving lives, risking their lives and doing this for years. The media just focuses on the few bad things that cops have done instead of the good things.

  77. Kenneth Kennethson

    To be fair, a lot of the stuff that theyve predicted seem like something that being in the hollywood business can sway? Like im sure trump went around for years and years saying hed be president, so they took the piss. Like bruh im taking this way too seriously but none are predictions, theyre all either making fun of things that are definitely gonna happen at one point or things that were rumours at the time

  78. Daisy Hunt

    Why so many dislikes

  79. Bear Cochrane

    was that noah beck in the vine?..

  80. Ninja YT